Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 164 The Female Ghost

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Chapter 164                The Female Ghost

Zhou Jingru and Xiao Ma were the only two in the room with calm expressions. They sat on the couches and enjoyed their tea. Xiao Ma was busy fiddling with his phone and had not even looked at Ye Shaoyang once. He had been chatting with Wang Ping the entire time!

Li Ansheng sat beside Xiao Ma with sweat pouring from his body. He loosened his tie and said to Xiao Ma, “I’m so nervous!”

Xiao Ma finally turned his face away from his phone. He looked at Li Ansheng with a confused look, “Little Ye is here. What’s there to be nervous about?”

“Well, yeah. I know he is powerful, but this is my brother. I can’t imagine if he fails.”

Xiao Ma smiled and looked at his phone again, “Relax, man. This is a piece of cake for Little Ye. No way it will fail.”

Soon, Li Leqing’s face became red and his breath quickened. Ye Shaoyang waited a little longer before he pushed Li Leqing to the side of the bed. He massaged the latter’s back with his knuckles as Li Leqing puked black blood into the dustbin.

Xiao Ling could smell the stench of the black blood. Her face blushed in embarrassment. It was the same smell emitted by the undead fish. Obviously, the black blood was the ‘toxin’ that had been piling up in Li Leqing’s body from the soup she fed him. Ye Shaoyang had flushed it all out from Li Leqing’s body, hence he vomited black blood.

Li Leqing puked up all the black blood in one breath and fell back onto his back motionless again.

“Mr. Ye, what is going on?” Xiao Ling asked with a troubled face.

“I cleaned up all the corpse toxin in his body. Now, with his body in a better condition, I can start summoning his Hun,” Ye Shaoyang explained as he looked at Li Leqing. “He fell into a coma because he was missing one Hun. I will summon it for him now.”

He then proceeded and instructed Xiao Ling to close all the windows and doors in the room. Even the curtains were pulled down. Ye Shaoyang then lit a Lamp of Eternity on the table and gathered everyone in one corner to make some space. He set up an altar and drew a Soul Binding Circle. Finally, he wrote down Li Leqing’s name and his Ba Zi on a talisman paper.

He chanted an incantation and a black silhouette appeared in the middle of the Soul Binding Circle. Everyone’s eyes widened and they held their breath in fear.

Xiao Ma was the only one who had already witnessed this before. He looked up once at the silhouette and continued swiping across his phone’s screen while he told Li Ansheng, “See? What did I tell you? This is a piece of cake. He can even bring back a dead person not to mention a person missing just one Hun.”

Li Ansheng wiped the sweat from his forehead and mumbled, “Impressive!”

Ye Shaoyang pressed the silhouette’s forehead with his right thumb and with that he lifted up the silhouette. He drew the silhouette to Li Leqing’s body and opened the man’s mouth so the silhouette could enter. Then, he scribbled a Soul Binding Talisman Paper and affixed it to Li Leqing’s forehead.

Li Leqing’s face began to regain color. In less than a minute, Li Leqing opened his eyes slowly.

“He woke up! He woke up!” Everyone screamed in excitement. Li Ansheng was especially thrilled. Once Ye Shaoyang approved, Li Ansheng rushed to the bed and held his brother’s hand.

“Leqing, do you recognize me?”

Li Leqing frowned as he looked at him with a blank face. Everyone froze. Their eyes were fixated on Li Leqing. Had he lost his memory?

Li Leqing pushed away his brother’s hand, “Brother, are you crazy? How would I not recognize you?” Everyone let out their breaths in relief. That was when Li Leqing noticed that there were a group of people staring at him.

He sat up, “Who are you? What is going on?”

Li Ansheng held his brother’s hand and recounted the story to him. Then, Li Leqing tried to recall the incident, and after a while, he yelled, “I remember now! That old spirit! It did this to me!”

Xiao Ling wiped away her tears as she said to her husband, “It’s okay now. We are all just glad that you woke up thanks to Mr. Ye.”

Li Leqing turned to Ye Shaoyang, “Mr. Ye, thank you so much for saving my life. I’ll surely repay you with a big red packet.”

Li Ansheng glared at his brother as he corrected him, “Nonsense! Mr. Ye is Miss Zhou’s close friend. Don’t insult him like he wants your money!”

Ye Shaoyang could hear the sound of his heart shattering into a million pieces. That additional money was supposed to be in his pocket, and it flew away just like that.

He secretly sighed, “Let’s get to the point. What about this old spirit you mentioned? Tell me everything about the encounter.”

Li Leqing took a deep breath before he started his story, “I bumped into a female ghost…”

The village council members’ faces turned pale when they heard “female ghost”. Fear could be seen in Li Leqing’s eyes too. He continued, “I was checking on the plantation just above the dam on the day of the incident. It was almost sunset when I went to the dam to wash the dirt off my hands. However, my phone fell out of my pocket and into the water. It floated…”

Li Ansheng chipped in as he heard this, “You moron! How could a phone float on water?”

Li Leqing nodded, “You are right, but that did not occur to me at that time. I tried to grab my phone, but a wave of water sent it further away from me, and it was still floating. The water wasn’t deep where I was standing. I must have been hypnotized. I did not even think. I walked through the water trying to pick up my phone, but it floated even further away.

“When I finally regained my composure, the water was almost up to my neck. I could feel that my feet were stuck in the mud, and there was something pulling me down. That was when I realized that I had been hypnotized by a water spirit. Luckily, I was calm. I purposely called a random name on the hill, but nobody responded. Then, I acted. I mumbled that I should forget about retrieving my phone and ask for my nephew’s help since it was easier to get the phone with a person’s help. Just when I finished talking, I could feel my legs being released…”

Xiao Ma was a little doubtful of the story. He could not help but interrupt at this point, “Well, if what you are saying is true, then the spirit had captured you. Why would it let you go?”

Before Li Leqing could answer, the village head explained, “Young man, obviously you have never heard of this. This is called the Water Spirit’s Entanglement. Luckily, Leqing did not struggle in an attempt to escape; otherwise, the spirit would have dragged him into the water immediately. When he mumbled about getting another person’s help to retrieve the phone, the water spirit believed that it could kill two people, hence it let go of him.”

Xiao Ma nodded in understanding, “Well, then, the water spirit is not a smart one it seems.”

“A spirit can not read a person’s mind unless it possesses the person,” Ye Shaoyang gave him a look. Then, he turned back to Li Leqing, “Continue your story.”

Li Leqing said, “Once my legs were both released, I pretended like I was calling out for someone until I managed to get to land. Then, I started running. However, before I ran far, I saw a little girl around twelve to thirteen years old. She was kneeling by the side of the dam. She was as thin as a matchstick. Her hair was messy, and she was wearing dirty old clothes.”

Xiao ma interrupted again, “I thought you mentioned an old spirit, why is it a little girl?”

Ye Shaoyang glared at him with a stern expression before gesturing Li Leqing to continue with the story.

Li Leqing gulped before he started again,

“She was sitting by the dam on a rock. Both of her legs were in the water. She was washing vegetables in a basin. I had heard rumors before about the spirit of a little girl, but I was careless. I only felt it a little weird that a girl would wash vegetables by the dam.”

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 164 The Female Ghost

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