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“What’s wrong?” Gu Jingyun on the other end of the phone seemed to hear the voices of other people. He couldn’t help but pause. “Are you not together with Ye Han?”

“Nothing, I met a r.e.t.a.r.d 1, we will go to school later.” Ye Shaohua hung up the phone and then looked at Fu Jiachen.

Fu Jiachen saw that Ye Shaohua was very calm and collected, and her whole person was very tranquil. “Thinking it over?”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Shaohua smiled. “Fu Jiachen, I am very surprised. How did someone like you develop Fu family into what it is now? In your eyes, is it very easy to enter Stanford University ? I was a high school student without a teacher’s letter of recommendation, without an interview and also without having to go through a SAT test, how do you think I got the admission notice?”

“Also, you haven’t thought about why the capital’s university is looking for me to come back. A student who belongs to a foreign country. Why did they let me come back to the national laboratory when I came back? They just had faith in me?”

Ye Shaohua still wanted to say more, but at this time the phone rang again. It was the academician of the capital’s University. “Ok, the speech started? I will come over immediately. Don’t touch the programming code, wait for me.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Shaohua sent a text message to Ye Han and directly drove the car to the capital.

The left-behind Fu Jiachen was alone in the same place, but he could not react for a long time.

There are many people coming to the capital's university today, and journalists from home2 and abroad. Ther were also internationally renowned doctors3in the computer profession.
Today was Dr. Ryan and Ye Ke's conference on automation intelligence

Fu Jiachen sat under the table and looked at Ye Ke, who was talking on the stage. This is the genius girl Ye Ke. When she released the automation intelligence, well-known computer expert at home2 and abroad were shaken.

After Ye Ke and Dr. Ryan's speech finished, he announced that Ye clan's project would be launched immediately. Anyone who wanted to cooperate first could invest. She did not see the people of Galaxy Network, but she knew that her technology would be shocking even to Galaxy network.

When Ye Ke ‘s speech was finished and she had to step down, she saw Gu Jingyan and Ye Shaohua sitting in the first row. She smiled at Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua, even if you are smarter, how can you compare with a group of geniuses from ten years later? From now on, you will know that it was a foolish and wrong decision to choose to go back to China and choose to go back to my lab!

“You little sister really makes people shudder ah?” Gu Jingyan said in Ye Shaohua’s ear and pointed to Ye Ke."I only knew that she was a a demonic talent in finance. I did not expect her to be no less than you in terms of the talent in the computer!"

Ye Shaohua glanced at Gu Jingyan, did not speak, and just walked outside.

“Hey, you want to leave?” Gu Jingyan said, looking distracted

Ye shaohua just waved her hand and did not answer.

Ye Ke had already come down at this time. She saw Ye Shaohua backstage. She thought she was the same as the one on the side, asking her about automation intelligence. However, Ye Shaohua just stood at the side of the announcing place and seemingly waiting to go on stage.

Dr. Ryan also saw Ye Shaohua. Listening to what Fu Jiachen said in the morning, Ye Shaohua was just Ye Ke's sister, who had read books for a few years abroad.

Thinking of this, Dr. Ryan had a small smile. Of Ye family’s three children, the eldest miss Ye had an att.i.tude of "letting things take their own course", the third young master Ye does not understand anything except cars, but fortunately there was the second miss to keep up appearances.

As expected,only one of the child became someone 4 .

At this time, the academician on the stage was introducing the next partic.i.p.ant, “People from the computer industry should be familiar with y. To be honest, we, people from the older generation are inferior to y. The latest software of Galaxy Network comes from her hands. Everyone is curious about the young person who won the compet.i.tion. We are honored to be able to invite such a talented person. Next, let us please welcome y.”

What kind of person was y? You can’t believe that the computer industry does not know this character. Starting from two years ago, y was a mountain that the hacker world couldn’t surpa.s.s. n.o.body knew if that person5 was a man or a woman. No one knew how strong that person was. They only knew that that person had released several firewalls in the hacker forum that were now used almost all over the world.

The FBI tried many times to unearth/find this genius. They used countless manpower but they didn’t succeed in finding her.

That person was a genius that is almost reached the highest point of the hacker world and even of the computer world. It is the myth of countless computer people. Even Ye Ke, who was conceited, had to admit that y was a talent in computer.

That that person got the first place in the hacking contest, no one was surprised, but, unexpectedly, that person turned out to be a person from Galaxy Network, That Galaxy network ah!
It turned out that y had already joined the Galaxy Network, and had designed a popular global software for it. Now it was still necessary to cooperate with the country's Laboratory!

Countless people were looking forward to seeing who this y was.

Even Ye Ke, who had already stepped down, couldn’t help but look back at the backstage area. She knows that y will definitely be in the backstage area.

She searched the backstage area and didn’t see a person that could be y.

After the academician finished speaking, Ye Shaohua walked on the stage.

Ye Ke’s entire face froze. What did she just see? Did she actually see Ye Shaohua going on stage? How is this possible!

“Everyone is very surprised, right? this famous and fascinating y turned out to be cla.s.smate Ye.”

In the backstage area, Ye Ke makeup has not yet been removed when she fell directly into the chair.

Dr. Ryan, listening to the translation commentary, 's water cup fell to the ground.

Ye Shaohua casually mentioned a few cases of cooperation. Her speech’s speed was neither quick, nor slow, but it was mixed with information from various subjects.

Countless people and even doctors(PhD) had started openly recording.

The academician looked at the excitement. Only the insiders knew what Ye Shaohua was saying. “My G.o.d, this part can only be learned by a master of physics. How can a CS major speak this well about another major!”

“Don’t say this, her advanced mathematics is already better than the one frome my whole nation!”

“The academician should not comfort us any more. We can’t catch up with such people.”

Even if Fu Jiachen didn’t understand it, he also knew that y really won against Ye Ke, the few words made the scene people wild y.

He was obsessed with Ye Ke’s genius. He just thought that Ye Shaohua didn’t even know the famous Dr. Ryan. She didn’t seem to learn/have studied anything. She couldn’t compare Ye Ke.

He was also proud of his ability to work with Ye Ke to make money, but did not expect Ye Haohua to be the queen of the Matrix 6 !

Even though Ye Ke had already taken action to defeat this chess piece, such a person, such a person……

Just thinking that he also humiliated Ye Shaohua for Ye Ke, Fu Jiachen felt ashamed and had the urge to run away, ridiculous, it turns out that he is really ridiculous!

1. 傻b - From urban dictionary : A Chinese slang/cuss word which directly translates into “stupid female reproduction system”. A negative adjective usually used to describe people who are 1)intellectually or morally a harm towards society, 2)have done something you strongly disagrees, etc.
I chose r.e.t.a.r.d to stay polite, but it should be worse than that↩
2. (YS's home country) ↩
3. (PhD) ↩
4. 一個爹生的也是什麼人都有 - Help ToT, I can't understand this one, ↩
5. Here they use “ta” which means he/she because they don’t know if Y is a boy or a girl. “他”, p.r.o.nounced ta, is “he” , and “她”, also p.r.o.nounced ta, is “she”. That’s why they just use the phonetics and not the chinese character. I translated it to “that person”. ↩
6. yep from the movie The Matrix (1999) haha ↩

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