Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 56

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Lu Shu packed his crate full with 49 stinky tofu, then walked out in the early morning.

He considered business today as testing the waters, to see how many pieces of stinky tofu he could sell in the morning. Would he be able to finish selling all 49?

It should be possible, seeing that this street was one of the more popular gathering areas for the residents. With family homes to both the north and south of the street, this place was considered to be quite populated.

Lu Xiaoyu was still in a deep slumber as he left the house, and as he stepped out, he noticed his old neighbor, who was never seen out of the house, honing his swordsmanship.

The two courtyards were separated by a low wooden fence, so everything could be seen clearly.

The sword was slow, to the extent which Lu Shu suspected if he was the same man in the same group of metahumans as Zhi Wei. Obviously, it looked like an old man's recreational training with a sword.

And at this moment, he suddenly felt a strange wave of energy. This was different from any other wave he had felt from anyone else. This wave seemed like… It naturally belonged to the heaven and earth.

Could he be a metahuman?

Lu Shu greeted him energetically, "Good morning Sir."

The old man stopped his movements and looked at Lu Shu, whose complexion looked much better and wasn't coughing perpetually anymore. The medicine pots and flasks from the auntie were also kept away.

Lu Shu also felt that this was a good thing. At least Lu Xiaoyu didn't have to go to bug their neighbors for medicine, it was really too embarrassing…

The old man smiled calmly, "Little Shu going to set up your shop so early?"

"Yeah, I still have to earn money for Xiaoyu and my school fees." Lu Shu continued to ask curiously, "Sir, if I may ask, what is it that you are practicing?"

He asked this because of the wave he felt just now. This man in front of him and Zhi Wei, both of them probably did not think that he had already awakened.

"Swordplay." The old man replied.

Ahah, Lu Shu almost threw a stinky tofu at him and thought, "What a cheeky reply, of course, I know you're practicing swordplay!"

The old man laughed and glanced at him, "It's just swordplay, basically, the most profound of human theories can be learned under the guise of the sword. Do you want to learn?"

Lu Shu thought, "Wow, now that you put it so incredibly," He was rather tempted to learn. If this old man was really a metahuman, it could be a good idea for Lu Shu to learn from this old man. After all, he was currently lacking in some offensive ability.

But now that the black coats were a formidable and stable group, Lu Shu could not figure out what this Zhi Wei was doing and did not want to get himself involved.

Moreover, it was very unlike this old man to be practicing with his sword here in the early morning, and to ask Lu Shu if he was interested after a few short exchanges? There was obviously something wrong here.

Which was why Lu Shu could only reject, "Nope."

Lu Shu then carried his crate and walked off, another update appeared, "From Li Xianyi's distress, +199…"

Oh, so the old man is called Li Xianyi.

After Lu Shu left, a woman came out from the house, "He doesn't want to learn?"

"His character, aptitude, determination are all very suitable. I don't have much time left." Li Xianyi said calmly while holding onto his sword.

"He used to be very weak. I'm not sure what he had been through, but it seems like his physique has improved suddenly. It is likely that he holds a deep secret in his heart as well." The woman behind Li Xianyi said.

Li Xianyi gazed at the clouds over the horizon, and said calmly, "How many secrets must a person have to experience an amazing life? You have secrets, I too have secrets, so does Zhi Wei and other members of the Golden Foundation. No one can live long without secrets."

"Maybe what was lost could be recovered with time, and Zhi Wei and the rest could once again obtain those lost pills..." the auntie hesitated before saying.

Li Xianyi shook his head, "we shouldn't put our hopes on something so impossible. The legends I carry with me cannot be stopped at my hands."

"But he's one year too old and missed the optimal training age," the auntie thought for a moment before replying.

"That's okay," Li Xian Yi smiled as the silk robes he was wearing swayed with the morning breeze and seemed to be about to fly away.

The auntie added on, "But he's not interested in learning."

At this moment, Lu Shu, who had already set up his stall, received another update "from Li Xianyi's distress, +99..."

He pondered over this for quite a while but was still confused. What kind of situation is this? I've already walked all the way here and there's still distress points incoming?

Forget it, selling stinky tofus was more important.

As soon as Lu Shu opened the crate, Uncle Li and the rest immediately stopped breathing...

But Lu Shu also noticed that everyone wasn't contributing new distress points. Seemed like although the smell was a little pungent, everyone was still able to bear with it.

That Mischief System of his was quite accurate and if everyone was lying about not being bothered by the smell, he'd be able to tell.

As passersby started appearing, the distress points being generated exploded once again. Lu Shu was hoping for the distress points to exceed 14k and with 14 celestial fruits and one night of training, he could finally light up the 7th star.

With a new 'mass-killing weapon', Lu Shu's attitude had changed. He used to aim to achieve the first nebula within half a month but now, he could not wait to complete it tonight.

In the past, Lu Shu never felt anything when watching the people walk by on the streets. The world was cold. Passers-by come and go and had nothing to with others.

But now, it was different. Every individual that walked by was money!

People as precious resources, this was the backbone of technology!

The gleam in Lu Shu's eyes was just like a kidnapper looking at a small child.

Some of the old customers from the day before saw Lu Shu's stall and come over to buy a serving. The system's products were always of premium quality and there were already regular customers on the second day.

In the blink of an eye, half the stinky tofus were sold which made Lu Shu worry. He could probably still earn over 14k distress points today but in the future, with more regular customers, wouldn't the stinky tofus be sold out too quickly?

The money would still be earned but the distress points would not.

This was awkward. He couldn't possibly tell everyone, "Please leave, I'd like to slowly sell my stinky tofus."

Wait, Lu Shu had missed out on one thing. He single-mindedly only wanted to use the 14k distress points to complete the 7th star but forgot that he needed points for the lottery too. Only by spending on the lottery could he continue his stinky tofu business the next day.

In other words, he still lacked 3000-5000 distress points...

Seemed like he had to rely on his adorable classmates again...

Spare Me, Great Lord! Chapter 56

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