Spirit Hunters Of Maoshan Sect Chapter 67 Blood Cultivation

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Chapter 67         Blood Cultivation

Xiao Ma pointed at the window, “I think you can enter from there. Can you climb up there?”

“Don't spout nonsense. I am not Spider-Man.”

“Oh my, I didn’t think a country bumpkin like you would know about Spider-Man.”

Ye Shaoyang had no time to chit-chat with Xiao Ma. He took out his phone and called Liu Ming to brief him about the current situation.

“That water tower was built before the liberation. It might be troublesome if you break into it without permission, as it belongs to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. If you are not in a rush, I can help you discuss the matter with the person-in-charge,” Liu Ming replied awkwardly.

“Nevermind then, I am in a rush.” Ye Shaoyang hung up the phone and called Xie Yuqing to tell her the current situation.

“Just break it. I will bring some manpower to you now,” Xie Yuqing instantly replied.

Within twenty minutes, Xie Yuqing arrived with two policemen; they each carried a big hammer.

“Is this the door you mentioned?” Xue Yuqing wanted a confirmation from Ye Shaoyang.

“Smash it with your full strength!” She turned around and ordered the two policemen.

Ye Shaoyang stopped Xie Yuqing; he felt worried, “Are we really breaking it now? Will they blame us for destroying historical relics?”

Xie Yuqing rolled her eyes, “This is official police business! I don't care; we are investigating now. If they really want to put the blame on us, I, this big sister, will take all the responsibility. I will smash them as well if they try to mess with me.”

Ye Shaoyang gave her a thumbs-up, “Cool!”

After ten minutes, they managed to break a sufficient-sized hole for a person to enter. Ye Shaoyang checked his backpack. Then, he turned around and told them, “You fellows can wait outside. It might be dangerous down there. ” After he spoke these words, he entered the water tower. Due to the lack of a light source, the inside of the tower was pitch black. Ye Shaoyang stood still; he planned to light up a Lamp of Eternity. Suddenly, a beam of light shot in from behind. He looked back and saw Xie Yuqing.

“I will go in with you,” said Xie Yuqing.

“You are not afraid?”

“Why would I be afraid if you are here?”

Ye Shaoyang gave her an ambiguous laugh. He scanned her body, “Hehe, aren't you afraid I will tear off your clothes again?”

Xie Yuqing kicked his butt, “You better behave. Otherwise, I will kill you if continue being such a d*ck!”

Ye Shaoyang rubbed his butt, “It is better if you switch off the torch. It can only light up a small area, which makes the unlit side look darker.”

After she switched off the torch, Ye Shaoyang lit up the Lamp of Eternity and passed it to her. He took out his peach wood sword and carefully proceeded forward. He had to act more cautious in this strange environment. After all, Rui Lengyu had reminded him that something evil laid down there.

There was a cement staircase, which spiraled around a cylindrical cement pillar. The main functional part of this tower should be inside there. The stairs formed an easy slope. Suddenly, after they walked for more than ten meters, a white shadow pounced toward them from around the bend. In a split second, Ye Shaoyang reacted and stabbed it with his sword. The shadow emitted a short and mournful cry. Then, it evaporated into wisps of primordial spirits and flew toward the exit.

“Is that a spirit?” asked Xie Yuqing as she trembled with fear.

“Of course. It is normal to meet spirits here since this place has not been exposed to sunlight. That spirit is unrelated to the spirit nest.”

As they moved forward, Ye Shaoyang felt Xie Yuqing grasp his arm and stick close to him. He could smell her faint fragrance and feel her exhale on his nape.

Ye Shaoyang abruptly stopped in his tracks.

“What’s happening!” Xie Yuqing nervously exclaimed as she tightly grabbed his arm.

“Nothing. I like having intimate contact with you. Will you give me the honor?”

Xie Yuqing pinched his arm hard, “How can you still think of such things in this situation?”

Ye Shaoyang rubbed his arm, “Does that mean you will like it if we change to another occasion?”

