Spirit's Paradise And The Idle Another World Life Chapter 18

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I managed to collect a good amount of seaweed. With this much, I think it will be enough for a small field. I thought about drying them here on the beach but changed my mind. I think I should wash them first with fresh water since I just got them from the sea. and also it’s hard to relax here, let’s do that after we get back to base.

I heard before that salt is bad for the soil, maybe I should wash the small fishes with fresh water too.
I’m doing all of this blindly, if only I can use the internet then I would have found the correct method right away.

“We are back”


“Oh, that a large amount, thanks, both of you”

Both of them looks little disappointed, do I need to do that again.

“Gohon, private Bell, private Rain, good job on accomplishing the mission, you can leave the small fishes here and take a break”

“Yes sir”


Both of them answered energetically and started to pile the fish on the beach, then headed back to play in the sea.

Now, since I can’t store living things in the magical bag, I need to deal with the small fish.

Despite that it’s a necessary act, breaking the neck of the small fishes one after another is mentally hard, I should just empty my mind and do it.

“Finally I’m done”

“Good job, the sun will go down soon, should we head to the rocky mountain base?”
(TL: she mean the place where he stayed the night last time they came to the beach)

“That right, let’s go there and have dinner, then head out to level up at night. After that, we can head back to the base near the well.”

I called Bell and Rain, and we headed to the rocky mountain base, but it’s hard to call them like that every time, I will name the rocky mountain base as the sea house, and the well base as the fountain house, I should tell Dine about this too.

“Good morning everyone”

The next morning after coming back to the fountain house, I started the work.

“Bell, Rain, there is a lot of things that I need your help with today, is that ok?”

“Leave it to us”


They both answered energetically, I stroked their head in spite of my self

“What should we do?”


“First, Rain I want you to clean these, use the water of the fountain for it”

I took out the seaweeds and small fishes from the magical bag, seeing that she confidently hit her chest as if saying leave it to me, She is becoming better at expressing her self.


When Rain cried, a water ball rose from the fountain and surrounded the fishes, Amazing they are rolling around inside, it’s like a washing machine.

“Ah….. Dine, it’s not good to sprinkle the water on the ground, can Rain make that water clean again?”

“hmmm, Intermediate spirits can separate salt from water, but that is still hard for Rain to do”

So if I can contract with intermediate water spirit then I can get as much salt as I want, That amazing, no more importantly, what should I do with the water? Now that I think about it, I should have just applied cleaning magic on the seaweeds but since there is a large amount I guess washing them is better. what should I do…

“That right, we can’t just splash the water on the ground.”

“Then how about you store it in the magical bag?”

Sylphy easily gives a solution. If I think about it, I can just store a lot of fountain water and a lot of fishes, and with the movable base, I will be able to reach where people live.

But looking at Sylphy and Dine who are happily trying to help with the field……Also, it’s quite hard to walk for a hundred days, and it’s easier to stay at the fountain house, level up and have Sylphy take me to the human village, Let’s consider about walking if my magical power doesn’t reach B.

“Great idea Sylphy.”

I had Rain put the cleaned small fishes on the rock and stored the water, and repeated that with the seaweeds.

“Yuuta–, Bell too”

Bell was watching us excitingly, but it seems that she can’t wait any longer

“That’s right, I want Bell to blow winds on the small fishes and dry them”

The dry Land of Death. With the strong sunlight and Bell’s winds, they will dry in no time. I also put the washed seaweeds and asked her to dry them as well.

“You are going to make powder from the small fishes and the seaweeds and mix it with soil?”

Sylphy seem suspicious about this

“Yes, but I’m a little anxious about this, I’m using seaweed too, and I don’t know the quantity that I should use. I am doing these things depending only on little information that I have heard, so it might fail.”

I wish that I had tried something like house gardening when I was in Japan.

“Well, it already in a dire state, so there is nothing to lose even if you fail.”

“Yeah, I will do my best.”

I hold some small fish in my hand. Hmm, it still needs more.

“Bell, Rain, if you are tired take a break, don’t overdo it”



Bell is riding above Rain and is turning around the rock which I spread the fishes and the seaweeds on it, and she is blowing wind on them.

When I look at the small fish I feel that I’m forgetting something Hmm, what is it? Let’s try to think about it more………. Ah, dried fish, I can make dried fish! Well, eating dried fish will also make me want to eat rice, but still its enough to add more variety to the food.

