Stolen Love Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 – Powerful Allies (1)

Having eaten to her heart’s content, Li Xin's tired and languid appearance was swept away, making her extremely lively. Through the window, she saw the people on the flat ground outside silent and calmly communicating back and forth. The lights from the vehicles weren't on, but even so, there was a sequence of round trips while the sound of a propeller was being heard arriving from afar. In the sky, two helicopters could be seen descending.

After having seen Jiao Wen's military aircraft, Li Xin feels that there is nothing else that can surprise her. It’s merely two helicopters; rich people are all able to buy them, not to mention Qi Mo and Jiao Wen who don't even know the meaning of money. To them, those things are nothing more than small toys.

Looking at the police cars winding away in the distance, Li Xin couldn’t help but gently shake her head. Due to her career being a line of work that it’s on the illegal side, she doesn’t have any good feelings towards the policemen who were such a meticulous existence. Watching the faraway police cars departing, Li Xin was sure that they hadn’t found anything. If Qi Mo weren't even able to deal with this kind of matter, it wouldn't be possible for him to securely sit on the Overlord’s position inside the underworld for so many years.

She was about to withdraw her sight when she saw from the corner of the eye two people hurriedly coming out from the helicopters. Although there was some distance between them, that location happened to have a good illumination, and she was coincidentally at the highest place in the field, so she could successfully take into view everything that happened as those two people came out from the helicopters. One person had the whole body dressed in some awkward casual clothes, and the other one was, surprisingly, fully dressed in a military uniform. Li Xin's eyebrows raised up as she saw that Red Falcon was taking those two towards the lounge. She couldn't hide the astonishment and the sparkle inside her eyes as she slipped away from the room without wasting any more time, running towards the lounge where Qi Mo and Jiao Wen awaited.

"Head Qi, Master Wen, what do you mean with this?"

Li Xin ran all the way over, as soon as she was outside the door seeking a place to stay put, she heard an angry voice coming from there.

"Come out."

What was heard wasn't a response from Qi Mo or Jiao Wen voices, but only the remarkably cold voice from Qi Mo, so cold that it made those who heard it want to run away from it.

Li Xin, who was hiding outside, immediately touched her nose and raised her head, not knowing since when Yellow Falcon had already been standing in front of her. Li Xin raised her brows in surprise; if that person was aware that it was her, why force her to go inside?

Yellow Falcon saw that it was Li Xin and couldn’t help but give her a supercilious look, motioning with his head for her to go inside while, at the same time, taking the lead to enter the room.

Li Xin then shrugged her shoulders, she’s not that much of an inquisitive person, but when the rare chance comes where her interest to eavesdrop is aroused, she will not let it pa.s.s. It seems she really has a thief's mind, but such a petty thief behavior it honestly doesn't suit her. Tidying up her clothes, she followed Yellow Falcon into the room.

Qi Mo saw Li Xin entering and glanced at her with a hard look. To actually be stealthily listening to them, it really made him lose face. Li Xin noticed that Qi Mo's eyes revealed a vicious gleam as he looked at her, and although his expression was cold, he didn't have a murderous air around him. She immediately raised the corners of her lips, showing a smile towards Qi Mo's direction. Obediently standing behind Qi Mo, her brows raised up when she looked towards those two people who had picked her interest.

She was surprised when she saw them sitting diagonally across from Qi Mo and Jiao Wen, both men didn't appear to be very old, but they also weren't young. The two should be between their forties and fifties. The one with the military uniform had a face that exuded a great mightiness, and, as this time the lights were at very close proximity, it allowed her to see them both clearly. Li Xin couldn't help but be inwardly surprised, this one was an official with the rank of a general, what a prominent status this man had. Sitting at his side, was the one who was dressed in casual clothes. Li Xin was taken aback once again when she noticed the clothes that were being exposed from the inside of his garment; a military uniform, it definitely was a military uniform. However, she couldn't discern what its rank was, yet, by the manner this person was standing next to the general, it only served to show that two of them were on equal footing, this kind of official would never go unnoticed no matter where he went.

Giving a cursory glance, Li Xin knew the reason for why she was suddenly so curious before. These two officials, ranked as a state-level general, got on helicopters and flew over in this same the night. Towards this event, it would be impossible for her not to be curious. It seems that Qi Mo's and Jiao Wen's powers may be too big for her to imagine.

"My people."

