Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 11

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“You knew Ye Ke before?” The academician was not a fool. After seeing the relations.h.i.+p between Ye Ke and Ye Shaohua, she knew that they found each other disagreeable, so he couldn't help but ask.

These two people are important figures in the laboratory, especially Ye Shaohua.

“Nothing, it will have no effect on our cooperation.” Ye Shaohua knew what the academician was thinking and replied thus.

“That’s good,” the academician breathed a sigh of relief. “But this Ye Ke is a bit strange. She is not like you. Her talent on the computer is better than the average person, but it is definitely not comparable to yours. It is very strange. Every time, she can come up with programs that can surpa.s.s our current level of development. "

It was also because Ye Ke used a software concept that was almost ten years ahead of the compet.i.tion that she was recruited into the capital's lab in advance.

Hearing this sentence, Ye Shaohua couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. The academician said that she also felt strange. Ye Ke’s several software that she had seen were really good. But according to the academician’s words, it is not something Ye Ke could make.

Unless, these are not Ye Ke’s own software.

Thinking of Ye Ke's reborn ident.i.ty, Ye Shaohua squinted slightly. If so, Ye Ke was too shameless.

The next day, outside the capital's First People’s Hospital.

“Big sis, you really don’t want to go in and see dad?” Ye Han stood outside the door and asked Ye Shaohua one last time.

Ye Shaohua leaned slightly on the door. “Will not, I'll wait for you here.”

Ye Han entered through the hospital’s door, a bit disappointed.

Fu Jiachen, who came out of the hospital door with a middle-aged man, saw a person leaning lazily against the door with a glance.

She was so eye-catching, her expression was cold. The morning light shone on her, almost like a beautiful picture.

Even a person who looks in a hurry will not slow down when he sees her, as if afraid of disturbing her.

Fu Jiachen had not seen Ye Shaohua more than several times in total. It was just that Ye Shaohua was too special. Even in a crowded area, no matter after how many years, he could still recognize her with a glance.

“Mr. Fu?” The middle-aged man next to him said in a broken Chinese language.

“Dr. Ryan, I'll go say h.e.l.lo to my friend.” Fu Jiachen went towards Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua was looking down and seemed to be playing a game. Fu Jiachen couldn’t help but speak first. “According to Ah Ke, you joined the lab?”

"Is this also a friend of Ms. Ye?" Dr. Ryan was a little excited. "She also knows automation intelligence?"

Ye Haohua took a quick look at Fu Jiachen and Dr. Ryan. Her expression didn’t change too much. She just nodded slightly and then took a call. The expression was a little more lively than the previous cold one.

Fu Jiachen saw Ye Shaohua like this and could not help but shake his head slightly.

Dr. Ryan was the head of J National Laboratory. He had great talent on the computer and was one of the best in the world. Learning computer science, there was no one who didn't know of Dr. Ryan, he could be said to be the representative of J country's network technology.

Dr. Ryan came to the capital because Ye Ke developed a network intelligent design last night. When the other party saw Ye Ke’s contents, he could not wait to come to China.

Seeing Ye Shaohua's careless look and even smiling while calling people, Fu Jiachen frowned. He heard that Ye Shaohua was admitted to Stanford College CS department two years ago. He naturally knew that this university was better than the capital's University. But now it seemed that Ye Shaohua was still the same after going to university.

The lab really chose their people randomly. When you hear the words “network smart design” and Dr. Ryan’s name at the same time, you will be pleasantly surprised. You would never miss the opportunity to get along with Dr. Ryan, not be as dull as Ye Shaohua.

Thinking about Ye Ke who returned to the IT community and turned it upside down last night, and then looking at the current Ye Shaohua, Fu Jiachen knew, even if they are both top students, there was a difference.

Although Ye Shaohua was in a more famous university than Ye Ke, how could she catch up with Ye Ke?

Thinking of this, Fu Jiachen asked Dr. Ryan to go to the car first. He looked at Ye Shaohua’s ordinary Volkswagen, and then lit a cigarette and casually opened his mouth. “You are not so easy, right?”

Ye Shaohua glanced at him, sure that he was talking to himself.

“You went abroad two years ago. It is not easy for a girl to work hard in a foreign country.” Fu Jiachen glanced at Ye Shaohua and looked at her expensive clothes. “But the person you are following obviously does not pay enough attention to you. He just sent you this Volkswagen?”

“What are you talking about?” Ye Shaohua heard what he said. She looked at Fu Jiachen and frowned.

“I am talking about what you don’t want to listen to,” Fu Jiachen stared at her over-photographed face. “You didn’t learn Go, and chose to learn computer science, isn’t it because you want to be like Ah Ke?”

Ye Shaohua's phone call had not ended yet, an expression saying "curse it!".

“That person will not really treat you well. Look at him, he is even reluctant to buy you a car. When you get older, will you still have the same appearance?” Fu Jiachen was pressing step by step.

He finally said: “You should leave that person. After all, we used to know one another. You almost got married in our Fu family. How about giving you one million a month? Of course, you should not expect Ye Han to help you. Now Ye family is in Ah Ke's hands.”

Fu Jiachen followed Ye Ke in the past few years, and Fu family’s family property had also doubled with the recent cooperation with Ye Ke and Gu family.

Like Ye Ke, he thought that Ye Shaohua was just an ordinary college student who was not economically independent.

Giving her so many benefits is already giving her mercy for her results, she should not be greedier.

Wait, Ye Shaohua's brain was running in circles. She spent nearly 80 million to renovate this car, because she didn't want to worry about registering this Volkswagen brand. So in the eyes of Fu Jiachen, this supercar that she would not sell for one hundred million is an ordinary Volkswagen?

Ye Shaohua had lived for so many years, but nothing was more funny than today.

WTF? She, the founder of galaxy network, worth billions, could be bought with only one million?

Translator’s note

Jiachen, you really don’t know who you’re talking to haha

Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 11

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