Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: The Three Queens' Charm

When the Bell of Blessing rang, Yun Que was sitting in the Water G.o.d temple's library and dealing with the research related to Yun Xi.

For the first time, she knew how painful the meaning of "asking for trouble" was. By hook or by crook, she still needed to pay for her actions.

In order to defeat Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, she concocted the "Expansion Plan of A Million Brides", at the same time, she had to help Yun Xi select his brides.

In the past few days, Yun Xi had captured the three High Priestesses' hearts one by one. As for her, she was busy at selecting brides for Yun Xi, which also meant selecting subordinates for herself.

In order to win the three High Priestesses' hearts, Yun Xi had put a great deal of time and effort into it, and she wasn't inferior in any respect. She hadn't slept in a few days.

When the bell rang, she knew the reason much clearer than anyone.

In addition to this, her sensitive ears could even vaguely hear the soft groans amongst the holy bells.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Has he really succeeded?" Yun Que raised her head and looked at the tall tower in surprise. Her sense of hearing was far higher than ordinary people, naturally, she knew who it was.

It was the Caelian Queen, the most honourable human in this city. As a woman who was thought as "unfathomable" in Yun Que's heart, she had also fallen into Yun Hai's arms.

The Lamia Queen had the strongest strength, the Mermaid Queen had the most perfect appearance, and the Caelian Queen had the highest intelligence. Even in Yun Que's eyes, they were a perfect "Golden Triangle".

The Caelian Queen was the youngest one amongst the three Queens, but she was also the most stable and the smartest one. If Yun Que didn't hear her "sounds" with her own ears, she wouldn't believe that such a Queen would fall into that sc.u.mbag , Yun Hai's hands so easily.

"Did I underestimate him? His talent for capturing girl's heart is too formidable!" Yun Que sighed in her heart as she remembered what that b.a.s.t.a.r.d had done to herself.

This world is too unfair!

While the bells echoed in the city, the girls from all over the world all knelt down besides the fountains and prayed to the Water G.o.d.

"Is there no end of it?" Yun Que's eyes were red and bloodshot from working nonstop on her plan. As the bell still rang with no sign of stopping, finally, she cursed in agony.

I know you are soooo awesome, that you can even capture the three Queens' hearts, but, can you stop flaunting it in this manner? Many girls who are listening to the bells are still underage, if they knew the truth about the bells, it would leave a shadow on their lives!

Yun Que had decided to hide this secret in the bottom of her heart forever, however, she still blamed it on Yun Xi.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I won't see him again once I leave this world!

Incidentally, Yun Que had written all "Yun Hai"'s crimes in a black notebook, over seven pages!

"Are you satisfied?" After putting on her white priest robe, the Caelian Queen smiled, looking at Yun Xi's red face with interest.

"Sorry, I was too impulsive." Yun Xi apologized.

"No. That's what I'm here for. I must learn what the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen had done," The Queen said seriously with a straight face.

Yun Xi looked at the Queen with embarra.s.sment. He just taught the Queen a lot of knowledge which she would never find in any books.

The Queen's face also turned red. Compared to Yun Xi, her behavior just now was too immature, like a green olive.

That won't do! Her self-esteem as the strongest human High Priestess let her make up her mind to do what was necessary.

I must learn more knowledge about how to get along well with my lover!

Before this day, all her knowledge about love was from a prohibited book, which she secretly took away from the library: "The Shameless Demon and His One-thousand Daughters".

Reality had proved that the book was indeed useful. However, she was too immature to respond to Yun Xi enthusiastically like the girls in the book.

"Was my body good? I'm not bragging, but I'm called the most beautiful woman in the City of Water!" The Queen asked proudly. The flames in her eyes dazzled Yun Xi's eyes.


It is the strongest human Queen's aura! "Yes, you are perfect!", said Yun Xi.

Even if she just wanted to take revenge on the Mist Tide at the beginning, however, with such a simple obsession, she finally arrived at the end and became the Queen. Her charm had captured Yun Xi's heart.

She was mature and innocent, prideful and cute. The Queen was different from all girls Yun Xi had seen before.

The enthusiastic Lamia Queen.

The jealous Mermaid Queen, who likes to steal other people's lover.

The saintly and innocent Caelian Queen.

For them, I will do my best to save this world!

For the first time, Yun Xi really started to learn how to feel about relations.h.i.+ps in this world.

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 237

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