These two words that were voiced so indifferently were Qi Mo's explanation towards those men on the opposite side.

Hearing Qi Mo's insipid words, the hostile look in those two people's eyes suddenly dispelled its murderous air. Li Xin instantly realized Qi Mo's meaning; it was to introduce her to the other side. The other party's position clearly wasn't low, and its influence didn't seem to be small. What he said had the intention to introduce her to the people who are connected to them as a person who was on their side, and make them recognize her. Li Xin thought of this and couldn't help but be surprised, it seems that hereafter, severing relations with Qi Mo will be more and more difficult. If the whole world knows that she is one of his people, can she still say she will run away?

The men that were fully dressed in military uniform swept a glance at Li Xin. He listened to Qi Mo's brief explanation that did not repel his suspicions, looking at the overall expression on Qi Mo's face, he said with a fierce and furious voice, "Head Qi, what do you mean with today's event? Two military helicopters successively landing in here. What on earth are you all doing?"   

Qi Mo expressionlessly glimpsed at the military uniform  man, answering with a flat voice, "I'm in a hurry, that's all."

After hearing what Qi Mo said, the man wearing casual clothes sighed in relief and looked towards Qi Mo and Jiao Wen as he said, "I thought that something was going to happen for you to make me immediately fly over from another country."

The military uniform man nodded and said, "It's good that there's no other meaning. Flying over in such a brazen way, I couldn't stop receiving reports about it. Both Heads, notify us first in the future, with such an abrupt way of paying a visit, it’s impossible to make my men very receptive, they even thought it was a hostile country that suddenly attacked. Right now, the entire National Security Intelligence is going crazy; they are all in a state of getting ready for war."

Jiao Wen listened to the explanation and laughed as he said, "What makes you all be such busy people. To connect each person one by one is too troublesome, so borrowing your military-exclusive air route was the fastest and the most direct way to notify you two."

After hearing what was said, the man with the casual clothes neatly loosened the collar of his military uniform and leaned his body on the back of the settee with an utterly relaxed face. Li Xin saw all this and was secretly amazed. To come over using the air route that is exclusive for the military, not encountering any interception along the way, only to arrive here and have the police at the door. This isn't an ordinary air route to go through, the connections inside of it seem to be complicated and complex.  

"However, sir Intelligence Chief, your subordinates' actions weren't slow. They have chased after us twice, pestering us incessantly." Red Falcon was standing behind Qi Mo, porting a calm appearance as he looked towards the military uniform man.

The Chief from the National Security Intelligence waved his hand and said, "I see. I will handle this matter. You guys can rest a.s.sured."

Red Falcon smiled faintly and answered, "We’re not worried. There are two people here; nothing is going to be managed unfairly."

The casual clothes men heard this and immediately roared with laughter as he said, "Red Falcon is right, this minor thing truly is nothing serious, you all don't need to worry. But those young fellows' hands and foot are fast; this is also a display of ability. The two Heads must not embarra.s.s those lads too much."  

Red Falcon laughed and smiled as he responded, "If we’re to make things difficult for them, they would already be corpses. We are still able to allow them to return alive, but their hands and foot won't be acting so quick anymore. If there is any ability, it's not within the scope of our concern. Letting them safely depart was only in regards to the face of you two. However, it would be better for sir Intelligence Chief to restrain them. We are going to have some business during our stay in here for these couple of days, and I don't wish for them to come to disturb us too much, for when that moment comes, you wouldn't want an innocent to get hurt."

The Security Intelligence Chief listened to Red Falcon's consideration and, as if he found it to be extremely amusing, laughed several times and then said, 'Good, good, there’s absolutely no problem with this. I have already sternly lectured them just now. A group that is acting on its initiative and children that are striving for accomplishments, I will not let them came in the future. If they dare to disobey me and take action without permission, you don’t need to give me face; you can handle it however you see fit."

Red Falcon nodded his head and said, "I’m relieved to hear sir Intelligence Chief's words."

That casual clothes man was prompted by the Intelligence Chief to be the first to express an opinion, making a coughing sound after listening to Red Falcon, he turned to Qi Mo and Jiao Wen saying, "Traveling with such hurry, what business do you both have in here? Is there a place where you want us to help? After all, this is our territory."

Jiao Wen looked towards the casual clothes man and nodded as he answered, "I do have a request."