If I remember correctly, to make dried fish, I should put them in salty water? Will the seawater be enough? No, I think it was a higher salt concentration.

Will since I can use the magical bag, I don’t have to worry about how long the food can last before rotting. I can just use the seawater and make it look like dried fish. I should try it.

I took out some new seawater and put the fish in it. Hmm, for how long I should leave it there?

The salt is supposed to infiltrate the whole fish, so let’s leave one for 30 minutes, and one for 1 hour. Also, I think it’s better to let them dry in the sun rather than drying them with the wind.

There is no drying table, so I should make one with rocks too. I cut rock with a width of 30 centimetres, and slightly increased the size of the magical Tap and opened holes, it’s done.

Now all I need to do is move the fish to drying table when they are done. It will also take time for seaweed and the small fish to dry, what should I do?

Since I’m having Bell and Rain helping me, I can’t just sit down and do nothing.

Let’s think of a way to crush the seaweed and small fish to make powder… Stone mill……. I do remember the shape but it requires a lot of delicate adjustment, let’s give up on that.

Thinking simply, all I need to do is to make something like a grinding-bowl and use the hammer to crush them. Since it’s not something I’m going to eat, even if some stone gets mixed it won’t cause a problem.

there are a lot of seaweeds and small fishes so I should make a big one, I took out a 2-meter cubed shaped rock and used the shovel to make it look like grinding-bowl.

since I’m using it for grinding so it won’t matter even if it became little out of shape.
after they are dried I will use the survival knife to cut the small fished and seaweeds and then grind them with the hammer so it will work out somehow.

I took out the fish that I left for 30 minutes in the seawater and put it on the drying table, ……I got nothing to do again

I should make some tableware, I want to drink coffee since I haven’t done that in a while, so I should make a Mug, well because it’s just an instant coffee so I can make it at any time.

oh no, just thinking about it makes me want to drink some, I didn’t have any time to rest lately so I wasn’t able to think about things like that, usually, I use one spoon of coffee, two cubs of creep and half spoon of sugar.

but the current me, can use half of that and still think it’s delicious, let’s try to drink one after dinner, mug, flat dish, soup dish, chopsticks, spoons, I made everything that I can think of now.

I got so immersed in it that I forget to take out the remaining fish from the water, it would have been bad if sylphy hadn’t told me.

after spending some time on making tableware, Bell and Rain came flying

“it dried”


“Oh, thanks, both of you, you really saved me”



“ah both of are really great, good kids”

when I told them that Bell and Rain started to play with each other, cute, while I was watching that sight, sylphy spoke to me.

“Yuuta, you are making a completely compassionate expression”

ah!, at sylphy’s words I returned to sanity, I would Like to say something. the combination of little kids and animal is not fair, it’s cute no matter how you look at it.

“ah, I need cut the small fishes and the seaweeds”

I headed to the seaweeds and small fishes without looking at sylphy.

touching them, yeah they are completely dry, with this I can crush them and make a powder of them.

I collected them in one place then made the survival knife bigger and used it lightly in order to cut them, ‘spans’………it cut the rock too.

………….well no wonder about that, I have used this survival knife to cut rocks before so naturally this will happen, both the survival knife and the saw cut so good, there is no difference between the two except in shape.

should I put the shovel below……..lets stop that, it will be quite bad if the shovel gets cut, I have no choice but to carefully cut them, I need to buy a normal knife when I get to town.

I moved them to the grinding-bowl after finished cutting them, and made the hammer 50 centimetres big and started to grind the small fishes and seaweeds.



“it’s getting grinded so well thanks to you both drying it”

Bell and Rain are looking very interestingly.

I tried to warn them not to fall but then I remembered that they can fly, do physical attacks work on spirits in the first place?

ah?, normally they are invisible and can’t be touched, but I can see and touch them, I need to check this later, I’m using a huge hammer during battles, it won’t be laughable if they got hit by that

I kept thinking about what should I check while continuing to grinding with the hammer, if I can attack spirits won’t they consider me a dangerous person?

it will be quite shocking if the spirits abandoned me here, should I keep quiet about that?………  impossible, I will die if I hurt Bell and Rain somehow.

Spirit's Paradise And The Idle Another World Life Chapter 18

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