Stolen Love Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 – Lecture or Concern

Li Xin suddenly laughed and smiled as she looked at Qi Mo. Her body was still wearing the attire that was as ragged as a beggar’s clothes. Now that Qi Mo got the chance to take a look at her, his expression faintly twitched, making her realize that she has yet to change from those garments. What a grave blunder. She thought that Qi Mo would overlook this for he had briefly paused, but noticing that his brows had furrowed was an obvious indication of his disapproval. She couldn’t help but force a smile as she looked back at Qi Mo.

Qi Mo's eyebrows had a small crease, and his eyes were filled with a cold look as he stared at Li Xin. Suddenly, he stretched his hand to pull Li Xin's hand and saw that, in the middle of her palm, there was a small mark seeping out blood. He said with a heavy tone, "Is this what you are capable of?"

Li Xin was stumped by the question that was suddenly voiced by Qi Mo. Seeing the coldness revealed inside his eyes and sensing the faint anger coming out from his body, Li Xin was at a loss as she said, "What do you mean? Haven’t I helped you? I can let it pa.s.s you not rewarding me, but how can you act so violently?"

Li Hu was at the backside of Qi Mo's body and immediately rolled his eyes. Yellow Falcon who initially had a composed face, couldn't help but silently shake his head while noiselessly moving his mouth several times in her direction from the diagonally opposite seat. Jiao Wen knows that Li Hu and Yellow Falcon have always listened to Qi Mo and have never put other people in their eyes, but who would have thought that they could be this moral and virtuous when facing Li Xin. Jiao Wen couldn't help but sit on the opposite side laughing.

After she looked askance to Yellow Falcon who was saying something towards her, Li Xin immediately started to perspire a lot. Meeting with Qi Mo's eyes that were even frostier, and sensing that the force that gripped her hands had faintly increased, her face involuntarily s.h.i.+fted into a miserable and pitiful appearance while she raised her hand in front of Qi Mo’s face and said, "That old woman's movement was too fast. Boss, I sustained an injury for your sake."

Yellow Falcon hadn’t lied, she hasn’t understood that Qi Mo's abrupt question was about her wound. Qi Mo was unexpectedly concerned about a person. Li Xin thought it was more plausible for the sky to collapse than for this to truly happen, even if it was taking place right in front of her eyes.

Qi Mo icily stared at Li Xin's miserable expression, and his countenance turned cold as his hands forcefully pinched Li Xin's hand until it twisted, making her cry out from the incurring pain.

"You don’t have the ability to cope with an old woman, and returns the injury to me. Such fine skills.” Qi Mo's anger was being vaguely perceived at the beginning, but it immediately erupted as soon as Li Xin talked. Gripping Li Xin's hand with even greater force, his whole face showed a furious expression.

Li Xin didn’t think that Qi Mo was worried about the condition of her injury. She was shocked when she saw Yellow Falcon's lips moving and understood its meaning, but right now, Li Xin wasn’t shocked anymore. If Qi Mo had used tender words to comfort her, she would probably be roaring with laughter.  

"I didn’t pay attention and didn’t realize she was going to step on me." Li Xin suddenly felt that her ability to endure pain was greatly enhanced. Being pinched by Qi Mo, she didn’t know if the numbness was coming from the pain or not. As it wasn’t as painful as before, she had clenched her teeth and gave an answer.

As soon as Qi Mo heard it, his face darkened even further. Facing Li Xin with a gloomy look, he spoke p.r.o.nouncing every word, "You didn’t pay attention. If you are telling me you haven’t taken any notice, what is the use of your eyes and ears?"

"I…I…" Li Xin saw that Qi Mo's expression was alarmingly chilly and couldn’t help but stutter for a long time without speaking another word. Before she figures out what Qi Mo's opinion really was, it was better not to speak as well.

Qi Mo saw that Li Xin's eyes were filled with grievances, this act of hers of having received a great injustice made him feel even more furious. At that very moment, he flung Li Xin and said with an enraged face, "Take her to the Dark Prison."

Li Xin was forcefully thrown by Qi Mo, being hurled directly towards Li Hu's side. Li Hu hastened his foot to block Li Xin's body, not letting her fall. Li Xin heard that Qi Mo would actually do such a thing, going as far as wanting to send her to the concentration camp that it's under Jiao Wen's control. Not caring anymore if Qi Mo is angry or not, she immediately shouted, "I'm not going, I'll die if I go."

"To die, do you still know you can die? Not being on guard for a few times, you won't go to the Dark Prison, you will die. Take her out and tomorrow send her away. If you want to die, you cannot make me lose face." Qi Mo seemed to be extremely angry, not even giving Li Xin the chance to speak up.

Li Xin's expression changed, and the desire to fight came upon her. At her rear, Li Hu grabbed the back of her clothes and immediately walked away, not allowing Li Xin to resist.

