Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 406

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage - Chapter 406

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Chapter 406: Different Tengen

A Dragon was a kind of long-lived creature.

Orfina was a rare “starlight” dragon, the ruby that Yasha the Dragon G.o.d bred in person, the starlight dragon princess.

Although she was still small, due to her elegant, beautiful dragon body and rare starlight type, she was the pride of the dragon race since the first day of her birth. She and Mumu Salabert the White Holy Dragon were called the twin stars of the dragon race.

Casina the Battle G.o.d was Orfina’s best friend, they once formed an adventure team, adventuring together.

Casina was the striker, defeating their enemies using her excellent martial arts; Orfina was the defender, eliminating their enemies using her special gem magic.

They were the best friends who told each other their secrets, and the confidantes who once slept on the same bed. To Orfina, Casina was special in her heart.

Casina’s character was careless, and this was the point that Orfina liked.

Because of their long life, most dragons had no interest in any humans. After all, apart from legend ranked humans, even the lives of hero ranked humans were short in their eyes. Maybe they just went to sleep, then after they woke up, their human friends had died.

Just like most dragons, Orfina also liked to sleep, however, she had a special avatar. When her true body slept in the Emerald Dream, she could use her avatar to travel around the world.

Meeting with Casina was her happiest occasion within the last one thousand years.

She clearly remembered Casina’s height, weight and even the size of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, so she would never mistake her with anyone else.

The mysterious person whose code name was “A Cloud in the Sky” was undoubtedly her best friend, Casina!

The immortal Battle G.o.d, whose hobby was dancing, the holder of the Sands of Time, Casina the Sky Sword!

“No, you got the wrong person!” Yun Xi shook his head and firmly denied.

Even if the “ruby princess” was really Teacher Casina’s best friend, he wouldn’t admit it!

It’s a secret!

“Ho ho, why are you still pretending…” Orfina smiled and covered her mouth. Yes, this is her, Casina’s special character! What a liar!

“Yes, I don’t make mistakes. If I’m wrong, it’s the fault of the world!”

“I’m not wrong! If everyone thinks that I’m wrong, I will correct the view of everyone!”

“If the world doesn’t accept me, then I will change the world!”

This was Casina, the sixth Sky Sword, the legend who ruled the Battle G.o.d’s Champions.h.i.+p Contest!

But, when did she start to play Star Go?

Orfina remembered that she taught Casina the rules of Star Go before, but she had no interest in it and even fell asleep when she listened to her lessons. She didn’t even remember the basic rules of Star Go!

Orfina felt sorry for her, because Star Go was her favorite game, the stage she could challenge almost all the sophists in the endless G.o.d’s domains.

Her code name “Ruby Princess” was well-known by almost all Star Go players. After all, apart from Norn the G.o.d of Wisdom, everyone was defeated by her more than once.

“Black Mage” thought that his “Sea of Chaos” could restrain her attack, what idiotic nonsense that was!

When she played with Black Mage, she knew all the tricks he was playing. However, she still chose to face the tricks with her strongest attack, breaking all the obstacles in front of her.

“I will break all obstacles. No matter who my opponent is, G.o.d or demon, it doesn’t matter!”

“I look forward to the battle, I’m eager for the battle, only the battle can let my blood burn.”

“March forward courageously is forever the style of my chess pieces!”

Orfina looked at her opponent with curiosity after confirming that it was Casina.

She didn’t remember if Casina played Star Go before, but there was already 1 star point above her head, which meant that Casina had achieved 10 victories in a row, becoming one of the top 100 Star Go players.

Is she really the Casina I know?

The invisible Battle G.o.d started to play Star Go?

Orfina felt strange. It wasn’t Casina’s style at all!

“You go first, I give up.” As Casina’s “predecessor” of Star Go, Orfina gave up the guessing odd and even game and let Casina play first.

Is it fine? Looking at the 5 star points above the Ruby Princess’ head, Yun Xi wondered. She was undoubtedly the strongest opponent he had ever met after coming to the Starry Sky Chessboard.

Referred to the game of Go in the real world, 5 star points meant that she was an expert of Star Go, and Yun Xi could feel the strong sense of self-confidence from the Ruby Princess.

Her atmosphere was far stronger than Black Mage, which could only be cultivated after countless victories.

The game started, a fiery-red star map appeared on the chessboard.

Yun Xi was slightly surprised.

“What a beautiful star map!” Orfina praised looking at the star map.

Interpreting the secrets of stars using a star map, it was an overwhelming masterpiece to Orfina the Ruby Dragon!

“The fire is burning. The sun comes up in the east, there is a tree called Fuso…” Yun Xi’s hand subconsciously picked up a chess piece and put it onto the center of the chessboard.

“Tengen?” Orfina felt both funny and annoyed.

“Casina, I remember when I taught you the rules of Star Go, I told you that you shouldn’t put your first chess piece onto tengen.”

“Putting your first chess piece onto tengen is equal to giving up your upper hand advantage, it’s common sense!”

“If you put down your first chess piece there, you will need to calculate the situation on the entire chessboard from the beginning. It isn’t a wise choice.”

Yun Xi looked up at the “Ruby Princess” in confusion.

Why? The most terrible “ko” is lurking in this position.

It was a shadow with a pair of fiery-red wings, flying above the thirty-three heavens. It was the absolute dominator of this star map!

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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 406

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