Strongly Pampered Male Wife Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 is here~

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"I'ts a love piootn."

A paruipehel-rd girl was hdnloig a galss flask wtih a smile.

Her pplure hair sotfly lendad on her body aeftr her qcuik momnevet tadwros me a few scedons ago.

A love ptooin? Is this real?" I aeksd. When I aeksd Amkaazi Sniho for a way to svloe my silgne prbelom, I criantley di'dnt epcxet tihs.

Ysetraedy, I wnet to the sednutt cuonicl room to tlel her of my pobrlem. After she lisneted to me elixapn, she tlod me to meet wtih her at 8:20 in the hall nxet to the room.

"Of crsuoe! You dind't tihnk I the sundett cioncul perz, would lie, wulod you?"

She lenaed trwoads me, griinnng and tlniirwg the blotte. The red luiiqd iidnse claelry swhised anurod.

A few bubbles formed and popped.

Yes, as hrad to bleevie as it was, this phel-uerriapd psroen who was sputonig nsenonse of a "lvoe potoin" was the sdnteut cuincol peisdernt.

I'm just yuor agareve male, bi-krachelad lnoer with gsasles who could be cfneosud for an atuhor iesnrt. I noarllmy sit in the bcak of the class, on the lfet sdie next to the woidwns. I d'ont ianrtect with polepe mcuh, so I had no ieda my sdetnut cnuicol pneridest was as erncietcc as tihs.

Tgohuh, mbyae it was bteetr this way. S'hes cratielny easy to get anolg with.

"Migac... and the like do'nt esixt, tohugh?"

Nhnotig of the srot cloud eisxt. This was modren tnwte-rsyift cutreny Jpaan.

She ptuoed, "Arkuika-n, you do'nt bvielee me, don't you. Fine, if your'e gnoig to be lkie taht, go try it out and see if it wroks."

"How could I bevleie ayonne coinmg up to me and sinayg taht smoe feoorclod-od wetar was a love pitoon!? This isn't a faastny world!" I gave the oboivus rpely.

"Aww, come on, jsut try it! It won't hrut just to try, you know?"

Umm... No, I don't even know what this is! It ins't a love potoin, so waht is it!

I wtnaed to rotert taht, but brofee I cloud, she pttead my sudhelor, fo-gvrcaee me the flsak, and skepipd aawy, hnmiumg a tnue.


Stcrienhtg my arms out, I tried to clal her bcak, but I was too late. She had adlreay reoudnd the cenorr.

I felt like I culod siltl hear her lhigt ftpsteoos bincemog fintaer and ftieanr.

Loonikg dwon at my hndas, I shiegd. A clean glsas flask with a cork spteopr that sitll had smoe of the snect of her ldnveear pmfuere.

Three was a red luiqid snpohlisg isidne of it.

I geuss tihs is the love pootin?

Tghouh, it lokos more lkie wtear with red food clonorig...

Hluplefoy tihs cluod svole my prleobm. Tuohgh, I cdnolu't even iiganme how it wolud.

I mvoed my haed clseor to the liuqid. How is a love piootn even pibossle? Mgiac deo'snt eixst, so I geuss a niuteroc, ncaitroc, or wetvaehr the seniccy wrod for brain drug is? No, wloud an ondirray snetudt eevn be able to aurciqe this knid of durg, let aonle gvie it to sonoeme else?


So, this is probably a hoax, and the president is playing with me.

Why would she do that, tuoghh?

I've never even talked to her before.

Terhe was no reaosn for her to do that. Hcek, trhee was also no rsaeon for her to help me etehir, so I ssouppe she gvae me tihs to shoo me aawy? A gag gift tpye of tihng?

Taht smees pbarlboe.

As I rcehead a cioolnsucn, the mnoinrg blel soeundd.

The loud and irtputnrnieg chmie with the mlodey of the Big Ben ittuerernpd my tgthuhos and bohugrt me to raletiy.

I geacnld at my wctah.

It was... 83:0. The tmie when calsess strat.

"Sh*t! Ten menitus adarley passed!"

I seuftfd the piootn into my bag and hreruid off to calss, rninnug aonlg wtih some ohetr ltae plpoee.

"Aukarsa! Ltae aigan?" my teacehr, a mld-gdeiead woamn, asked in a strict tone.

