Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 The Blood of Black Dogs

Ye Shaoyang was ecstatic, "How much do we have? How did you bring it all here?"

"We bought a lot of blood transfusion bags. Each bag can carry two catties of blood. We added some potions to the black dog blood, sealed the bags up, and hired people to deliver them here."

Ye Shaoyang stood aghast, "Where did you get so much black dog blood?"

Wang Ting smiled faintly, "The abattoirs."

Wang Ting led them to a section of rubble down the mountain. Teng Yongqing moved a stone and revealed a big hole filled with stacked up bags of black dog blood and things that tied up with red cloth. Ye Shaoyang guessed that they were the materials for some type of witchcraft and would be used later, so he did not ask further.

"How did you carry all this into the mountains?" Ye Shaoyang wondered.

Wang Ting explained that the nearest town was thirty miles away, and there were no proper roads, but the mountain road was quite smooth, so they hired workers to bring things via handcart at night.

Ye Shaoyang realized that Jin Shuai used a handcart to transport the young man too. It was tough for people to pull handcart all the way into the valley.

They moved all the blood bags into an elastic sack. Then, they hid in a secret place. Ye Shaoyang requested two backpacks filled with blood bags. He strung the remainders together with a red rope and tied them around Xiao Ma's waist.

After they were settled, they sat in a circle and discussed the next move. They decided to separate into two teams. One would distract the black witches from above while another would attack the entrance of the valley.

"I repeat," said Ye Shaoyang, "Our main target is Jin Shuai and the coffin of undead king. We are not allowed to kill. However, if the black witches hurt us, there is no need for us to spare them. These are Xie Yuqing's original words."

Everyone nodded.

As they discussed the distribution of team members, everyone agreed that the main attack relied on the team attacking the entrance. So, they suggested Ye Shaoyang and Tan Xiaohui lead the team.

Ye Shaoyang instructed, "Teng Yongqing and Xiao Ting will distract them from above. Teng Yongqing, besides distracting them from above, you need to observe the fight below and help us during critical moments."

"Little Ye, how about me?" Xiao Ma was nervous when he saw everyone had their jobs except for him.

"Of course you are with me," replied Ye Shaoyang.

"With you?" Xiao Ma pointed at the blood bags around his waist, "Why do I need to bring these?"

Ye Shaoyang raised his eyebrows and answered, "Why do you think they are sacrificing horses instead of dogs when people eat dogs more commonly?"

Xiao Ma hesitated, "Black dog blood can ward off evil beings?"

Ye Shaoyang nodded and smirked, "Let's imagine the undead king drinking the blood of the animal sacrifices happily in the coffin until we pour the black dog blood into its mouth."

Xiao Ma immediately burst with joy, "Cool! We will let it drink to the bottom. Let's do it! Haha!"

Tan Xiaohui suggested that they wait because the black witches were scattered. Once the black witches gathered for the ritual at nightfall, they would launch the first attack. That would increase the chances of success.

Ye Shaoyang agreed. All of them rested in the secret place while Ye Shaoyang went to search for a signal and called Xie Yuqing. He briefed her on their plan. He also told her that she could bring her men there now.

Teng Yongqing volunteered to spy on the black witches from above while the others waited in the secret place. They only ate solid food that didn't require fire so they wouldn't raise their enemies' attention.

Initially, Ye Shaoyang planned to make a move after Xie Yuqing and her team arrived, but it was half-past eight, and they had not arrived. At the same moment, Teng Yongqing ran toward them and said nervously, "They've started to kill the animals. The ritual has begun!"

Ye Shaoyang checked around and said, "We can't wait anymore. We have to make a move now. Tan Xiaohui and I will try sneaking in the valley as far as we can. Once they discover and corner us, you can start throwing the blood bag at them from above," Ye Shaoyang repeated the plan to them.

Then, they parted. Teng Yongqing and Wang Ting carried two backpacks of blood bags to the mountaintop while Ye Shaoyang and two others headed to the valley.

Ye Shaoyang bid his tongue tip and drew a Thunder Curse with his blood on Xiao Ma's right hand. The curse lasted for fifteen minutes so he could draw it only when needed.

Xiao Ma looked at the curse on his palm and asked, "Is this useful against the black witches?"

"Nope. It is only effective against evil beings. Just attack the black witches with common techniques."

"Ah, I'm good at combat," Xiao Ma grinned hideously, "I have more than a hundred techniques to defeat them."

Upon reaching Dead Man Valley, they realized they had no chance to strike a surprise attack on the black witches. A torch stood every ten to twenty meters along the way. Although the path was not brightly lit, there were no dead angles in which they could hide. Besides that, a black witch stood guard in every three torches.

Ye Shaoyang took out his spirit binding chain. It had become his favorite weapon since he first used it. Especially in the current situation, the chain could not only kill evil beings but also subdue the black witches. Furthermore, it was a much more powerful weapon than a Peach Wood Sword.

He turned around and looked the two others; Tan Xiaohui held two Golden Coins Throwing Weapons in her hands while Xiao Ma carried a wooden stick that he picked up nearby and carried it in his hand like a gangster.

"Alright, I will go first, and you two will act according to circumstances. We will try to rush to the coffin without a break."

"Wait a minute. Since my phone has a signal, let me SMS Wang Ping." Xiao Ma quickly took out his mobile phone and typed a message.

"Why are you rushing to send a message? You will have plenty of time to SMS her after we exit the mountain!"

"I am afraid I might not come out in one piece," Xiao Ma laughed and continued, "Such dangerous activities I'm involved with now. If I die, at least I have left my words to her."

Ye Shaoyang's heart jerked, "Don't worry; you will be fine. I promise."

After Xiao Ma was finished texting, Ye Shaoyang advanced using the Maoshan Qinggong along the rocky wall. He only had one thought in his mind: capture Jin Shuai and stop the revival of the Blood Gu undead king!

He moved at a very quick pace such that the man in black only noticed him when he had reached the second torch. Before the man in black could prepare, Ye Shaoyang whip the soul binding chain on to the man's face. Without surprise the man was thrown far, hit a rock and he became unconscious.

Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 223

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