Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 143

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This canyon was extremely long and the hundred of them walked for what felt like tens of kilometers but still, the end was yet to be seen.

Some of the students were apprehensive, afraid something even more dangerous might appear ahead. However, the heavenly network and soldiers did not have the slightest tinge of second thoughts. Since they were here, they were supposed to search the remains.

In the end, the students who wanted to back out did not dare to. How could they survive alone without the protection of anyone?

The reason they did not buy weapons from Lu Shu was that they knew they were under protection anyway.

Lu Shu then chatted with Zhao Xuanyu with the main purpose of understanding whatever he was unclear of. After all, he had just reached the border of the core of the remain.

Only after a chat did he know that most of the people were near the border of the core of the remain and that there were still many survivors under the protection of the heavenly network and soldiers. In fact, most of the deaths came from soldiers who had the intention to fight but not the ability to back them up during fights.

Lu Shu estimated that not too many people were sent to the dry and yellow land he started out in. Thinking carefully, throughout the past few days, although he witnessed some corpses, they were far less than the number of students under protection now.

But the problem lies with death itself and there was no avoiding it. It would be troublesome enough to have one or two normal students dead. Now, it was likely that up to a hundred or even a few hundred people could have died.

All along, the issue of training wasn't met with many controversies. Everyone had treated this issue openly and parents felt that it was a good thing for their child to be strong and powerful. No one thought of all the potential problems before the emergence of all these dangers and threats. After all, everyone was used to experiencing peaceful times. It had been peaceful for too long.

But once these parents suddenly find out that training was a matter of life and death, they would be extremely worried for their children! Who would want their children to be sacrificial p.a.w.ns in battle?!

Under these circ.u.mstances, there would be a conflict of ideals between the heavenly network's daoyuan cla.s.s and parents.

Apart from the issue of the potential commotion that's going to be caused by this remain, many parents would want their children to leave daoyuan cla.s.s. Even if they could not be pract.i.tioners in this life, it was worth it as life itself was priceless.

From this incident, they would understand that training was life-threatening.

To train peacefully till an old age without worry, that was just an impossible ideal.

Lu Shu's gaze was calm at the moment. He didn't know how many people would leave daoyuan cla.s.s. Neither did he know if the heavenly network would allow them to leave. This journey of training and cultivation was a long one, there was bound to be dropouts along the way.

Lu Shu also understood that once pract.i.tioners and metahumans emerged, the world would not stop changing. No one could say for sure what the world would become. Everyone had to play by ear and see how the world evolved before settling down.

However good the heavenly network was, it could not keep every single thing under its control. This was life.

In life, there was no perfect script.

What did the pract.i.tioners have to face in the future? Could they really coexist with ordinary people in this world?

And the heavenly network will also take into account that daoyuan students who trained under circ.u.mstances of peace and protection would be unreliable. They had to learn from this incident and not waste resources any further.

A change was imminent.

Lu Shu then realized that this huge mountain was like a huge circular wall protecting something behind it. Everywhere else should have valleys, roads, and canyons leading to this place. If everything went smoothly, perhaps everyone would meet inside.

What exactly was inside?

The past few days had led to some casualties to the heavenly network and soldiers as they tried their best to protect the students. The extreme shortage of food was also a grave problem.

Lu Shu still had 25 green fruits in his possession. He looked at their yellow and skinny faces and hesitated before whipping out five fruits for the heavenly network's members, "Share one amongst every 8 of you, that should be enough to regain some energy."

Hearing his words, everyone split the fruits into 8 parts and consumed their own share. Everyone was stunned by the amazing effect the fruit had in quenching their thirst, curbing their hunger and eradicating their fatigue. Moreover, this was the effect of merely one-eighth of the fruit!

Lu Shu actually felt quite wasteful that he ate one whole fruit on his own previously, but so what? He never had the intention to share it with anyone else and the fruit's power would diminish once it was opened and it could not be stored.

He stole it from the squirrels through his own ability, so it's alright for him to waste it!

Liu Xuanyu and his men thanked him profusely for the fruits, only understanding how amazing it was upon consuming it. They thought that it was really selfless of Lu Shu to share this fruit with everyone, it was really a pleasant surprise.

They were slightly conflicted about their opinion of him. This guy was greedy and thought about his own benefits at the start but he seemed generous and selfless now, it really was a huge change.

In reality, Lu Shu was just aligning to his own moral compa.s.s. All his decisions were based on his own character and thoughts without any influence from anyone.

"What about us?" Some daoyuan students stared at Lu Shu's bag behind him intently. It was obvious that there were more fruits inside.

"Yeah, why do we not have any?" One of them was rather angry as if he was sidelined.

Lu Shu spoke slowly, "Why do you guys not have any? Don't you guys have any idea? Nevermind the cla.s.s F's, those cla.s.s E's amongst you have been hiding under protection and you still have the cheek to want to eat? Such leechers!"

Who wanted to leech off you!

Lu Shu's last sentence stunned everyone.

"From Guo Xiang's distress…"


These students were mostly from wealthy families. Looking at others eating the magical fruit enviously, they realized that they couldn't hold it in any longer. One of the students took off his watch from his wrist, "Omega. Bought for 31000 dollars. Give me three fruits."

Lu Shu eyed this douche. He really did not understand why this guy was willing to give up such an expensive watch for food instead of a weapon earlier.

Did everyone have different priorities?

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 143

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