Stolen Love Chapter 53

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I'm not sure if you know what "Don’t lie with your eyes wide open" means, so I'll just write here some synonyms = don't tell a story that it's already known to be a lie; don't lie through your teeth; tell a bare-faced lie.

Chapter 53 – Police

Qi Mo and the others were heading towards the vehicles parked at the side when an alarm noise sounded in the distance and was rapidly approaching them. A succession of police cars s.h.i.+ned with dazzling lights in the midst of the night, and their objective was undoubtedly to rush towards their side. Li Xin suddenly halted her steps to look over. However, Qi Mo and Jiao Wen didn’t even have the tiniest change in their expression as they walked straight to the cars.

Yellow Falcon was following Qi Mo together with Li Xin. Seeing Li Xin's face full of curiosity and amazement as she stood at the back to look at the police cars that were fastly approaching, he couldn’t help but to slightly raise his brows and say, "Hurry up. What’s the benefit in looking at it."

Li Xin immediately looked from the side of her eye and saw that Qi Mo had already stopped in front of the vehicle, his whole face was cold as he watched her. At the other side, Jiao Wen had already entered in another car and was sitting inside of it. Her brows involuntarily raised, and, as she walked towards Qi Mo, she also observed the numerous police cars rus.h.i.+ng over to them.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t know when such a big row of vehicles parked at the spot to where the police cars were hastily going. At this moment, Red Falcon's whole face was expressionless as he dashed to negotiate with the policemen. That row of vehicles obstructed the road from the police, momentarily blocking all of the cars from rus.h.i.+ng over to them. And at their side, the brightly lit cars hadn’t begun to move. The light brightly illuminated the orderly operation at the center of the airplane which didn't present any signs of growing alarmed nor hasten, it’s fast-speed remained with no changes.

"Stop. Don't enter the car. Don't move."

A loud shout was directed at them. The person who appeared to be a cop jumped over the line of many vehicles and raced towards Qi Mo, running and yelling those words.

Li Xin could not help but kindly step aside, making way for the incoming figure and enabling this person to effectively speed in Qi Mo’s direction without any obstacle. She wanted to see the confrontation between this arms’ dealer and that cop, what kind of spark will emerge from it.

"Don’t move. Speak, what are you all doing? What about the airplane? The military airplane?" Porting a fearless bearing, he pa.s.sed through Li Xin's side in a flash, pressing straight towards Qi Mo.

Qi Mo looked over, but that arrogant cop didn’t enter his eyes. He furrowed his brows as he coldly looked at Li Xin. Li Xin knew that, just now, Qi Mo definitely saw through her action. She kept a calm and composed appearance but couldn’t hold back a small laugher as she sped up her pace towards Qi Mo

"Mr Police officer, mind your language. Don’t lie with your eyes wide open ."

Standing at Qi Mo's side, Li Hu had a gentle smile on his face, but his tone and words were dryly expressed, not matching in the least with the kind of mild expression he was showing.

Li Xin hurriedly walked to Qi Mo's side and noticed that the appearance of this policeman was unexpectedly very young, looking to be in his twenties, with a baby-face that certainly didn’t fit his age. This baby-face was the person who surprisingly dared to make demands and yell at Qi Mo. Li Xin felt a profound admiration at this.

That baby-face swept a quick glance at the center of the golf course. The lights from the vehicles brightly illuminated the center where, at this time, no traces of the plane could be seen, only a vacant s.p.a.ce remained in there. Li Xin followed the baby-face’s line of vision, and at the sight of it, she had no choice but to admire Qi Mo's means. The whole amount of time that had pa.s.sed, from deplaning up until walking towards here, was perhaps no more than ten minutes. The large-sized military airplane disappearing during this frame of time and right before their eyes was a scene that seemed to come straight out from a movie screen.

"Speak. Where did you guys hide the plane? We had been chasing it since the time it entered our city, and we watched as it landed over here. How is it possible to have disappeared?" Baby-face saw that the plane vanished and couldn't help but feel outraged* while he raised the same uproar towards Qi Mo.

