Stop Bothering Me, Emperor Chapter 68

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Chapter 68 Quarrel

Song Xiao could not help frowning when he heard Gao Ao's phone call. The roommate was deliberately supervising his comes and goings. It seemed that the little stalker wanted to hide his disguise but was impatient. This made him feel confused. Who wants to monitor him, reveals this obvious flaw?

Yu Tang changed his clothes and handed Song to a freshly printed piece of paper. The paper is full of code, with several URLs in the middle.

"What is this?" Song Xiao looked for a long time, did not see the mystery.

"I asked someone to check your roommate's computer and found that he communicated with a fixed emailbox every day."

   Yu Tang sat next to him and pointed to the URL that was mingled with. "This is the same email address connected and it's registered in China."

Song Xiao eyes: "Maybe it is a domestic friend."

"You contact a friend by mail these days?" Yu Tang took a bite at Song Xiao nose.

"Hey... I didn't contact my friend..."

   Song Xiao wrinkled his nose.

   When the Emperor spoke, its always with several layers of meaning. This guy asked this sentence, and one of them reminded him to contact a friend. And then it is to test to check if Song Xiao has contacted anyone. If he said, yes, it means he chatted with the penguin boy he would be punished.

At first glance, Yu Tang couldn't help but laugh, and pressed the man down on the bed: "Your shout reveals what you're trying to hide."

Song gave him a look, trying to push him away and continue to look at the piece of paper.

Yu Tang pulled Song Xiao to ride him: "Say, who do you usually contact with....  how do you feel that your roommate wants know your whereabouts?."

"I have not asked you about that Carmela !" Song Xiao held him down with his hands and struggled.

"Didn't you hear me calling her aunt?" Yu Tang said carelessly. "He is the cousin of the Ninth Uncle. Her family is doing well in oil."

"Master, you wanted milk." The maid entered the door and put the milk on the table, looked up and saw the two men in an indecent postures, suddenly she froze.

   Coolly under the face.... Yu Tang let go of Song Xiao and jumped out of bed: "I said, do not freely walk into my room."

"Oh, I'm sorry." The maid saw his anger and quickly bow with an apology.

   Gu An came in and pulled the maid out. So Song Xiao drank the milk then Gu An came in again, kneeling in front of Yu Tang in one knee: "If you are disturbed under my dereliction of duty, I ask the Emperor to punish me"

"What were you doing just now?" Yu Tang asked while he wiped Song Xiao mouth with a paper towel.

"There was movement in the garden, so I went ahead to check it out." Gu An said head down: When he heard a movement in the garden, he went to see it and found that it was just a wild cat when he turned around he found that the maid entered the room without permission.

"Make sure she is not here tomorrow." Yu Tang waved his hand and signaled that Gu An can go. In the past, in the royal palace, night and day, in addition to a three-step guards, there are eunuchs outside his chambers door, there will be at least two Shadow Guards hiding in the dark.

Now that only Gu An is the remaining Shadow Guard, it's natural for him to be too busy. Yu Tang is not a desperate tyrant, but he should be sure to get two more bodyguards. At least, when he was separated from Song Xiao, they could guarantee his safety.

Now he is deeply involved in the struggle of the family control. It is impossible to withdraw half or to withdraw at all. Nor is he a coward who retreats in the face of difficulties. It is his style to fight with the best and come standing.

The next day, Yu went to the dorm together with Song Xiao and packed all the luggage, packing things moving Song Xiao to his own villa.

Gao Ao saw Song Xiao move to move. It was very strange: "You won't be living here anymore?"

"Well, I rented a house together with my friend and I can't live here." Song Xiao said half-heartedly.

Gao Ao scoffed and it's the rich family kids really wasting money.

1].... b.i.t.c.h n.i.g.g.a is it your family money....?

Usually students in the first semester will live on campus because the amount paid before the school entrance is for a one-semester housing fee. Harvard University's accommodation fees are very expensive, but they do not give back returns, everyone will choose to live in the dorms semester and then go out to share with the students in the next semester. The money for renting a house will be much lower than the money for the dormitories.

This is an ordinary student's practice. Like Song Xiao, while paying accommodation fees, he goes out to share the rent with others. He is obviously rich and wayward.

"Don't talk to him again. I have people on his computer." Yu Tang took Song Xiao away and looked at Gao Ao, who was looking at them from the dormitory window, facing his sight with disdain and he turned away.

Song Xiao nodded. For this strange roommate, at first he was thinking of being inferior to his neighbor and tried to make good friends with him. However, this man was comparable to the old Han Lin of the Han Lin Academy who was too high to get along. Plus, now that he is watching him again, Song Xiao will not come to him with a foolish friendly gesture.

Yu Tang was contentedly reunited with his own Empress and felt he had slept well and had a good breakfast.

The two maids were allegedly resigned and he asked Cao Gong to recommend him several new servants. New recruits are a cook who cooks Chinese dishes, two aunts who clean the house, and a young girl named Susan.

Susan is a graduate from Butler School, but she is not from the same school that Mr. Cao Gong attended. She is just from an ordinary professional university with a professional butler degree.

