Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 55

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Upon hearing the story of the boy, Lu Xiaoyu looked at Lu Shu calmly and said, "Lu Shu, there's something on your face."

Lu Shu hesitated for a moment, touching his face subconsciously.

"What is it? Did I not wipe my mouth clean after eating?"

"Nope, it's just my gaze of despise is on your face… " said Lu Xiaoyu as she covered herself with a blanket, turning around and going to sleep.

Go screw yourself! Lu Shu turned around and walked out of the room irritated. Lu Xiaoyu's toxic tongue was just like his and it was as though both siblings were contenders at angering people for a living.

However, he had other things to settle tonight, such as lighting up the 6th star!

Now that Lu Xiaoyu had her own training method, it seemed like it required less effort than his in order to cultivate her abilities. Since it was an automatic procedure that raised her stats, it allowed her to save the extra time required for the active cultivation. This was indeed very unreasonable.

But unknown to him, how fast could Lu Xiaoyu cultivate her abilities? Well, he would have to ask her after she wakes up the next morning…

Lu Shu stared at the vibrant yet deep galaxy while seated by the window in his room, starting his practice for today.

After practicing for the whole of last night, he had achieved the effects of two celestial fruits. Including the training tonight, he would have lit up half of the 6th star and if he was to redeem and consume 4 celestial fruits, he would definitely be able to light up the 6th star.

Lu Shu had originally returned home with 14000+ distress points. Using up 5000 of it to participate in the lottery, those points were converted into that piece of golden paper and 49 portions of stinky tofu.

Still left with over 9000 distress points, there were enough points for him to light up the 6th star.

One by one, he swallowed the celestial fruits. The majestic celestial energy from the fruits ran rampant within his body as if there were surging rivers of stars flowing deep inside of him before finally merging into the vast galactic map.

In a flash, dawn had arrived while he was immersed in his practice.

The sky churned out a white ray from afar while the connection between Lu Shu and the galaxy started to weaken until the spiraling galaxy phenomenon could not be seen anymore. That celestial connection was transformed into sun rays which penetrated his body, fueling the fire which was burning in his heart.

These events felt extraordinarily magical to Lu Shu. As such, he felt that this world was far too magnificent since there were too many things unknown to mankind out there.

After he had lit up the 6th star, the starlight from within reached out warmly for a moment. It was as if life had been quietly growing and was finally blooming!

The celestial powers started to nurture and strengthen Lu Shu's entire body. However, it did not fully take over his own self but rather, it gathered and enveloped his skin and bones.

Similar to the tides, they do not erode the entire coast but with each incoming wave, it was as though the coast had become tougher and stronger.

Lu Shu had suspicions as he had previously wondered whether lighting up the 6th star would bring about an absurd boost to his physical strength. If so, what would his grade be when that actually happens?

But after lighting the 6th star, his strength did not change at all, while only his skin and bones felt as though they had gotten an upgrade.

Although the same usual, supple skin remained, Lu Shu was left with an impression that it was indestructible.

After pondering for awhile, Lu Shu mercilessly sliced his finger with a knife, only to find out that… he couldn't cut through it…

"That's impossible…"

Lu Shu knew he had reached Class E when he had lighted up the 5th star but he had never tried to find out if his physique was any different. The only thing that he knew was that he had insane reaction speed and superb strength.

Now, he had surprisingly found out that after the 6th star had been lit up, he had become impenetrable! What does this mean for the other metahumans? Do the Class E strength-type metahumans possess such a trait?

Then he remembered, was it like what Xi Fei had said, that strength type metahumans had a resistance to damage?

So this was what Xi Fei was talking about? Those strength-type metahumans had resistance towards physical damage.

He was unsure whether other strength-type metahumans would experience the same effect upon their advancement to E class but only time will tell.

This kind of physical strength felt rather boorish. Although a knife couldn't slice through his skin in his own experiment, Lu Shu had not exerted all of his strength onto the knife. In a realistic, life-threatening situation where his opponent would use a sharp weapon and all of his strength, he probably wouldn't be able to protect his own neck from coming off.

Hence… firearms would be something he definitely couldn't withstand.

This situation seemed rather disappointing and with the era of metahumans, having no ability to overcome firearms meant a bleak future and freedom. Furthermore, those defensive attributes gained did not seem to be very exceptional and his body could still be destroyed.

The main issue was that Lu Shu's strength was considerably great and a force amounting to half of his strength was probably needed in order to cause physical harm towards him. If so, what about the other metahumans? Even if a Class F metahuman like Li Qi was to attack him, it would be similar to the games where he would only barely suffer damage of -1 -1…

This was probably… the difference between Class E and F!

Lu Shu was elated upon thinking about it. At least he was much stronger than the other kids who were around his age, wasn't he? What if he had completed the first nebula on the map, would the stars surprise him yet again?

He merrily went over to wake Lu Xiaoyu up, "Lu Xiaoyu, take a look at the map and see if there are any changes."

"Lu Shu, do you know that it's only 6 o'çlock...." said Lu Xiaoyu angrily!

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +199…"

"Don't waste any more time," replied Lu Shu gleefully, "Hurry, feel it."

Lu Xiaoyu focused for a moment, "There are 3 stars that are fully blacked out."

In relation to Lu Shu's own map, it would be similar to having 3 stars lighted…

Lu Shu felt as though the whole world had collapsed on him. In order to light up the first 3 stars initially, he required a total of 2 celestial fruits.

That being said, Lu Xiaoyu's cultivating speed last night was similar to his.

The problem was that she was sleeping soundly! Sleeping while it automatically cultivated her abilities at the same speed as him, could this joke stop already?

"Lu Shu, is my progress a little slow? How many stars have you lighted already? Strange, why am I unable to cultivate my abilities in the day, " as Lu Xiaoyu curiously questioned.

"Haha, yeah, it's a little slow. I'll go make you some breakfast now…"Lu Shu rejected the idea of continuing the topic as there would be absolutely no harm done if there was no comparison made.

Both of them had consumed 8 refresher fruits each and alas, possessed the same cultivation speed. What an interesting fruit, however…would a day come when Lu Xiaoyu would catch up to him?

Since he was the elder brother, where would he put his pride if that was to actually happen! With Lu Xiaoyu already being able to grow by leaps and bounds, wouldn't it be bad if she had caught up to his current state of abilities?

Then again, there were significant differences between them. Lu Shu could consume the celestial fruits and cultivate in the day, both of which were impossible for Lu Xiaoyu.

Feeling his dignity as an older brother waver, Lu Shu was overwhelmed with an urge to earn distress points in order to purchase more celestial fruits…

He had to earn distress points. He had to protect his prestige as an older brother!

Picking up his phone, he sent a message to his class group.

"You guys are up so early. It must be to

To witness my new moves right?"

"From Li Qingyu's distress, + 211"

"From Yuan Lingqi…"

"From Jiang Shuyi…"

A few thousand points pocketed in just one wave. What would be the first thing his classmates would do after waking up? The majority of them would be scrolling through their chat groups...

Jiang Shuyi sat at a grand dining table, eating her porridge with an expression as though she had… just seen a ghost.

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 55

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