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Ye Mo took Xu Wei to a middle-aged man sitting on some rocks. Looking at his gambling addict look, Ye Mo was speechless. No matter how rich you were, if you didn't know how to bet on these rocks, you would lose everything.

Betting rocks was very exciting but also very brutally realistic. When you bet, everyone comes to watch you, but when you lose, no one pities you, and they just leave to watch the next person. When you win, however, people envy you. In fact, perhaps those people who bet rocks enjoy those envious and shocking looks the most.

Ye Mo walked over and patted the man's shoulder, "Friend, are these pebbles yours? Can you sell one to me?"

The man looked at Ye Mo in confusion, "These are waste rocks that I opened up, why do you want them? If you want one, just take it."

"Thank you, but I don't like taking people's things for free. How about this, I'll buy one for 200 dollars." Then, Ye Mo signaled Xu Wei to give her last 200 to this man.

In the eyes of this man, $200 wasn't even something he would bother picking up from the ground, but he understood that betting rocks always needed to involve an exchange. He didn't think much of it and nodded. Then, he stood up, "Alright, I must try one last time. If I still lose, then I'll stop today."

Ye Mo picked up a pebble, which he had scanned before. There was some green jade inside, but it was small, and thus the man didn't find it.

This sort of thing probably happened often. Unless you had spirit sense, you would never be able to find out.

Seeing Ye Mo buy a pebble for $200, everyone shook their head. If it wasn't for the fact that that middle-aged man was so well-off, people would've thought that Ye Mo was conspiring with that middle-aged man to trick Xu Wei.

Xu Wei looked at Ye Mo's stone worriedly, "Ye Mo, is this stone useful?"

"Of course, open it." Ye Mo took the stone to the place meant for opening stones.

"Who can help me open this stone?" Ye Mo said, and everyone just looked at him. No one wanted to reply, who would want to open a useless rock?

There were certain customs to the gambling, one of which said that if you opened a rock and it contained jade, it made you lucky. However, Ye Mo looked ferocious and didn't seem like a good person. What if he blamed the stone being empty on you?

"Brother, you don't need to open this stone, there's nothing inside for sure. I, on the other hand, found a top grade ore this time for sure - it's black on the outside, there must be something good inside. I just found it, watch me open it later," the middle-aged man said.

Ye Mo looked at the stone he was pointing at and knew it was an empty one again. He pointed at a fresh-looking rock and said, "You might as well buy that one, there's something inside there. The one you're pointing at is empty, and the other one is much cheaper too, being only 100k."

The middle-aged man had helped him, so he helped him back.

But as soon as Ye Mo said this, there was ridicule all-around. Even Xu Wei pulled Ye Mo back a bit.

"Brother, are you okay? That one doesn't even have a shell, it's clearly a new rock. If it wasn't that it's so big, it wouldn't even be able to sell for 100k. Brother, you're even worse than me in looking at rocks." The middle-aged man shook his head.

Ye Mo smiled and didn't say anything else. He took out the $200 pebble and asked, "Who can help me open this? I will pay you $500."

"I'll do it, as long as you keep your word." A shabby-looking man walked over.

No one was surprised when this man came out. Everyone there knew that he was called Huo Duocai. He was someone who opened rocks, but since he had never opened a rock with jade for anyone, he was clearly very shabby. Even the boss didn't want to really use him for opening rocks.

There was a rule in the business that if you opened a rock and found jade, as the person who opened it, you would get a tip.

Ye Mo didn't care about the man's supposed lack of luck, but in order to definitely grasp this opportunity, Huo Duocai actually said, "Don't worry, my technique is top grade."

"Okay, okay, open it then. No need to ask me anything until you get all the jade out," Ye Mo said.

Huo Duocai took the rock from Ye Mo's hand and immediately began to work, fearing that Ye Mo would regret.

Huo Duocai didn't fully realize what Ye Mo's words implied, but everyone else did. This knife-scar guy was pretty cruel, wasn't he? He was implying that Huo Duocai had to keep opening up the rock until there was jade, but what if there was no jade? Some people wanted to remind Huo Duocai but looking at Ye Mo's ferocious look, they didn't want to get into trouble.

"Ye Mo, I don't have $500." Xu Wei pulled Ye Mo to the side.

"Don't worry, you don't need to, just deduct it from the jade's earnings," Ye Mo said.

Huo Duocai knew there was going to be nothing in the rock, so he cut right from the middle and didn't even bother cutting it carefully.

Ye Mo shook his head. The guy had said his skills were top grade, yet this one slice had already cut a bit of the jade.

"Huh? It's green - bright green! It's good stuff!"

"And Huo Duocai cut a bit off, it's an ice type jade!"

No one remembered they had laughed at Ye Mo before, as they were all just looking at the jade in Huo Duocai's hand.

Huo Duocai knew that due to his negligence, a bit of the jade had been cut off. He began to sweat. He didn't expect there to really be jade inside. What if the man asked him for compensation?

"Hurry up and cut it all out. If this happens again, I'll let someone else do it." Ye Mo saw that Huo Duocai was dazed, so he reproached him.

"Yes, yes! Boss, this won't happen again." Then, he began to carefully take out the jade. He didn't expect Ye Mo to be so easy going, though. That had been completely his fault.

Luckily, he reacted fast, and his skills were actually quite good. In a short while, he had completely cut out an ice jade.

"It really is ice jade. It's very high purity, and the green is very dense." A jade like that would be worth almost 200k.

That middle-aged man also looked at Ye Mo in shock.

Suddenly he felt that he should've listened to Ye Mo. If Ye Mo could find jade in his leftovers, he must be extremely capable.

"I'll take that jade, 200k." a woman said.

This was a woman in her early 30s, and she looked not bad, mainly because she knew how to dress well. She looked very seductive, but in a high class way. She also had a bodyguard by her side.

Ye Mo frowned. He didn't like the smell of the woman. It was all chemical perfume. He didn't like that, he preferred the natural smell from Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue.

"200k?!" Xu Wei was stunned. She had made 200k from $200. This was too easy.

Ye Mo didn't know the worth of this jade and thought it should only be worth that much, so he tossed it to the woman, "It's yours, cash or cheque will do."

The woman had seen Ye Mo frown and thought he wasn't happy with the price, but just when she wanted to say something, Ye Mo tossed the jade to her as though not even caring if it would break on the ground.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 619

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