Special Agent's Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess Of Quick Transmigration Chapter 42

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Ye Shaohua’s grandfather and older cousin wished they could put her in a hole on the spot.

Lost face, they really lost too much face.

Especially her older cousin, she originally thought that Ye Shaohua was joking with her, but she did not expect that she would really dare to talk rubbish in front of Manager Su.

The group was at a loss. A group of people pa.s.sing outside the door stopped, headed by an extremely young man.

He faintly narrowed his peach blossom eyes while looking inside the office. His facial features were meticulously sculpted delicately. An extremely outstanding man, but it didn’t make people feel the slightest amount of femininity from him.

Feeling that his own young master seemed to stare inside the office for a long time. The secretary at his side immediately picked up the information. “Chief Su, the person inside is the person who recklessly used a subst.i.tute to play this afternoon, Ye Shaohua. This is the data.”

Su Yunxuan took the information and flipped over it a few times. With a gentle voice he said, “exactly her subst.i.tute player?”

The secretary looked at Su Yunxuan’s back, unable to make sense of what he meant, but he didn’t wait for him to think more. Su Yunxuan went straight into the office.

In the office, Manager Su looked at Ye Shaohua. He just wanted to say something when he was interrupted by Su Yunxuan who came in.

“I checked your information,” Su Yunxuan threw the information on the table and looked at Ye Shaohua. He wasn't that big but he seemed much colder and more restrained than his peers. “Your achievements are not bad, but , of your social accounts, almost all of them haven't logged into The King's Glory. Moreover, you asked Qin Feng to play for you, for this matter, the recordings can testify. Although, in the end, you were not the one who chose him.”

He spoke like this.

When he put down the information, Ye Shaohua stared at his palm for a very long time. After a long time, Manager Su pursed his brows.

“Yes ah,” Ye Shaohua took back her sight and raised her eyebrows. “Can't I also have high innate skills in the game? To tell you the truth, I have never lost on 1V1.”

After this sentence was said, let alone Ye Shaohua’s grandfather and older cousin, even manager Su completely blushed for Ye Shaohua. Who would even say this kind of big words.

“Shao…” The older cousin just wanted to stop Ye Shaohua from talking rubbish, to not let her continue to lose face.

At this time, Su Yunxuan laughed softly, his voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e but people couldn't help but go soft when it reached their ears. “Manager Su, call yesterday's subst.i.tute professional player to play with her.”

Ye Shaohua did not talk nonsense, took the mobile phone directly, and played against one of them.

Her older cousin turned over and rolled her eyes. She then looked at her face who showed no love. Her grandfather was leaning on one side. He didn't have the heart to look at Ye Shaohua's oppressive appearance.

Su Yunxuan watched her log in the game. He did not go sit on the sofa where the a.s.sistant moved. Instead, he leaned on the table side and absent-mindedly looked at Ye Shaohua, whispering: “This little swindler.”

“What?” The a.s.sistant did not hear clearly.

“Nothing.” Su Yunxuan took the cup that manager Su gave him, his voice was somewhat languid.

A group of people were watching the battle, Su Yunxuan was no exception, but when he saw Ye Shaohua’s Lu Ban catch Diaochan and take first blood, his previously absent-minded experience turned serious and he stood up.

This kind of position moving and hand speed were not something that an ordinary person could achieve.

The person playing against Ye Shaohua originally tried to hold on from the oppression and tried to think of a way, but, in the end, his expression became more and more grave.

Five minutes later, Ye Shaohua's mobile phone interface showed the "victory" victory screen.

“Switch to the next person.” Su Yunxuan stood up straight, and the steam from the cup covered his face.

Manager Su only heard his deep voice.

After switching to another reserve team member, five minutes later like before, Ye Shaohua did not die and pushed her character until the place where the crystal of the other team was.

“Continue to switch.”

Ye Shaohua raised her eyebrows. This time she used Cai Wenji to make the opposite player finally surrender.