Jiao Wen saw all this and couldn’t help give a faint smile. It turned out that Li Xin wanted to enrich her experiences at the Dark Prison for a reason. It's no wonder that Qi Mo's feelings over here have threatened Li Xin.

"Your many years experiencing renown were all wasted, why haven't you even learned to observe a person’s words and expressions? For what reason did you argue with the Head this time?" Li Hu quickly pulled Li Xin outside the door towards a place where there were no people and immediately turned to look at Li Xin with a helpless face.

Li Xin's beautiful arched brows raised in anger as she said, "I’m not arguing. I’ve done nothing wrong, why must I be sent to the Dark Prison? What is his reason?"

Li Hu looked at Li Xin's angry face and was in a bad mood as he said, "What do you know? Are you aware that not paying attention on the road will cost your life? Today you had the good fortune to have Boss Wen together with you. How can the other party not dare to touch you? If in the future you don't have the Head or someone else with you, what sort of end will you have in being so inattentive?

If those people who ran into you today were your enemies who wish to have your life, would you still have any chance to be here right now? That foot that stepped on you, if it was replaced by a knife or a gun, can you say what outcome you would have? Negligence is a word that must not exist in our lives.

We live our lives inside the underworld, we must be cautious, and we must be careful. Have sharp eyes and keen ears are not enough, we still must be careful, more careful, and even more careful. If we don’t pay attention to something, if there is one thing we don't take notice of, I don't know how many times we would have died since a long time ago. But you are still able to be so careless."

Li Xin heard Li Hu's opinion and was immediately stupefied. She hasn't thought about such circ.u.mstances as she didn't need to be this careful on the former days. Li Hu saw Li Xin staring blankly and couldn't refrain from sighting as he said, "Today, the Boss has lectured you and got angry, wasn't it all for your own good? If it was another person, do you think that the Boss would be this angry? Would he express such fury? I originally thought you were quite clever, so how could you be this foolish?"

Li Xin initially had a face full of rage, but after listening to Li Hu's considerations, she calmed down and couldn't help but grit her teeth without saying anything. Li Hu shook his head and said, "The Boss is a person who is not concerned about others, and doesn't know how to be concerned about others. Even towards those on our side, there's absolutely no difference. I've thought that after following the Boss for such a period, you would have at least comprehended this.

Li Xin extended her hand to rub the s.p.a.ce between her brows and said in a low voice, "Even if I'm wrong, the Overlord can't throw me into the Dark Prison! Isn’t this asking for my life?"

When Li Hu saw Li Xin's reaction to him, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows and smile as he said, "You are still as mad as h.e.l.l. If you have or not the capacity to go through the Dark Prison, the Boss understands it clearly in his mind. This time served only to give you a warning and make you be alert in the future when you must not behave so carelessly,

However, it is not to demand your life that you would go to the Dark Prison. The Dark Prison is a place that toughens people up, if you can come out from there, carelessness will be a word that won’t have any connection with you for all your lifetime. Even if later on you provoke someone you shouldn't offend, or if other people want to put their grudges with the Boss on you and wish to harm you, it will depend if they really have the capacity. This is for your sake, after all, the ability is grown in your body and in your life. We and the Boss are all capable to protect you, but it's not as good as you being capable of protecting yourself."    

Li Xin listened until this point and couldn't help but blink her eyes. Turning sideways to look inside the brightly lit lounge to where she could see Qi Mo creasing his brows as he talked to Jiao Wen. She raised her eyebrows and smiled as she said in a low voice, "To protect, it seems that after I encounter Overlord Qi, I’m the one who’s covering him."

Li Hu saw that Li Xin's entire face held a smile, so he let out a laugh as he shook his head saying, "Ok. You are a lucky star for us and for the Boss, alright? I’ll call someone to take you down for a rest.”

Li Xin knows that if it were not for Qi Mo's command, Li Hu would never dare to make decisions on his own. She was presently feeling quite happy in her heart as she said, "I still haven't had a meal. No breakfast, lunch or dinner. I haven't eaten anything yet."

Li Hu was suddenly dumbfounded as he said, "Your meaning is that Boss Wen didn't give you any food to eat, isn't it?" Seeing Li Xin's whole face smiling as she looked at him, Li Hu waved his hand for a person at the same time that he said, "It'll soon be ready for you. A woman who only knows how to eat, I don't know how could the Boss feel that you are special."

Li Xin was beaming as she looked towards the hall to glance at the frowning Qi Mo. Let today’s matter be settled, for it was her who was careless. Qi Mo and Li Hu had spoken right, with carefulness, you could sail for thousands of years. Good luck is bound to be used up one day. True capacity and careful behavior are the things she must rely on the most.    

Hi there, I had a lot of things to do last week so I could not find the time to translate this chapter – and this one was a bit longer, otherwise, I would have finished it yesterday ^^

Stolen Love Chapter 54

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