Stolen Love Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 – Cooperation

Standing behind Qi Mo, Red Falcon, Yellow Falcon, and Li Hu exchanged glances with each other. Jiao Wen's Mother Feiyusi has as much power as Jiao Wen inside the Mafia, and it’s no secret that they are utterly incompatible with one another. But to drag the Qi Clan into this only serves to demonstrate Feiyusi's ignorance.

Seeing Qi Mo's composed face with his finger steadily knocking at the wine gla.s.s in his hand, Jiao Wen succinctly explained the facts around this circ.u.mstance. He and Qi Mo have been cooperating for many years now, so he has long known that this movement of his represents he is furious, and once Qi Mo is truly angry, anyone could be his target regardless of who they were. Everybody would suffer.

Besides, it was his side that made a mistake this time.

He raised his brows and said, "Qi, you are going to be responsible for handling the case this time. Anything that you need, I’ll provide all of it for you. And all the profit from it belongs to you."

This is a considerable concession to be made. Qi Mo's forces will not be employed, as Jiao Wen forces will be used. In other words, as Jiao Wen's men are the ones going to the front lines, Qi Mo won’t need to suffer any losses within his power. And this deal with the Middle East has a vast list of items, meaning that the profits can be said to be an exorbitant price, so high that buying a few small countries would represent no problem at all. And yet, Jiao Wen will simply give it away.

Red Falcon suddenly raised his brows and, looking at Jiao Wen, he briefly said without showing any emotions,

"You want our help to get rid of Feiyusi."

The corners of Jiao Wen's mouth slowly formed a beautiful smile, yet, his eyes betrayed the cruel and ruthless wolf inside him. He unhurriedly said, "No. I’m sending my profits only to express my apologies to Qi for this occurrence. But was Feiyusi who provoked the Head of the Qi Clan, she was the one who committed the mistake. Qi, I believe that a unified Mafia will be a much better partner to cooperate with you."

Although it was not stated, the meaning of his words was unmistakable. Li Xin was all along engrossed in filling up her stomach, but his words made her head drop while lifting the corners of her mouth. Ruthless. Really too cruel.

"Have the goods already been dispatched?" Qi Mo coldly asked. He didn’t want to bother with the Feiyusi's issue.

Jiao Wen nodded, "The goods were sent this morning, and they will need ten days to arrive at the Middle East. If we cut everything that can give us some time advantage, we get seven days altogether.”

Qi Mo kept silent and in an instant, held Li Xin to stand up, coldly saying, "I want every information about Feiyusi, and give me the best workforce you have. As for you, stay available at all times." After finis.h.i.+ng talking, he turned around and walked out.

Jiao Wen smiled frivolously while getting up and loudly replied, "Yes, Qi."

Outside Jiao Wen's living room, Qi Mo and the others directly enter the luxurious rooms that Jiao Wen prepared for several people. Li Xin noticed that there wasn’t even a shadow of other people in there. She raised her brows and looked at Qi Mo whose whole body was continuously emitting an icy air, making her face change for a few times.

"If you have something to say, go ahead." Qi Mo frowned and coldly admonished her when he saw Li Xin's appearance of wanting to speak but also not wanting to say it.

Li Xin ma.s.saged the s.p.a.ce between her brows and said, "Why help Jiao Wen? A unified Mafia it’s not a good thing."

When her voice fell, Red Falcon and the others immediately looked at her.

She raised her brows saying, "Forget it. Treat as if I didn’t say anything." She then moved towards Qi Mo, walking in the direction of her room.

It’s not her malicious idea, but rather, is that at the moment a force splits up, it doesn’t represent a threat anymore. Once it’s unified, it will probably be an enormous menace. Li Xin's knowledge of this is profound, as she loves to research China’s historical records. And Qi Mo, who is seated upon such a high position, is naturally clear about these reasonings. Now they are partners, but afterwards, when the other side is ready to spread their wings, it’s possible they won’t be one anymore. Qi Mo should be quite clear about those things for his att.i.tude be so resolute. Rather than Li Xin say she's mindful, it's better to say she is full of curiosity. She's curious to know why is it that such an unfeeling guy like Qi Mo will help Jiao Wen?