The casual clothes man made an agreement sound and said, "As long as is something within our reach, you just have to open your mouth and say it." The Security Intelligence Chief immediately followed along by nodding his head.

Qi Mo's expression was cold as he swept a glance at the two people in the opposite direction, his fingers were faintly tapping on the top of his crossed legs as he talked with a heavy voice, "I want to know whether you have recently bought any arms and ammunition."

As soon as the Security Intelligence Chief heard this, he immediately stood up and looked towards Qi Mo saying, "Every weapon and every ammunition from our country have always been purchased from the hands of you both. What does Head Qi mean with these words?"

Qi Mo faintly waved his hand and then said, "There is no other meaning. I have a batch of weapons that have been exchanged by someone, and their destination is Australia."

When Qi Mo's words were heard, the two people on the opposite side immediately exchange glances, their eyes flashed with some hesitation, and their appearance turned gloomy. The Security Intelligence Chief slowly sat back onto his seat, looking at the casual clothes man saying, "Minister, is there any news from the opposition? Have they began to move?"

The one referred as the Minister, the casual clothes man, frowned and his face was somber as he said, "There hasn't been any news of unusual movement at their side. But if the good's destination is Australia, it must be a buyer of this country, and only they have such strength and ambition. How dangerous, we were actually in the dark about their communication with other people. If Boss Qi and Boss Wen hadn’t caught up with us today, we wouldn’t have known anything."

Qi Mo gave one chilly laugh when he saw that the expression from the two was extremely serious and then unhurriedly said, "I have no interest in your domestic affair situation or who has the control over the Party. The only thing I want to know is, who’s the people on the other side? Where is the most probable place to find them? Furthermore, open up your special communication channel for us, I want to use it for a number of things."

The Minister and the Intelligence Chief looked at each other’s face and faintly frowned without speaking anything. Jiao Wen saw this and said with a tiny smile, "It’s just a special channel, you must know that this batch of arms involves more than half a billion U.S. dollars. They are all of the most modern and newest weapons; if it is to fall into your adversaries' hands, I believe that perhaps, this tranquil Australia will pa.s.s through great changes."

"More than five hundred million, s.h.i.+t! How can it be this much" The Intelligence Chief heard Jiao Wen told them and furiously brandished his fist in the air once.

On the other hand, the Minister quickly looked at Qi Mo and Jiao Wen and immediately nodded as he said, "There’s no problem. You can feel free to say what kind of special channel need to be open for you. The armament you couldn't bring over, we also can prepare it for you all. As for the issue you just raised, we’ll give you a definite answer after our investigation."

The Minister had finished speaking when the Security Intelligence Chief took his turn saying, "We will provide as much service as possible for your convenience, but I hope that, during the time the two Bosses are going after the weapons, you can give a crus.h.i.+ng blow to the other side."

Qi Mo looked at the Security Intelligence Chief and dryly answered, "The other side is just people who are buying arms, and I do not offend customers, regardless of being other people or my own. I am but a weapons dealer, in my eyes there’s only businesses transactions. I will never meddle with your internal affairs. Your domestic affair is to be handled by you all."

The Security Intelligence Chief heard what was said and was immediately surprised, at his side, the Minister gripped his arm to restrain him and turned towards Qi Mo saying, "We understand this point, our affairs are for us to handle. Oh, that’s right, Overlord Qi, we intend to buy one lot of arms at the end of the year, but you see, this world is developing extremely fast, and some things aren’t capable of keeping up with the new era. Head Qi, do you get it?"

Qi Mo nodded and said, "No problem. I can charge from you eighty per cent of the original price, but I won’t concern myself with the other things you all have to deal with."

As soon as those two people heard it, their faces openly revealed a joyful expression. Qi Mo was perfectly clear,  granting them a twenty per cent discount can be considered as their repayment for the services they will provide to him. As for this price difference, whether they want to keep it to themselves or use it to make something, it’s not going to be a problem to them, the important is that this has given them a ma.s.sive benefit."

"Great, we will provide information for the both of you as soon as possible." The Minister and the Security Intelligence Chief readily stood up. The doubt and astonishment had long since left their faces, leaving only a dazzling smile on it.

Qi Mo nodded as an answer, and at the side, Jiao Wen lightly smiled towards the two people and said, "Take care, you two." In the midst of a sound of footsteps, the two officials who have influential positions in Australia rapidly disappeared in front of everyone.