She is a member of a close family to the Yu's, and she was originally working at the front desk for a company in Los Angeles. She has now returned to the family and this made her very happy. She quickly picked up the house and had it organized.

Susan was initially curious about the ident.i.ty of Song Xiao. As an open-minded American it is easy to see that the atmosphere between these two boys is wrong. But she did not know what to do, Susan did not show any curiosity and secretly went on her ways.

"Do you want her to know?" Yu Tang squeezed into the bathroom and stood with Song Xiao.

"The Emperor has always done a good deed, this a.s.sistant Minister is not as good as him." Song Xiao casually talked while taking a bath. If even the people around him could not stand still, he would not have to be an Empress.

   His own Empress actually believed in him so much that it was a loss to some people who had always shown off. He grunted, took the towel in his hands and raised his hand to carry him back.

The two are very busy every day. Song Xiao has to get two degrees at the same time. The course is very heavy. Yu Tang is going to start an interns.h.i.+p in a family business. Every week, two days are spent on the company in New York City. At the same time, at the company he will also handle some of the school affairs.

In the blink of an eye, the Angels planned to perform in New York City's Financial Street Square and draw more sponsors.h.i.+ps.

The members of the Angels a.s.sociation were divided into several groups, acting art, magic shows, and entertaining.

"What do you want to perform?" When they went out in the morning, someone asked Song Xiao.

"Instrument." Song Xiao picked up the pan pipe that  Yu Tang sent him from the box.

Hearing that the Empress was bragging under the great crowd, Yu Tang face immediately sank: "No!"

The two quarrelled for a long while, and finally Yu Tang was angry throwing the thing.

"How can the Empress play this to others?"

   Song Xiao looked at the broken jade pan pipe. This was the first time he came to the modern age. Yu Tang had given him a gift for him for the first time. He had always cherished it, and he had not forgotten to play it even when he was in United States. Now, it was personally broken by his Emperor, when everything is good, some things are not good, Yu Tang is always too overbearing, when making decisions, he never ask the opinions of other people

"This official knows." Song Xiao shouted in a low voice, he silently walked out the door, pulled out his cell phone and called the president to ask him to borrow the guqin from the school.

Yu Tang took a look at the hand that interrupted and broken the pipe into two pieces of jade, and then took a look at Song Xiao's back, biting his lips.

Because of the special form of existence of the Angels, the funds in the a.s.sociations are still relatively abundant. The clothes prepared for Song Xiao this time are a white, wide-sleeved Chinese clothes. Although not very sophisticated, it is really looking like that, with wide sleeves and silver belt.

"Oh my G.o.d, oh, you are just like the people who came out of the ancient oriental paintings." Emily was amazed, and she circulated around Song Xiao.

Song Xiao smiled and took his wig on his own and suddenly saw a familiar figure: "Gao Ao?"

"Oh, are you two friends, right?" Emily looked through Song's eyes. "That man was a math genius. He joined last week. He often asked me about you, but you have different courses. You have not met."

Song blinked.

In the square of the financial street, a sea of ​​people. Everywhere Halloween is doing activities to promote sales, they stood there a group of strangers, suddenly attracted the attention of many people.

Song Xiao sat cross-legged on the edge of fountain, he put a seven-string guqin on his lap and tried the strings. It wasn't a good guqin and he could barely play.

"Ah!" A distant sound of the lyrics was spread  through the entire square, attracting many people to look at it, followed by a series of ancient and beautiful melody, flowing out of the hands of the slender white Oriental man holding a guqin.

"Oh, what kind of music is this? It's so nice."

"It should be Chinese music. I've once heard of it."

The people of the road talked about it and gathered slowly.

At noon, the white-collar workers on the Financial Street were still working overtime from lunch and watched the crowds.

"This guqin has been held there for many years at the Chinese Artists Club. Someone once in a while comes and play always far worse than the last one ."

The handsome president in a princess dress came up. While posing, he talks to Gao Ao, who is standing beside him.

   "Hm." Gao Ao did not understand this. He had only studied various mathematical, physical and compet.i.tive issues since he was young, but he could also hear that the skill played by Song Xiao was not from an ordinary standard guqin player

"It's just awesome!" Emily watched the white boy at the fountain.

The sound of the guqin was high and low, and people closed their eyes and listened, it was as if they had heard the turbulent water and the empty mountains and birdsongs. After a long whistle in the low tone, the strings note suddenly rose, accompanied by a gus.h.i.+ng fountain water, which was quite spectacular. The crowd could not help but cheer.

At the end of the song, people threw money at the music box in front of Song Xiao and one of them walked in and threw a wad of cash.

Song Xiao looked up and looked at the person who threw money, suit and tie....a handsome, extraordinary looking man in the holiday season is still under the command of..... Ooh it's the annoying Emperor.

The author has something to say: The little theater:

Song Xiao: What are you doing, we are still angry at each other?

Yu Tang: I'm not coming to reconcile

Song Xiao : Well what do you do want?

Yu Tang: Well, I just came to see if you are not angry anymore

Song Xiao: ...

Cao Gong: The Emperor, can you show a little bit of interest?


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Stop Bothering Me, Emperor Chapter 68

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