Qi Mo kept looking at Li Xin's back view and didn't speak. He also didn't prevent her from leaving. This business is a vicious one, and it's better not to allow Li Xin to partic.i.p.ate in it.

Returning to her bedroom, she was met with the room’s interior br.i.m.m.i.n.g everywhere a romantic Italian atmosphere. Every nook and cranny was decorated in such a way, truly drawing out the romance in one's heart, also being referred to as a soft feeling. She couldn't help but raise her brows. To be able to see such a style at the Mafia's headquarters, it honestly isn't what she had imagined.

However, the handgun that was freely laying on top of the table made Li Xin somewhat feel the taste of being in this place. She nevertheless distinguished that it was a fake one. What a d.a.m.ned weird style. Putting such a real-looking pistol as an ornament is indeed a perfect fit.

Regardless, after Li Xin bathed and changed to clean clothes, she fell into the soft bed and immersed herself into a long sleep. Being able to sleep is indeed a blessing because it's so rare that Qi Mo didn't call for her to serve him.

"En" While sleeping, she felt her body being overturned and pressed. The pressure felt like a mountain was weighing down at her body. Li Xin slightly opened her half-asleep, half-awake eyes. It was Qi Mo's sleeping habit of embracing her. Such a situation can only be Qi Mo who came. How heavy.

Opening her eyes she could see Qi Mo's head resting at the side of her face, his arm lying across her chest and her legs being firmly locked inside his bent legs. Li Xin could not contain her disdainful look from cropping up. A human-shaped bolster, she cannot move on her own. She's been liable to such a pitiful status.

When she was feeling tipsy and ready to go back to sleep, Qi Mo's low and cold voice abruptly sounded near her ear, "Jiao Wen and I know each other for eleven years. He is the Mafia's legitimate heir, and I am the Qi Clan's illegitimate child. For many years, we have experienced a number o things together. Jiao Wen has saved my life and has helped me quite a lot. I wouldn't be able to sit in today's position if it wasn't for Jiao Wen's achievements."

Li Xin immediately opened her eyes fully. Looking at the side of Qi Mo's calm face that showed no trace of expression, and with both eyes closed, made it seem like he didn’t speak anything a moment ago, but instead, it was another person talking.

With just a few simple sentences, he told her about his relations.h.i.+p with Jiao Wen and why he will help him. This was his explanation to her.

Blinking her eyes, Li Xin was slightly surprised as she looked at Qi Mo. She has never imagined that Qi Mo was an illegitimate child. How is it possible for him to sit in such a position when he was an illegitimate child in the Qi Clan? Looking at the outline of Qi Mo's facial features that were as hard as iron, Li Xin suddenly understood why Qi Mo was so cold, so brutal, so ruthless and so powerful. Inside a century-old clan like the Qi Clan, wanting to lift your head up and stand high above, must have a price to be paid that ordinary people can never imagine. And yet, Qi Mo came out from it with such status, what he must have paid is something that she is incapable of envisioning.

She faintly sighted without any reason. At the moment, Li Xin wasn't feeling even a tiny bit of sleepness. Looking across Qi Mo, at the window behind him, she was surprised to see that the darkness had already enveloped the day. Her stomach suddenly grumbled. Not good. The call from her stomach made Li Xin feel that her hungriness would soon starve her to death. How she missed eating her lunch and dinner.

As a consequence, she had to shake Qi Mo. With her whole face trying to fawn over him, she said, "I'm hungry."

There was no movement nor sound. Li Xin raised her brows. She gently pushed Qi Mo but was useless. She had to put more energy into it. Useless again. She made an even greater effort this time and was still hopeless. Li Xin then exerted all her strength. In the end, she ended up being as good as an ant, not having budged Qi Mo in the slightest.

Li Xin said out loud with a resentful voice, "I am hungry. I must have a meal."

Hi there. For those who were the first ones to read chapter 47, Madam Si is Madam Feiyusi. I may have jumped her name and wrote just the Si part sry

Stolen Love Chapter 48

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