Stolen Love Chapter 56 Part1

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h.e.l.lo! It’s been a while… I had some difficulties these last months as I lost someone in my family and I was financially dependent on this person, so my life suddenly turned into chaos… I didn’t have the time to translate during that time. Since last week I was translating a little each day, but this week I will have no time even to do that (exams), so I’ll post this chapter here, but it is not complete. This chapter is divided into two parts, and this is the first part (incomplete). I will only have time on Sunday to finish it, so Sunday night I’ll be posting the rest! I promised that I would finish this novel, so I’ll not drop it. Now in December, I’ll take some vacations – starting on the 18th – so I’ll have sufficient time to post 4 or 5 chapters per week. Good read ?

Chapter 56 – A dangerous moment (1)

*bemoan her insignificance before the vast ocean: feel powerless and incompetent to perform a task

Li Xin was carrying on her back the oxygen cylinder and the propeller, so crawling from the bottom of the vessel until its hold was an extremely arduous task. She immediately went to a dark corner as she gasped, taking in several breaths of air. Why? Why did she get seasick? Is this some divine justice? Gazing to the top of the s.h.i.+p’s hold, Li Xin felt that her whole person was about to collapse.

Previously, all the missions had been using airplanes, so she had never traveled by s.h.i.+p. She originally followed Qi Mo's interest and was excitedly preparing to enjoy this fresh experience, but she had not expected that this fresh experience would go beyond her limits, making her suffer from seasickness. The big rolling waves that were rhythmically undulating in front of her eyes and the vast ocean's horizon that stretched as far as the eye could see didn't provide her with a relaxed feeling or an easy state of mind, but rather, it was all an endless torture, a chaotic and delirious torment. Heavens!

However, this was not the most depressing thing; the most depressing was why did she have to appear in this place? Why did she have to be pushed to come to find out about how things stood on the enemy's s.h.i.+p? She had only gotten seasick and had gone look for a suitable place at the back of the hold to take a rest. How did it turn into her embarking in the submarine and going to the bottom of the sea! My G.o.d! She doesn’t know how to swim!

Li Xin was befuddled by the people moving around her, and when her brain could finally think clearly, she already was completely immersed inside the rippling azure sea. She looked at the fish in front of her that were being disturbed, rapidly shuttling back and forth around her body. Those fish didn't make Li Xin want to scream in excitement; instead, they made her really wish to kill someone. She doesn't know how to swim! Whose idea was it to have her thrown into the sea?!

Observing the s.h.i.+p's hold which was all pitch-black, Li Xin took a long time until she finally recovered her senses. She leaned on the oxygen cylinder and propeller to get the ** up, giving herself several slaps with all her strength in order to make her a little more lucid. Li Xin clenched her teeth and furiously brandished her fist towards the sky. When she returns, she must humiliate them; to take advantage of her when she wasn’t clear-headed and then throw her here to carry out a task; she will get her justice back.

She took the heavy stuff off her back and carefully hid it away; then she returned to lean against it. Without these things, she would have been quite sure to be in a fish's stomach. She had also put down the communication equipment next to the oxygen cylinder, which she hadn’t turned it on yet because she didn’t even know if there really was a connection.

"**, what am I supposed to do here?"  Patting her head, Li Xin restrained the upsurging waves of nausea coming from her stomach as she mumbled and faced the diving s.h.i.+p.

So big, it truly is enormous. She sneakily pa.s.sed through the several cabins, and there was no other feeling besides the sense of how enormous it was. As Li Xin didn't know what was her a.s.signed mission, she buzzed around while sizing up every nook and cranny with amazement. Even though she has never been on another s.h.i.+p before, but this one really is bigger when comparing it to Qi Mo's s.h.i.+p.

After blindly walking a few turns, there was not one person around. Li Xin couldn't help but raise her brows; she was again feeling dizzy with the IQ she still had left. She knew that Qi Mo came over to look for the arms and ammunition, so she didn't need to overthink as she is sure that sending her here is undoubtedly to have her find out if the weapons are over here, even though she hasn't personally heard this order.

