Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 66 A Trip To The Water Tower

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Chapter 66         A Trip to the Water Tower

The sun rode high up in the sky. Late in the morning, Ye Shaoyang finally woke up. It was like the wet dream had not happened. He checked his phone and found one unread message from Rui Lengyu, “See you at Yalan Pub at 9.30 a.m.”

He paused, as he felt that something was not right. He closed the messaging app and realized the time; it was 10.23 a.m “Oh no!” Ye Shaoyang jumped from the bed and quickly started to get dressed. Xiao Ma woke up and showed a confused face, his eyes swollen red. He asked, “What’s happening?”

“I am late for my date!” Ye Shaoyang finally put on all his clothes. How could she just use a message to make an appointment but not call? And she didn’t even call or text me when I didn't appear on time? What kind of person is she? The more he thought about it, the more depressed he grew. But since she was a pretty girl, he decided to forgive her.

Xiao Ma yawned, as he laid down to continue his sleep, “Why are you so nervous if you are already late? I want to sleep more. You go by yourself.”

Hmph, I never intended to bring you along, Ye Shaoyang thought inside his heart.

Before he left the room, he asked Xiao Ma, “Hey, are you okay?”

With his head covered in the blanket, Xiao Ma replied in a faint voice, “Fully recovered, and it is best you forget what happened last night.”

After Ye Shaoyang left the house, he hailed a taxi to Yalan Pub. He gave the address to the driver, but the driver did not know the place. So, he called Rui Lengyu, but she had switched off her phone. He had no choice but to ask the driver to drop him off at the campus. He decided to check the streets one by one. Eventually, he found it.

Yalan Pub was not big, but it had a very unique design, where logs and beer bottles made up the shopfront. Ye Shaoyang bent down when he entered the pub through the half-closed sliding door. He cast a glance inside and suddenly became energetic. Rui Lengyu sat on a couch in a corner close to a window. She had dressed herself casually today; a pale yellow t-shirt, light blue jeans, and sports shoes. She looked like a different person compared to her Charlie’s Angels-like attire yesterday. However, she still revealed a certain elegant temperament. She was the only one in the pub; he could not even see a cashier or a bartender.

“I am so sorry that I am late. Didn’t think you’ll still be here.” Then, Ye Shaoyang apologized numerous times and sat on the couch situated opposite to her. But Rui Lengyu did not even glance at him. She took up a glass of scarlet liquid and took a small sip.

“Are you drinking blood?”

Rui Lengyu almost spat out her drink and stared at him. Ye Shaoyang laughed mischievously and asked, “Why are you here so early in the morning? It seems like the pub is closed as there is no cashier here.”

“That’s the reason I came here.” Rui Lengyu finally answered him,

“My friend owns this pub. I usually come here when I am free.”

“A guy friend?” Ye Shaoyang felt a bit nervous.

Rui Lengyu glanced at him but did not answer. She got right to the point, “I guess you met up with Qin Feng last night. Now, you should know everything.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded and replied, “Yes, but not about your family background; he told me very little about it.”

Rui Lengyu coldly said, “You don’t need to know about that now. I only want to tell you one thing; there are two seals in the dormitory, not just one. One of them is in the dormitory, while the other one is under the water tower, opposite of the dormitory. One passage leads to the seal under the water tower; it is actually a bunker. This passage can be accessed through the ammunition depot. Back then, Sorcerer Cheng Yun used his Dharma staff to seal this place prior to sealing the dorm up.”

Ye Shaoyang laughed, “Those Japanese were quite smart. They made two passages to prevent themselves from becoming an easy target. Too bad, they invited the wrong person—your great-grandfather. Not only did they fail to use their ammunition depot, many of them were also killed. Your great-grandfather was a genius!”

“I am not telling you this so that you can flatter me.” Rui Lengyu directly exposed his intentions, “Your suggestion yesterday was good. Use your Maoshan soul binding spell to forcibly restrain Feng Xinyu’s soul and battle her on the grounds. But there is a problem, neither of us knows how many spirits and specters are in the spirit nest. I’m afraid that once we remove the seal, we might not be able to handle it if there are too many of them. We will have a big problem on our hands once they escape the building.”

Ye Shaoyang nodded. Suddenly, he realized something and asked, “Do you mean we should go in through the passage below?”

“You’re right. The passage below should be very narrow. It is easier for you to set up a formation there. This should be a piece of cake for you as the inner disciple of Maoshan Sect. After you’ve set up the formation and removed the seal, you can lead all awakened spirits into it. That will make it easier to deal with them.”

Ye Shaoyang scratched his head, “Good idea, but I still need to survey the place to decide on the appropriate formation.”

“You can survey it yourself since I’ve told you the location.”

“Aren’t you coming along?” Ye Shaoyang instantly felt disappointed.

“I need to meet your senior brother to make a batch of tools to use later. Besides, my great-grandfather passed down this knowledge. I’ve never been there before,” Rui Lengyu tilted her head and continued, “Another thing I want to remind you, my dad went there once. He told me there was a pond of blood inside. He didn’t dare to enter, as he was unsure what evil being lived in it.”

Ye Shaoyang laughed carelessly, “What could it even be? Undead king or awakened spirit? Do you think I am afraid of them when I don’t even fear Feng Xinyu?”

Rui Lengyu snorted, “My dad was quite powerful at that time. It was not something normal if my dad didn’t even dare to go down. You’d better come back alive. If not, no one will bury your dead body.”

She put down her glass and stood up, “Got to go. Remember, the bar is closed in the morning.”

Ye Shaoyang followed her to the door and probed, “Aren’t you going to say goodbye to your boyfriend?”

Rui Lengyu glanced at him, “Who told you that the bar owner is my boyfriend?”

“Is it? Then, where is your boyfriend?”

Rui Lengyu had actually fallen into his trap. She gave him a hard look and said, "I have no boyfriend."

Ye Shaoyang silently laughed.

Rui Lengyu boarded a red Audi A4 and drove off. Ye Shaoyang watched the car fade into the distance. He planned to contact Old Guo and head to the water tower together. But then, he recalled that Rui Lengyu was going to meet Old Guo to make a batch of tools. He could not help feel a little jealous when he thought of this. Ye Shaoyang had no choice; he had to be a lone wolf for once. He called Xiao Ma and asked him to bring the backpack. Then, he grabbed a taxi to the School of Foreign Languages. He waited for Xiao Ma at the entrance. Xiao Ma arrived after a short time, and they entered a taxi together.

On the way, Ye Shaoyang briefly explained the purpose of this trip. Xiao Ma frowned after he heard the plan and asked, “So, what’s inside the pond of blood?”

“I don't know. But it seems to be something unusual according to Rui Lengyu.”

Xiao Ma patted Ye Shaoyang’s shoulder and laughed, “Just fight like a man, dude.”

After they reached the old campus, they could see the water tower from far away. Ye Shaoyang made a visual estimate. The distance from dormitory four to the water tower was about fifty meters. The passage below should be fifty meters in length too.

Fifty meters, that is already sufficient for me to set up a formation.

After he looked up, he saw the water tower that loomed at the side of the artificial lake. The tower was five to six stories in height. A small, round window was located on the top of the exterior red brick wall. Ye Shaoyang felt that this was most likely the bunker used to spy on the outside situation.

They walked around the water tower, but they only found some red brick walls that sealed off an arched door. There was no other entrance to the tower.

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