Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 401

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 401

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: Luiswu

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Chapter 401: Clutch Goal

Amongst all the top 10 chess players, apparently, Black Mage wasn’t the strongest. His wisdom was far inferior to Norn the G.o.d of Wisdom and his attack power was far inferior to Orfina the Ruby Dragon.

However, he was the only 4 star points chess player who could withstand Orfina’s attack.

His style of playing Star Go was “weird”.

No one knew what the layout of his chess pieces was and how he would launch his attack, because they didn’t exist from the beginning.

He was good at the layout of the middle chess pieces, dragging everything on the chessboard into the realm of chaos. Even Orfina was cheated by his tricks more than once.

Black Mage believed that even Norn fell into his trap, he wouldn’t have any chance to escape.

Unfortunately, Norn never fell into his trap. Norn’s style was too stable, and his computing power was strong. When coming to direct confrontation, he had no chance to win.

However, Norn the G.o.d of Wisdom was just an exception. Even if it was Duck Rome, once he failed to stop him, Black Mage would drag the entire layout of the chess pieces into chaos.

Once he created confusion, muddying the waters, he had a thousand methods to kill his enemy!

The star map he made in the real world was called “Sea of Chaos”, there were thousands of small meteorites moving around in the “sea”. By observing the chaotic meteorites, he learned his own road of stars.

He didn’t think that he would fail this time.

At the 60th rounds, his chess pieces had been indented with his opponent’s chess pieces together, and this was the situation he wanted to see on the chessboard.

Even if it was Norn the G.o.d of Wisdom, he would have headaches facing this situation.

“Chaos” was the truth of the world in his eyes!

“Pa!” In the eyes of Black Mage, he had seen the trace of countless stars being destroyed. It was his “ko”, his invisible killing method.

After putting down 7 more chess pieces, Black Mage’s proud “ko” finally formed.

It was a hexagram taking a black chess piece as the core, it was Black Mage’s strongest attack, Black Death Hexagram.

The star map was covered with the air of death, the hexagram on the chessboard stood for the end of all things.

“Revive, the undead…” Behind Black Mage’s cold cloak, a shadow with a black sickle and a white bone mask appeared, staring at a corner of the chessboard.

The game is over. Once the Black Death Hexagram appeared, even Black Mage himself couldn’t stop it.

A long abyss appeared and divided Cyber Elf Alpha’s chess pieces into two parts.

“One… two… three… four…” In the face of Black Mage’s strongest attack, Cyber Elf Alpha leisurely put down a chess piece.

“What?” Black Mage was surprised.

One, two, three, four! Four hexagrams with different colours surrounded his black hexagram!

Green hexagram stood for the power of wind.

Yellow hexagram stood for the power of earth.

Red hexagram stood for the power of fire.

Blue hexagram stood for the power of sea.

The four hexagrams surrounded his black hexagram. To be precise, the reason that the four hexagrams could form was because of his black hexagram!

“Four elements, Elf Phenomenon…” Cyber Elf Alpha waved her hands, Black Mage’s black hexagram was swallowed by her four hexagrams. Over 60% of his chess pieces turned into ashes too at the same time.

Black Mage was defeated!

When had she found my purpose?

Before the 50th rounds, even he himself didn’t know where his Black Death Hexagram would form!

This was the reason why it was called the “Sea of Chaos”, because even he himself didn’t know what his next plan was.

Most people would be defeated before opportunity appeared. Because he was good at catching the chance, he could reach 4 star points.

He never expected that he would be defeated by his opponent by using his style!

She predicted his moves and used his trap to set a big trap, how strong her computing power was!

Her computing power was far stronger than him, her Star Go Strength was much better than his!

Maybe even when the plan of setting the Black Death Hexagram just appeared in his brains, his failure was already doomed.

He had been defeated 30 rounds ago!

“How can it be true… how can your computing power be so strong…” Black Mage looked at the chessboard in shock and disbelief.

From 30 rounds ago, she had predicted this future, this meant that her computing power was hundreds of times stronger than his!

As a legend ranked mage who dominated ten G.o.d’s domains, Black Mage’s mental strength was far above the average, but now, Cyber Elf Alpha computing power was hundreds of times stronger than his?

She herself was stronger than hundreds of legend ranked beings?

No, it’s impossible. Even to Norn, the G.o.d of Wisdom, it was impossible to reach this degree!

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 401

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