“Switch with the professional players.”

Whether it was a professional player or not, Ye Shaohua was still not modest. However, in order not to be too much of an evildoer, she still pretended to die once.

Ye Shaohua’s grandfather looked at her. His facial expression was like he had seen a ghost and he almost forgot to react.

The older cousin who had been watching the battles saw her die and took a deep breath. “At last, a death.”

Manager Su also nodded and loosened his stretched taut nerves. “Yes ah. At last, a death.”

Almost everyone on the field thought this way, especially the subst.i.tute players who suffered terribly under Ye Shaohua. But in the next second, they felt a deep feeling of powerlessness.

Who were they?

They were all professional players, or reserve players.

But each of them searched in their own hearts. Winning 20 games in a row, without dying once, it was completely impossible for them. This had already surpa.s.sed their imagination.

Ye Shaohua saw that no one played with her anymore. She then threw the phone on the table, leaned her head to the side and looked at Su Yunxuan. “Believe?”

Su Yunxuan slightly narrowed his eyes. “Obviously you can play yourself, so why would you ask Qin Feng to subst.i.tute with you to play?”

Ye Shaohua heard this and a sneer appeared in her eyes. “He was introduced to me by Xu Feifei.”

“Is it her?” The older cousin jumped up first. “I will say how could you, such an honest person, even think of using a subst.i.tute player. It was actually her ghost work!”

Ye Shaohua’s grandfather did not speak because he had been shocked speechless by Ye Shaohua’s technique.

The truth had already come out, and the people on the scene were in a complicated mood.

They did not expect that this performance was really made by Ye Shaohua. Who would dare believe it?

Manager Su took the opportunity to invited Ye Shaohua to join the team to train. After signing the contract, Ye Shaohua, her grandfather and older cousin left Su clan’s building.

In the elevator, the two people kept staring at her, wanting to say something but then hesitating.

But because of the manager Su, it was hard for the two people to say anything.

Manager Su sent them down and looked at Ye Shaohua, his complexion was somewhat eccentric and rueful.

When the group had just left the company’s door, they met a woman wearing a black coat and walking towards it. She wore black sungla.s.ses, contrasting with her lips who seemed more and more like a fire.

Manager Su temporarily left aside Ye Shaohua's group and leaned toward that woman's body. His voice was respectful and modest, “Miss Shen, you came.”

This Miss Shen Weiwei, he did not dare to neglect. Not only was she one of Su Clan's live broadcaster, but she was also the richest family in Asia's, Shen family's, adopted daughter. A few years ago, she had also been a member of the world champions.h.i.+p team.

These several kinds of rare halo were all on her alone. There were awfully few people who could have such distinctions and very few people did not like her.

She and the young master were internationally known as a pair of demons a few years ago.

As one of Su Clan's internal staff, Manager Su also knew of some gossip. This Miss Shen had a car accident when she was sixteen.

Some good came out of that setback. After the accident, she not only changed more and more and became more and more beautiful, but her brain also became more clever.

As a matter of fact, he had not seen her for half a month yet manager Su felt that Miss Shen has turned more good-looking once again.

Manager Su remembered that the young master's mama appreciated her very much and liked this humble and filled with talent Miss Shen.

Almost everyone in Su clan believed that she was the reason the lone, cold and the placing himself above the common populace's Su was still not married. His target was definitely Shen Weiwei who was standing above the clouds.

"Is Young Master Su upstairs?" After seeing Manager Su, Shen Weiwei asked very politely.

As for Ye Shaohua and her group who stood on one side, they were directly ignored by her.

“For what matter is Miss Shen looking for Young Master?”Manager Su asked softly.

Shen Weiwei smiled. “Is Young Master Su not looking for that subst.i.tute player? My junior, that is Xu Feifei, you should also know her, she knows that subst.i.tute player. I came to tell Young Master Su this good news.”

Translator’s note

This Shen Weiwei already looks like a green tea b

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