Li Hu's expression immediately turned frigid as he coldly said, "What is the purpose of your eyes? An airplane, you don't mean to say that we were able to hide away such a huge thing, do you? Stop disturbing us. An insignificant policeman surprisingly dared to break into our private location. If you don't have an inspection warrant, don't blame us for being rude.

Qi Mo saw that Li Xin had walked over to his side, and coldly glanced at the baby-face, ignoring him and walking away to get in the car. People from this type of rank don't even have the qualifications to look at him. To acknowledge this kind of people is equivalent to diminish his status. At the moment, he has an even more important matter that must be handled and don't have the mood to pay attention to the racked from these small fry.

Upon hearing this, baby-face quickly stretched out his hand to capture Qi Mo while he said with an angry voice, "Speak. Who are you guys? The aircraft for military use, two of them have already flown here. We haven't received any diplomatic communication. Who are you guys after all? You……"

"I'm warning you, it's best to have evidence in hands before speaking of something. We don't have that much time to accompany you at playing this catch-thief type of game."

Li Hu reached out his hands with a lightning speed, succeeding in capturing baby-face’s wrist and bending it. A single cracking sound was heard, and baby-face’s wrist was dislocated by Li Hu.

"If you have a search warrant you can come here and search. If you don't have, then get lost."

Yellow Falcon stood behind baby-face. His whole face was icy as he spoke at the same time that Li Hu twisted and dislocated baby-face's wrist, and then rapidly stretched his hand to seize baby-face's neck, lifting him up and throwing him away.

Qi Mo indifferently sat inside the car and raised his brows as he looked at the radiant Li Xin. Li Xin b.u.mped into Yellow Falcon and immediately received Qi Mo's gaze, promptly giving a small laugher as she brightly smiled and proceeded to take her seat.

"I’ll accuse you of a.s.saulting a police officer. You all……"

"This mister, for such an emergency, we are qualified to shoot first and ask questions later. At the moment, we want to search your golf course, if you resist, we will treat you all as spies and arrest you for invasion charges. If none of you resists, then I request your cooperation. Otherwise, we are going to put forth the charges of hindering the police search, disrupting the police’s vision and harbouring suspicious elements, then carry out the arrest of everyone in here."

Baby-face's words were not yet completed when a calm voice suddenly came through. Li Xin went to the car’s window to look and saw a young man of approximately thirty years old, wearing a round frame gold and appearing to be exceptionally cool-headed and astute. He helped baby-face get up from the ground and coldly spoke towards Yellow Falcon.

"If you cannot search for anything, by what means you will make us confess? You must not have forgotten that you have already searched here once. If you cannot find anything this time, even if you guys are from the National Security Agency, you can’t blame me for not giving any face."

Yellow Falcon didn’t answer, he directly opened de car’s door and sat in the front seat. She didn’t know when Red Falcon had walked towards them, but his whole face showed hostility as he spoke with a peremptory tone.

"If we can’t search, we will…"

Sitting at the driver’s seat, Li Hu didn’t understand the negotiations between the golden-eyes and Red Falcon. The vehicle started to move with a fast speed, tossing baby-face and golden-eyes further and further away from the car’s back. Li Xin raised her brows as she watched this. Now she understands what it’s called a true arrogance.

The several cars haven't gone much far, completely disregarding the people from the Security Bureau that were seated at the lounge of the golf course. Jiao Wen didn't wait for Qi Mo start talking, he immediately sent the full text from the dialogue. Qi Mo listened to it and slightly frowned, being quiet for one second and suddenly sweeping a glance at Li Xin.

* the exact meaning here would be: be shamed into anger; became angry out of embarra.s.sment; fly into a rage from shame. This expression doesn’t permit much freedom to modifications, so I used the word ‘outraged’ on its place.

Ps: In the last chapter, I noticed that I wrote 'tape recorder' in the first paragraph; I changed to the 'right meaning’ – recorder chip – later on, I say the 'right meaning' because the translation isn't wrong, but was wrong to write 'tape recorder' in that context, since she was talking about a very technological device ^^  

Stolen Love Chapter 53

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