Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 239

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Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 239: The Water G.o.d's Song

"Under the command of the Water G.o.d's priests, the girls who believe in the Water G.o.d can form a special spell formation called 'the Water G.o.d's Song'."

"If a Water G.o.d's Song was formed by a thousand ordinary girls, then its power would be stronger than most hero ranked monsters. The only shortcoming of this special spell formation is that its members must work in coordination, so they need to practice a lot for it, and if a member died, the special spell formation's power would be greatly reduced."

Yun Que gazed at Yun Xi and continued, "This time, we have a million bride candidates, and the three strongest High Priestesses. Our biggest advantage is: they are immortal in your Mist Soul Army! In this case, the Water G.o.d's Song's biggest shortcoming has been offset. As long as you're not dead, the Water G.o.d's Song won't stop."

Yun Que said with enthusiasm as her eyes brightened up. The girls' bloodlines could resonate with each other, forming a power that was greater than most hero ranked beings'. Yun Que thought, that if she didn't come to the Water G.o.d's world, she would never have imagined its existence.

The Water G.o.d's Song was such a miraculous trump card, which was created to fight against the monsters from the Mist Tide.

In Caelian, there were three standing teams of one thousand priestesses. In peaceful time, they would practice the Water G.o.d's Song together, and when the Mist Tide appeared, they would go to fight the monsters in the Mist Tide.

"Teams of priestesses? Does that mean…" Yun Xi had a guess.

"Yes, the three High Priestesses are the three teams' leaders. It's really a good deal having their support!" Even though she hated Yun Hai's shameless and salacious personality, she had to admit that he did the right thing.

"With their help, we can form a Water G.o.d's Song that is over ten thousand people. It's really good that we have earned their trust."

"So, they are so good…" Yun Xi murmured as he remembered the three Queens faces.

"Are you ready?" Yun Que picked up the portraits on the table. They were the portraits of the most excellent girls Yun Que had specially selected for Yun Xi, who would become the core members of Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army.

Even Yun Que had to admit that the Water G.o.d's world had too many excellent girls. They were the hope and the future of this world!

Again, Yun Que sensed the Water G.o.d's favour in Yun Xi. He really was being loved by the G.o.d and this world.

"Yes, since this is my mission, since I'm the only person who can do it, then, I will shoulder this mission's responsibility and do whatever I can do to save this world!" Yun Xi could see that Side Quest Four was s.h.i.+ning in his Starchild Love System.

To love, Starchild!

To witness and experience this fantastic world, then find the truth.

Only in this case, will you know how to love.

"The plan will start tomorrow." Yun Que put a pile of doc.u.ments in front of Yun Xi. Although she felt sick to do it, she still did her best to help Yun Xi.

For victory, she could agree to Yun Xi's proposal with her true ident.i.ty and become the commander of the Mist Soul Army.

In order to become stronger, she could accept and even make use of this world's ridiculous rules.

"Ah, a million brides! I will try my best." Yun Xi looked through the portraits.

He knew he wasn't really going to marry a million girls. After he finished his quests in this world and left, they would all wake up into the real world and forget the things that happened in this world.

However, Yun Xi wouldn't forget them.

At the very least, they were here now. They were breathing the same air and feeling the same suns.h.i.+ne with him.

He would propose to them tomorrow.

This night, many people wouldn't go to sleep.

In the Lamia Race's cave.

"Our Queen has stolen the Apostle's heart! She is too experienced!"

"I also want to do 'this thing' and 'that thing' with the Apostle!"

"Feya wants to grow up quickly!"

The Lamias chattered. They had made an unanimous decision that tomorrow, they would propose to the Apostle together at the ceremony.

In the Mermaid's palace, a group of Mermaids gathered around the Mermaid Queen and listened to her story with the Apostle.

"Oh, my friends, I'm sorry, but I won't give him to anyone else!"

"We are best friends since our childhoods, but I won't share him with you."

"Forgive me. For love, I can give up anything."

The Mermaids really liked to experience sad love.

Finally, in the Caelian Queen's family.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Our Queen has decided to marry the Apostle."

"Our Queen is the G.o.d's priestess. If our G.o.d wants to see 'that future', then our Queen must respond to the Apostle's expectations."

"The most honorable Apostle has appeared. You all know what that means."

"All Elizabethans, play your cards right."

"The Water G.o.d's Song will never stop."

Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 239

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