"Awesome, what the h.e.l.l are you guys doing? You must know that the other side's influence may not be small at all!" Li Xin saw those two people leave and her face formed a stunned look as she turned to look at Qi Mo and Jiao Wen.

d.a.m.n it, what is this special channel thing? Seeing how the other side, the Minister and the Intelligence Chief addressed it, and the meaning of the words between them, this special channel is perhaps no small matter. Furthermore, the armament; Qi Mo didn’t even bring any arms, but they can provide them for him so casually. These people readily came out when he called. In the end, what are Qi Mo and Jiao Wen doing? To chase after weapons, it seems they will really go as far as to destroy a country?

Jiao Wen saw Li Xin's eyes filled with shock and puzzlement and couldn't refrain from leaning to the back of the sofa, savoring one sip of the red wine in his hands, he laughed as he said, "Don't you get it? We are pursuing those weapons."

Li Xin immediately rolled her eyes towards Jiao Wen, and when he saw this, he could help but loudly laugh while saying, "The status of the other side is not small. One is the Minister of the Ministry of Defense and the other is National Security Intelligence Chief. It's not about what we seem to be doing or what we are going to do, it's about the people who are able to buy half a billion worth of arms. I also believe that they are no small power, so our time is extremely pressed, there's no way to be resourceful within such short-term and come up with some great arrangement; therefore we need to borrow their power. If it must be known that Qi came over from Europe in a wars.h.i.+p, I’m afraid it won’t be one country that will be alarmed, but the whole world will."

Li Xin saw that Jiao Wen was making light of the situation, and Qi Mo and Red Falcon were waiting with expressions that seemed nothing of it was unexpected. Li Xin couldn’t help but cry to Heavens inside her heart, how big are Qi Mo's powers! She is going crazy with the way the relations.h.i.+p between the people from this rank is arranged!

Qi Mo coldly glanced at Li Xin and saw the shock in the mixed within her calmness, and a calmness mixed within her shock, so he coldly said, "Pack your things. Tomorrow, Jiao Wen's men will escort you to the Black Prison."

The words were calmly said, but they made Li Xin tremble. Seeing a chilling look inside Qi Mo's eyes that showed no wavering, Li Xin rectified her expression and looked towards Qi Mo saying, "Lacking attention was my mistake. But sending me to the Dark Prison as a punishment is wrong, that chip being successfully obtained is my merit. Overlord Qi, what will you use it as a reward? I can clearly remember that Overlord Qi’s conduct is one to reward and punish."

When Qi Mo finished listening to what she said, his face had gained a layer of frost over it. At the side, Jiao Wen and Red Falcon raised their brows to look over, and their eyes were filled with interest as they observed these two people. Qi Mo raised his brows as he peered at Li Xin and coldly said, "What reward do you want?"

Li Xin advanced one step as she attentively gazed at Qi Mo, p.r.o.nouncing every single word, she said, "I don’t want to go to the Dark Prison. That’s the reward I want."

Qi Mo heard her words and slowly leaned back on the couch, looking at Li Xin and saying, "Your courage isn’t small."

"I have never said that my courage was very small." Li Xin stared at Qi Mo, and her steps didn’t falter. Although Li Hu has said that Qi Mo just wanted to teach her a lesson, but Qi Mo is such a terrible person to deal with, perhaps he truly will throw her into the Dark Prison to be disciplined. Even if it’s unlikely to make her die, she will undoubtedly have a few layers of skin cut off. Although she recognizes that Qi Mo's concept is quite fitting, she prefers not to go if it’s possible, that’s why she’s will boldly fight for her interests.

Qi Mo saw Li Xin fixedly looking at him; her expression didn’t show the slightest bit of cowardice. After staring each other’s face for quite some time, Qi Mo snorted and indifferently said, "I’ll let it pa.s.s this time today. I won’t reward, and I won’t punish. But if I hear that this happened once again, you won’t be reporting at the Dark Prison. I will make you know how being careless can lead to many types of consequences."

Li Xin heard this and immediately let out a breath of air, and a small smile started to be formed on her face. Jiao Wen saw this and had to laugh while saying, "This is the first time I see Qi pardoning someone. Kid, you have made some great effort. I want to see what transformations can Qi pa.s.s through and what he’ll be like in the end. For him to consider the interests of others, it’s such a strange thing. “

Stolen Love Chapter 55

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