Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 148 Who Gave Me Tissue 1

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Chapter 148                Who Gave Me Tissue 1

After hearing Xu Yajuan tell her story, Xiao Ma and Ye Shaoyang looked at each other in disbelief. That was really strange.

Right then, Ye Shaoyang’s phone rang. It was Zheng Xiaofei. He had reached the airport and was waiting for his plane.

“Mr. Ye, I have something that I forgot to tell you just now. It’s about our hospital morgue--”

“I’ve heard about it,” Ye Shaoyang interrupted him and told him that Xu Yajuan had told him everything about it.

Zheng Xiaofei laughed joyfully when he heard this, “Oh, you know one of our nurses. That’s good that you have a contact. She’ll be able to take you around then.”

“I roughly know what’s going on with the morgue, but do you have any other useful information?”

Zheng Xiaofei paused for a while and said, “Because the surveillance video was useless, I personally went to the morgue to check out the situation. It was around two in the morning when I sensed the strong presence of Spirit Qi. The Qi was so strong that I became drowsy and fell unconscious. I didn’t even manage to see what the opponent was. Good thing it didn’t harm me.”

Ye Shaoyang replied, “I’ll go to the morgue at night to check things out then. I’ll let you know if I discover anything.”

“Mr. Ye might not be able to-- Oh, I mean. Even though the spirit is powerful, I believe Master Ye will have no problem subduing the spirit.”

“Please, I’m not invincible.”

Seeing that he had ended the call, Xu Yajuan quickly asked, “Was it Director Zheng?”

“Yes, why?”

“Oh no, that’s bad,” Xu Yajuan said worriedly. “The director told us to keep the incident a secret. Now that you’ve told him that I told you.”

Ye Shaoyang chuckled and said, “Oh, relax. The director told me to ask you for your cooperation. When everything is solved, he’ll probably promote you to head nurse.”

Xu Yajuan was slightly surprised. She giggled and said, “Brother Shaoyang, don’t say that; I will be quite happy that I can work peacefully after you’ve exorcised the place. Oh yeah, there is another strange thing. All the corpses that were moved to the OR were women in their thirties and were generally skinny.

Ye Shaoyang was shocked, but he did not ask anything more.

After they finished their lunch, Xu Yajuan arranged to meet Ye Shaoyang the next night then went back to work. Xiao Ma and Ye Shaoyang went off to find a hotel for the night. They passed by an ATM and Ye Shaoyang suddenly remembered something. He took out his bank card and asked Xiao Ma to teach him how to use it.

His bank card had been made recently. Ye Shaoyang had asked Xiao Ma to help him make an account because he had been making a lot of money and needed to have an account to collect it all. The pin number of his card was Ye Shaoyang’s birthday, which Xiao Ma also knew.

“You have a total of a hundred and sixty thousand yuan,” Xiao Ma read the display and told Ye Shaoyang, “It was a hundred and forty thousand yuan before. I put in another twenty thousand this morning. You’re becoming a rich man, Little Ye.”

Ye Shaoyang was pretty happy about this. When he was still on the mountain, all the money he made was taken by Qing Yunzhi. Now, after seeing the little fortune of his, he liked the thrill of making money.

The duo found a hotel to stay for the night. Ye Shaoyang laid on the sofa and was thinking about something. Not long after, he looked up and told Xiao Ma, “Hey, I’ve something to tell you.”

Seeing that he had put so much thought into it, Xiao Ma thought it was something important. He did not joke around. Instead, he nodded his head firmly and said, “I’m all ears.”

“It’s about the erm… You know, after dealing with the underworld midwife, even though it was for my own purposes, the director will probably still give me a good amount of compensation. Since he and I are related in the Daoist realm, it wouldn’t be nice then for me to accept his money. So that’s why when it is time, will you help me accept the money from him?”

Xiao Ma looked at him puzzled, “That’s it?”

“Yeah. Don’t you think making money is a big deal?”

Xiao Ma frowned and said, “Of course it’s important, but you won’t have to worry about money in the future. When your relationship with Zhou Jinru has-- Hehe, then you can just ask for as much money as you want.”

Ye Shaoyang glanced at him and replied, “What are you even talking about? Even if she is rich, what does that have to do with me? The teachings of Maoshan says that we should be given monetary compensation for our work. However, we cannot be greedy about it, or else our second life virtue will decrease and that will affect our minds. Since we are somewhat helping Evergreen Villa too, we should also ask for some money from them.”

Xiao Ma was a bit surprised, “Well, if you want to take money from your future company, or your future wife, I guess you can do that.”

Ye Shaoyang gave him a hard kick and said, “What are you saying. When did I ever say I liked Zhou Jinru?”

“Not her, then. Maybe Officer Xie?”

Ye Shaoyang did not answer him; instead, he rolled his eyes and went straight to bed.

When it was around eight at night, Ye Shaoyang went over to the hospital and looked for Xu Yajuan. They quickly had a bite to eat and went to the third floor, which was the obstetrics department. They found the head nurse, and right after they said their names, the head nurse immediately knew whom they were and what they were going to do.

Ye Shaoyang told the head nurse what he needed and the head nurse cooperated. The head nurse led them to the corner room of the floor, which no one used. The window in the room faced the morgue at the perfect angle for observation.

From afar, they saw the middle-aged man, the guard, seated on the bed inside the small security office eating his dinner pack.

The three of them sat near the window drinking tea the head nurse had prepared. They chatted as they watched the guard having his dinner. Soon, the guard finished his food and went to sleep.

“What do we do now?” Xu Yajuan was obviously nervous.

“Well, it happens every night, right? Let’s just wait and see then,” Ye Shaoyang then asked Xiao Ma to keep watch while he took a break. Ye Shaoyang sat on the sofa, turned on his data, and searched for a love confession phrase. Ever since Rui Lengyu told him to do it, be it true or a joke, he had continued sending her daily love confession messages.

“Ah, my stomach is aching. Hey, I need to go to the toilet for a bit,” Xiao Ma quickly ran out the door and went to the washroom.

While Ye Shaoyang drafted his love message, Xiao Ma called him, told him that there was no tissue in the washroom, and asked him to bring some.

Ye Shaoyang reluctantly agreed and ended the call to continue his love message. When he finally sent the message, he remembered Xiao Ma. Ten minutes had passed since Xiao Ma had called. Ye Shaoyang quickly asked for some tissue and went to the washroom with it. As he got to the washroom, he saw Xiao Ma coming out of the stall.

Ye Shaoyang was stunned, “You used your hand to clean up?”

When Xiao Ma heard that, he was surprised, “Didn’t you already pass me the tissue? You passed it under the door to me, right?”

Ye Shaoyang waved the tissue in his hands and said, “I’ve only just arrived. Maybe it was a spirit that passed you the tissue.”

When Xiao Ma heard that, he got goosebumps. As they were on the operating floor of the obstetrics department at night, there wasn’t anyone else around besides the three of them on the floor and the head nurse who was sleeping in the office. The floor was locked, so no one else could have entered. So who had given him the tissue?

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 148 Who Gave Me Tissue 1

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