Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 147

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"Don't be anxious, don't be anxious! There's enough for everyone!"

"This gold chain's weight doesn't feel right… d.a.m.n, it's discolored?!"

"How much did you buy your watch for?"

"Bro, your watch is really too fake. How am I supposed to believe that this watch is worth ten thousand dollars when there are cartoons on it? Is this the Ultraman's version? Bye!"

"Last five spears, I'm keeping them for my own use!"

"Not selling the fruits!"

"That student who bought a spear just now, it seems like this beautiful lady beside you wants a sword… It's fine, it's fine if you don't have a gold chain. I'm not that greedy, your watch seems quite decent…"

In the end, Lu Shu wielded his last remaining sword, "It's the last one. Someone has offered a Longines worth 16000 dollars. Anyone willing to offer more?"

There were huge crowds of people in front of Lu Shu now, it was absolutely packed.

Some of them really intended on getting themselves a weapon. Everyone already knew about getting a weapon to claim some credit.

The rest were there to check out the commotion. After all, not everyone had expensive stuff on them. Indeed, there were daoyuan students who carried expensive items but they still belonged to the minority of buyers.

The ones who moved the fastest for the weapons were still the group of members of the heavenly network who had valuable items with them. They were clear of the relation between the weapons and the training instructions and manuals they could get.

Those daoyuan students who had valuables were fuming. Many of them were stuck on the mysterious senses chapter.

Those students who traveled with Lu Shu were absolutely stunned. Looking at Lu Shu's sales, the serious atmosphere was totally gone!

Was this… exploring the remains?!

How could this Lu Shu do this! Can you be any weirder?!

To be honest, Lu Shu was felt rather guilty. He didn't expect his influence to be this big, why was everyone surrounding him...

If this was found out by the higher management of the heavenly network...

It was okay if they punished him by not providing him with magical stones, he didn't need them anyway. But what if they banned him from entering other remains in future? How would he trade and do business?!

He could only tell Li Yixiao when he sees him. Seeing Li Yixiao's sense of brotherhood and honor, he would definitely not lie after saying that he would look out for Lu Shu.

Li Yixiao was a heavenly king with the highest cla.s.s within the heavenly network. Although Lu Shu didn't know how Li Xiaoyi would react… he could only play by ear...

If everything restarted, Lu Shu would probably have done everything the same way. After all, the punishments the heavenly network could mete out to him were probably not a big issue.

Since some people saw him steal the spears, no one had much to suspect about him.

He only wished to go out and sweep the area once more, to see if there were any surviving skeletons...

Once he confirmed he would stop selling when he was left with five spears, the surrounding crowd started to disappear. They all bought the weapons to gloat as indeed, regardless sword or spear, they were of great quality.

Someone from outside shouted suddenly, "Lu Shu! The teachers of the heavenly network are asking for you for a meeting."

Meeting? Lu Shu was stunned. What meeting?

He was just a student, why did the heavenly network look for him? He walked towards Cao Qingci to see what's going on and realized there was a person by her side telling her something. Cao Qingci then nodded her head and followed that person to the meeting point of the heavenly network.

Lu Shu thought for a moment. They gathered them probably due to the fact that they were useful for battle.

And he felt that there was some need to partic.i.p.ate in the meeting. After all, the relic was yet to be found. No one could say for sure, but there might be some new treasures within the pothole.

With treasures come benefits. Lu Shu was actually addicted to selling equipment...

Lu Shu stayed silent for a moment and made his decision. He grabbed his remaining five spears and sword and started making his way to the meeting point, clanking along the way.

At this moment, every one of the heavenly network members was gathered at a corner. This was probably the entire heavenly network of Yuzhou, comprising a few hundred people. The lowest cla.s.s here was cla.s.s E, and no one knew what the highest cla.s.s was. The power of this group of people was quite intimidating.

Everyone was discussing something, but one of their ident.i.ties was evidently different. Lu Shu started sensing. The other party exuded a power far greater than a normal member of the heavenly network but he did not have the aura and terrifying power of a heavenly king.

Cla.s.s C? Lu Shu thought. He must be looking at a cla.s.s C expert within the ranks of the heavenly network.

He had always thought that no cla.s.s C's were involved in this operation. It seemed like he was wrong.

In actual fact, there were 3 cla.s.s C experts in the remains this time but the other two were, like Li Yixiao, battling with other experts who were in here for unknown reasons. No one even knew if they were still alive.

At this moment, everyone was discussing an issue but looked over at the source of a constant clanking.

"From Xi Fei's distress, +31…"

"From Liu Xuanyu's distress, +43…"


This was a humongous wave of distress points. Xi Fei recognized his student Lu Shu immediately from within the group of people. But… what was with this kid and the gold chains on his neck?! Wasn't all that clanking caused by the gold chains?!

And what's with all the watches on your hand?

Why do you have a watch dangling on your neck?!

Was he here on a trip to the remains?!

Everyone was confused. Some people had no idea what was happening until a small voice broke the silence, "This is the student who was selling weapons…"

Everyone then realized. Oh, it's as such...

Everyone then understood why Lu Shu was dressed this way. But even if they knew the reason, it didn't alleviate them of their annoyance! This was absolutely ridiculous!

That unidentified pract.i.tioner sized Lu Shu up with a weird expression, "So you are student Lu Shu…?"

"Yes, I'm Lu Shu..." Lu Shu was flooded with a huge wave of distress points and he didn't know which line belonged to this pract.i.tioner. So he actually couldn't make use of his system to find out one's name if there were too many people.

"Hi, I'll be replacing heavenly king Li in leading this operation temporarily. Cla.s.s C, I hope you would listen to my instructions. My surname is Zhong, you can call me by my name, Zhong Yutang," The man speaking felt slightly troubled. He had heard about Lu Shu and Cao Qingci, and actually appreciated these two daoyuan students. At least daoyuan cla.s.s had these two students who did not let him down. But seeing Lu Shu's appearance, he decided to retract part of his opinion - daoyuan cla.s.s had at least one student, Cao Qingci, who lived up to his expectations...

He thought for a moment before speaking, "And… aren't you well-versed at throwing spears? Then don't sell the last 5 spears…"

"Yeah, I'm not selling…" Lu Shu promised as he thumped his chest, the gold chains clanking simultaneously.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 147

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