Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 212 To Dead Man Valley

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Chapter 212                            To Dead Man Valley

Xiao Ma looked at Ye Shaoyang as he held the dark gold ink talisman paper and asked, “Are we still going to a graveyard?”

“No. I’m not in the mood,” Ye Shaoyang said, “I’ll try the talisman paper on those evil witches when we get to Sichuan.”

“I feel sorry for them,” Xiao Ma said sarcastically.

Old Guo went to his bag and searched for something. Finally, he pulled out a plastic bottle to contain the special mix of ink Ye Shaoyang had prepared. After that, he closed the lid which had a writing brush on top.

“This is a special bottle-brush combination I made. As long as you have the lid closed tightly, you can squeeze the bottle so that ink comes out. After you’re done writing, you just need to cover the cap. That will prevent the brush from drying out.”

Old Guo demonstrated as he explained the gadget to him, “See here. There is a pushing mechanism. Just give it a small squeeze and even the slightest leftover ink will come out.”

Ye Shaoyang used it for a while and found that it really was useful. Not only would it save time, it would also save material. Ye Shaoyang happily pat Old Guo’s shoulder and said, “Senior Brother, you really are the best inventor!”

Xiao Ma took it, looked it over, and said, “You’re right. This thing will be really useful since the ink contains gold ink, silver ink, and Hong Xiao, which are all expensive materials. This will help conserve costs.”

As it was late, Old Guo quickly packed his things and went home.

Xiao Ma went to shower first, so Ye Shaoyang waited on the sofa for his turn.

Not long after, Xiao Ma was done. He came out and saw Ye Shaoyang staring at the Heavenly Master Tablet in his hands.

He asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Ye Shaoyang looked at the tablet and said, “About the owner of this thing.”

“Maybe it really belonged to your ancestor. Try to recall if there are any Heavenly Masters with the surname Ye.”

“There are plenty of Daoists with the surname Ye, and there are only a few Heavenly Masters with the surname Ye. However, there is only someone like Ye Fashan who was powerful enough to have encountered the Qimen Dunjia Heavenly Manual.”

Xiao Ma suddenly thought of a name and asked, “What about Ye Liang?”


“Erm, never mind. Oh, since you’re also a Heavenly Master, why don’t you have a Heavenly Master Tablet?”

“I haven’t registered my name in the underworld.”

“What? I don’t get it,”

“Never mind,” Ye Shaoyang didn’t want to tell him too much. After showering, Ye Shaoyang went to his room, lay in his bed, and pondered who Ye Fashan was.

According to the historical records, Ye Fashan was a Heavenly Master who built his own sect. It was the best sect at that time. The records also said that he lived until he was a hundred and seven years old and passed away in his sleep.

That means that Ye Fashan never registered in the underworld and passed away. If this Tablet really is his, then something must be wrong with the records. Maybe Ye Fashan never died, but he went to the underworld...What is the truth?

Ye Shaoyang felt that there really was something strange about this and there was a need to investigate it. He decided that if he was still alive after dealing with Madam Chee, he would bring the tablet to Qing Yunzhi and ask his opinion.

Ye Shaoyang couldn't help but wonder what Qing Yunzhi had been up to since he hadn’t called him for so many days. He wondered what Qing Yunzhi would think if he saw his new talisman paper.

When he thought about the talisman paper, he took it out. As soon as he did, he immediately felt a change of energy in the room. Even though he had not tested it, he strongly believed that this new talisman paper was more powerful than the ordinary purple talisman paper.

Because he had been so excited and busy, he hadn’t had the time to really appreciate the talisman paper. Now that he was alone and in a quiet room, he was finally able to appreciate the king of all talisman papers.

With it, Ye Shaoyang could now get to a more powerful level.

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang shot up and slapped his head. He had forgotten to write down what he had memorized during his quick read of the Heavenly Manual. Immediately, he pulled out some paper and quickly drew the spells.

If I have forgotten about the different spells from the manual, then I might as well just kill myself.

After he had drawn all the spells, Ye Shaoyang quickly committed the drawing of the spells to long-term memory. By the time he had memorized them all, the sky was bright. He slept for three hours before his phone began to ring. It was Zhou Jingru asking for his personal details so she could help him book the tickets.

“Big Brother Shaoyang, other than the few of you, is anyone else going?”

“Xie Yuqing will probably go on her own,” Ye Shaoyang thought and said, “Help Xiao Ma get a ticket.”

“Xiao Ma is also going?” Zhou Jingru was surprised.

Ye Shaoyang said yes and explained, “Since he has always helped me, I thought it would it was okay to bring him along. At least, he can help carry stuff, and he’s pretty reliable at crucial times. Plus, he can be our bait if there’s a need.”

After he ended the call, Ye Shaoyang went to the living room and woke up Xiao Ma. He asked for his details and gave them to Zhou Jingru. Not long after, Zhou Jingru messaged them about the bookings and told them to meet at the hotel.

Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma quickly packed their things and headed straight to the hotel. On their way, they called Xie Yuqing and asked her to be at the meeting too.

After half an hour or so, everyone who was going arrived at the hotel. They discussed the work ahead. Then, Tan Xiaohui told everyone that because Yu Ting had something hard to do she would bring Teng Yongqing with her.

So it was decided that Tan Xiaohui, Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Ma would go to Dead Man Valley first. After that, Xie Yuqing would some officers and finish everything.

“Give me your phone,” Xie Yuqing put her hand out.

Ye Shaoyang passed his phone over and asked, “What do you want to do it?”

Xie Yuqing opened the back cover of the phone and put in a little chip before passing it back to Ye Shaoyang.

She said, “I’ve put in a tracking chip into your phone. That way I’ll know where you are at all times, just in case something happens to you. Call me anytime you need assistance, and I’ll bring the police over.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded and said, “Relax. I’ll call you if I really need your help.”

When it was noon, Zhou Jingru treated everyone to lunch. After that Zhou Jingru and Xie Yuqing drove the five of them to the airport.

Before they checked in, Zhou Jingru looked at Ye Shaoyang and said, “Big Brother Shaoyang, y-you guys must come back okay!”

Ye Shaoyang waved and followed Xiao Ma and Tan Xiaohui to the area for departures.

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Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 212 To Dead Man Valley

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