The first level, second level, Li Xin couldn't make head or tails of the s.h.i.+p's compounds. Where is the entrance? Where is the exit? Where is the bow? Where is the stern? Since that's how things stand, she will have to depend on her perception to look for it.

"Chief, are you saying they will come looking?" A faint voice was heard coming from a not distant place. Li Xin immediately softened her steps and gradually moved away.

"They will surely come. The other side's master isn't willing to suffer any losses." It was a strong nasal sound that made those who listened to it not know how could such a tone of voice possibly exist.

“That is to say, even if Jiao Wen eats such a huge loss, the Qi family will not leave the matter at that. But that’s all right; wanting to come over so hurriedly, I’ll be here waiting for them.”

"It’s worth exchange my life for a lifetime of splendor and wealth for my family." It was that strong nasal voice that spoke.

Li Xin heard it and couldn’t refrain from slightly wrinkling her eyebrows as she restrained the giddy feeling in her head and listened to the other person’s voice agreeing to it. Li Xin was sensitive enough to know that something was wrong and that the two men were having the mentality of taking someone down with them. There’s something very fishy about this boat.

Li Xin was slower than usual to understand; when her thoughts s.h.i.+fted, she slowly leaned on the obstacle that separated those two from her. Seeing their style, those two must be chiefs and definitely knew a lot. Rather than waste her time looking for the arms and ammunition, it’s better to hold them as her targets. If you want to catch brigands, first catch their king, this was something that has remained unchanged since olden times.

An iron wall, an enormous iron wall. Li Xin touched it for a long time but ultimately couldn’t find where was the door lock. She has the ability to quietly enter when there’s a lock, but what will she do when there’s no lock? She is not Qi Mo to have the kind of ability to use gunfire and blow it away, so she kept on listening to the conversation that was continuously coming from the next room. She can only bemoan her insignificance before the vast ocean.

"I don’t believe it." Li Xin whispered to herself. She avoided the obstacles around her body, turned over and started moving to the side; if she can’t get through here, there’s always another place where she can go.

It’s pitch-black. The more she went through, the darker it got. Luckily, Li Xin has specially trained to be in the dark, so even though the light is very dim, she can see it all quite clearly.

Fumbling around a column-shaped thing for about an incense time, Li Xin took a few turns and estimated the right direction and location. She looked at the staunch iron door in front and saw that it had a sophisticated combination lock. The corners of Li Xin’s mouth faintly delineated a provocative smile; it was a joke to want to speak to her about locks.

She stroked the ring on her finger that seemed like a cheap ring with no distinct qualities and released a string as soft as silk and as sharp as a knife from a small opening on it. Li Xin didn’t have to allocate a copy nor did she have to a.n.a.lyze and decipher its secret code, she directly extended her hand towards the most crucial point on the combination lock. It’s because of the joint’s movement that a person’s arm is capable of hitting others; this combination lock is the same, destroying its key links, it will be just some broken sc.r.a.p metal.

"How foolis.h.!.+ What a combination lock!" She murmured in a cold voice. Is there any lock that she’s unable to open? The more advanced it is, the easier it was to open it in spite of its sensitivity being unreasonably high. Coming across them is much less troublesome than coming across the oldest of locks. Li Xin saw the iron door being slowly opened and her figure noiselessly entered it in a flash.

"f.u.c.k." Li Xin, who has always loved to speak foul language, was now looking at the orderly rows of s.h.i.+pping containers. The rough a.s.sessment she had made was to the location of those two men’s room, but her calculation was unexpectedly wrong, and Li Xin felt like she suffered a heavy blow. How could she know that this s.h.i.+p's structure is entirely different from the structure of a car, airplane and so on… She had calculated the s.h.i.+p accordingly to those ways, so she missed an iota and inevitably strayed a thousand miles away.

Stolen Love Chapter 56 Part1

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