Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 614

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"Lu Lin, you three go with Shi Xiu to He Feng and let Li Chunsheng help you get to Luo Yue. I still have to take care of some other stuff with Luo Ying, it'll be a while before I go back," Ye Mo saw that he was done here and didn't want to stay.

If it hadn't been for the trouble in Jiu Tang, he would've already taken Luo Ying to the Duan Heng Ranges to find that nun. To him, the most important thing right now was the golden page and where she had gotten her spirit stone from.

Since the nun had also guessed that he had the other two pages, she probably didn't want to go back to the small world. To her, the most important thing was also having the golden page

He was very badly injured and Luo Ying wasn't strong. Jie Xun didn't know he had a lotus life pill, so she must have thought that she would get them for sure. When she recovered, she would go to the village to find him and Luo Ying.

Lu Lin knew that they had to get to Luo Yue as soon as they could. Although Ye Mo was strong, he couldn't stay with them forever.

She said gratefully, "Thank you. If it wasn't for you, we would be in peril."

Ye Mo smiled, "It's fine. You should leave soon, it's not safe for you to stay in Jiu Tang."

Hearing this, Lu Lin hesitated before saying, "Jiuhe got a colourful stone back when he was young. He used to say that stone was very precious, but he didn't know why. He didn't dare let people look at it, fearing it would get unwanted attention. It's in the house. I wanted to give it to you last time you came, but you left so fast that we didn't get a chance. Now it's too late - when we were captured, they took the stone too."

Ye Mo waved his hand, "It was just a stone, I heard Jiuhe talk about it too. He said he would give it to me when he got free. Since it's not here, nevermind."

Ye Mo thought it was at most a precious gemstone, which wasn't much use to him.

"Mom, are you talking about the colourful stone that's warm when you hold it in your hand, but sometimes it's also cool? " Yanyan asked.

"What?! The stone changes its temperature?" Ye Mo intervened before Lu Lin could answer.

She looked strangely at Ye Mo and said, "Yes, it's a very eery stone."

"What colour is it? Does it change colour tio?" Ye Mo was getting more excited.

Lu Lin nodded, "Yes, the stone's colour does change indeed. Sometimes, it's just red and white, and then sometimes, red, white and blue. Moreover, in rare occasions it could get to five colours. Have you seen this sort of stone before?"

Although Ye Mo was very excited, he kept himself calm. He knew it was a Five Element Rock.

It was a very rare material for artefact forging - even rarer than Star Jade. It was something used to make spirit artefacts, which were countless times more powerful than magic artefacts.

Ye Mo knew that even if he had the rock, he wouldn't be able to make spirit artefacts. If he added a bit of a Five Element Rock to ordinary materials, he could make a flying sword.

He had been looking for materials to make a flying sword for long, but he had seemed to have ran out of luck. Now that he had found the Five Element Rock, he wasn't going to let it go.

"How big is that stone? Where did you lose it?" Ye Mo asked.

As though she could feel Ye Mo's excitement and desperation, Yi Xiaodie suddenly asked, "Brother Ye, is that stone very important? More precious than a diamond?"

Perhaps in her eyes, the most expensive thing in the world was diamond.

Ye Mo nodded.

An egg-sized Five Element Rock was worth a few million spirit stones. Ye Mo had never seen that many, not even in his past life. He really didn't understand how the Earth could have such thing; the only explanation was that it came from asteroids and meteorites.

Lu Lin immediately said, "The stone had the size of two fists. After our final trial for the case, I knew things weren't going to be that simple. We started packing our things, but before we could leave we were taken away by the Wu Jin Association."

"Wu Jin Association?" Ye Mo questioned. There were too many of these small gangs.

"Wu Jin Association is a rather well-known gang in He Dong Province. It wasn't too important before but due to some reason, the mainland gangs started to decline, so these small gangs rose in power," Xue Guoyang had been working at the police station and knew these things better than everyone else.

Lu Lin nodded, "After they took us away, all our belongings remain in their hands. We still haven't gotten them back yet."

After understanding the situation, Ye Mo got up and said to Shi Xiu and Xue Guoyang, "You guys can go back to He Feng first, I'll return once I'm done here."

"Brother Ye, should we wait for you and Sister Luo at He Feng?" Yi Xiaodie asked.

Ye Mo smiled, "No need. Try to find a way to get to Luo Yue once you're in He Feng. I'm busy, I'll go visit you guys to Luo Yue."

Ye Mo wanted to send Luo Ying to Luo Yue before he went looking for the Five Element Stone.

After being aware of the threat that pistol supposed, he was sure that Northern Sand could make at least eight more with the stones they had. Without counting the one he had already dealt with, they had about seven of them.

If something happened to Luo Ying, even if he reached ascension stage, he wouldn't be able to forgive himself. Without Luo Ying, he doubted if he would have the will to continue cultivation.

After marrying Luo Ying, she was a part of his life.

If they managed to make not only a pistol, but also a sniper that was outside his spirit sense range, he wouldn't be able to dodge it.

Ye Mo was sure that Northern Sand wasn't going to let him go after suffering such heavy loss. They just didn't have the confidence to take him out anymore.

Luo Ying seemed to know what Ye Mo was thinking and touched his face, "En, I'll wait for you. Didn't you say your sister was at Ning Hai? Send me there. Be careful."

Ye Mo took out that extreme energy stone pistol and gave it to Luo Ying, "Susu, take this pistol. If you're ever in danger, don't give them any chance, just fire."

"No, no one will know I'm staying in Ning Hai. I won't be in danger, so I'd rather you keep this pistol," Luo Ying immediately rejected.

He hugged her and said, "This pistol can only be used a few times, and I won't use it. You can use it to protect yourself and Beiwei. I'll come to meet you guys as soon as I get the stone."

When he realized that he was going to take Luo Ying to Luo Yue, Ye Mo hesitated. He didn't know if it was the right moment to tell her about Qingxue.

Luo Ying could see Ye Mo's hesitance but she didn't ask. He would tell her what needs to be told.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 614

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