This time, Xie Yuqing pinched his arm even harder, till Ye Shaoyang jumped from the pain. He grumbled, as they continued to walk. The steps were only several tens of meters long. At the end of the staircase, there was a small door located in the middle of the cement pillar. Xie Yuqing shone her torch upon it. They went in and observed the interior, the place was several tens of square meters in size, and there were also many rusty pipelines arranged in a complicated manner. The lower end extended into a rectangular pond. The light from the Lamp of Eternity cast a reflection on the water’s surface and revealed a pond full of water. Ye Shaoyang felt a bit anxious, Is this the pond of blood Rui Lengyu mentioned?

“Wow, the water hasn’t dried up after so many years!” Xie Yuqing could not believe her eyes. She tried to approach the pond, but Ye Shaoyang pulled her back at once. He shot a handful of copper beads toward one of the corners. With a loud scream, a vague human silhouette shattered into wisps of primordial spirits and drifted toward the exit. Ye Shaoyang grasped the peach wood sword in his hand and clearly shouted, “I, Ye Shaoyang, the Heavenly Master of Maoshan Sect, orders you to reveal yourselves now!”

After a few seconds, four barely visible, blurry-green shadows slowly appeared a few meters before Ye Shaoyang and Xie Yuqing. They could still identify one as male and three as females from the modern attire of the vague shadows. The shadows kneeled down in a respectful manner. Ye Shaoyang looked at the shadows and angrily asked, “What are you doing here? Why haven’t you reported to the Netherworld council?"

One of the shadows kowtowed and replied, “Replying to the Heavenly Master, we’ve just passed away recently. We risked ourselves to stay back because we have some unfinished gratitudes and grudges in this world. This place does not expose us to any sunlight, so we chose to stay here temporarily. Heavenly Master, please grant us a favor….”

“Presumptuous! You’re not allowed to stay in the human world. Go and report to the Netherworld council immediately!” Ye Shaoyang instantly threw a soul guiding talisman paper toward them. The four spirits did not dare to rebel and attached themselves to the talisman paper one by one. Then, they floated in the air for a while before they disappeared.

“You looked so cool just now!” Xie Yuqing gave him some rare praise, “But why didn’t you ask them about the situation here?”

“They are new, so they don’t know anything about here. Besides, there is no Yin Qi here. That means we are still far away from the spirit nest.”

Ye Shaoyang walked around the pond and examined the surroundings. There was no other entry point except for the small door they used just now. Xie Yuqing held up the Lamp of Eternity and thoroughly examined the area. She became disappointed, “It seems like there is no secret passageway here.”

“The secret passageway is below here!” Ye Shaoyang said as he stared at the black pond.

“How did you figure that out?” Xie Yuqing felt stunned, “Is this the pond of blood? But there is no blood here?”

Ye Shaoyang slightly dipped one of his fingers into the water. Then, he rubbed it between fingers. He felt a greasy sensation and immediately realized something. He exchanged the peach wood sword for the date wood sword and inserted it into the water.


Bubbles appeared around the sword; it was like the pond was boiling. Xie Yuqing felt puzzled and walked forward to take a closer view.

“Oh my gosh, how did the water become so red in color!” She involuntarily cried out in fear.

“This is blood, human blood—human blood fills this pond,” Ye Shaoyang flatly replied.

Xie Yuqing felt her legs give in, as she almost collapsed. She backed off a few steps and said in a tremulous voice, “Don’t try to scare me, Little trickster.”

“Why would I want to frighten you?” said Ye Shaoyang as he pulled out the date wood sword; the blood that stained the blade continued to boil until it evaporated.

“A layer of corpse oil covers the surface of this pond. The blood absorbed all the corpse Qi, so it won’t stink. The corpse oil can also prevent the blood from air exposure, which is why the blood hasn’t dried up after so many years,” Ye Shaoyang deeply frowned at the pond and continued, “The blood evaporated once it came into contact with the date wood sword; this means there is a monster down here. Now, I wonder what kind of monster would’ve frightened Rui Lengyu’s father away. What could it be?”



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