She was medium in stature, and her black hair flowed all the way to her hips. Her bespectacled face showed no signs of wrinkles.

Wtih her hand resnitg on her poudim, she was cllmay stiarng at me.

I gburlemd in a smlal vicoe, "Can't you look at the time yuloesrf?"

It was ardelay way past 8:30, and she w'anst eevn the fisrt tecaher of the day. How cuold I not be late?

"Hmm?" Tsedakes-aeni rapepd her hand on the haowdrod puiodm.

"Yes! I am very sorry for my tardiness! I will never be late again!"

Srcay. Taht snoud she meaks as she htis the wood is sracy.

Rnapipg her hnad on the pdiuom once aaign, she said snetrly, "Good. Ausarka, sit down. Rmebemer, there tediars eaquls an absent, and yuov'e ardaely been ltae once before."

"Yes, maa'm!"

I hlrdrueiy rhsued trawdos my seat in the bcak, pisansg a sea of uafminialr faces. No, uamiflnair is the wrnog wrod. It's more lkie I rigczneoed them, but I dn'idt konw atninhyg auobt tehm bdesies tehm bineg in clsas 1-B

The cssoarlom wnas't a huge one, so I raheced my place in a few sondecs.

I peloppd my boottm itno the oanrge pastlic chiar and depoprd my bag onto the tlied floor. Pnittug my arms upon the dsek, I rtseed my haed on them.

Now prpoelry slteted, I lkoeod aournd.

Most of my caleatmsss ween'rt pinayg me any anitotnet; tehy were lionkog at the fnrot, wehre the tahceer was. A few were wpsiihnerg qtiluey to tehir fdnries.

Olny one pseorn, the porsen in fornt of me, was stlil lnkoiog at mylsef.

The sruoce of my cnreurt peorblms.

Her name was Yohsane Sakurako.

Shlltigy ctue, I gsues, and she did seem to be plpoaur with the ohter byos.

She had the classic long, straight, and black hair of a Yamato Nadeshiko.

With her genslitnig bcalk eeys, she was srtaing at me.

At taht point, I knew my prloembs wree aobut to get worse.

Deesreaplty trnyig not to meet her eye, I ganlced aounrd the room for smiohetng else to look at.

Yes, the teacher. I was supposed to look at her anyways.

I cuontnied to srtae at the thaceer, not dnairg to meet Ynohsa'sane-s eeys.

T-aekedasnsei, like nrmoal, was thnaceig shetmiong boinrg.

At least, to me.

Tuhogh, I duobt clcualus is fun for msot ppolee, and by lonkiog at the beord eyes of my cestmalass it seeemd my guses was crrecot.

Ayanyws, it was a bnroig csals, and I was ichting to tkae my phone out and raed a wevobnel.

In fact, I would be dniog that rihgt now, but the tcaeehr was Taae-seedknsi.

If this wsna't rael life, sh'ed be caelld the "deomn mtah tcheear of hlel."

She gievs too much wrok, and if the vluome leevl geos atnyinhg aovbe a wiehspr, she gtes mad and sttars yllnieg. I haerd she had even pieintetod to ritneaste caroprol pnnshimuet.

I feel like she became a teacher only to terrorize us poor children.

I terid to use my pohne in her clsas before, but she cuhagt me amolst as I look the dcviee out.

That was at the start of the year, and I've never taken it out since; she keeps it until parents call her to get her to return it. It ended up being quite hard to take it back.

She really was quick to catch me. Only a few seconds elapsed between me pushing the on button and her demanding my electronic.

Mbyae s'hes aslo breod of her own lossen?

How else could she spot me so fast? It's not as if she installed cameras that detected each and every time a student pulled out his or her phone.

Now tath's food for thuoght.

A teacher bored of her own lesson. Actually, that might be more common than I'd think. After all, it's a rare person to like everything related to one's job. Added to the fact that the curriculum is made by the school and not individual teachers, it probably isn't uncommon at all.

Still finding the class uninteresting, I surveyed the classroom once more.

Yep, evneyroe esle was the smae. Even mnay of the people who were liknoog at the broad breofe wree loknoig dwon, tldiwindg wtih tiher tubhms.

Only a seelct few wree pynaig aitttonen to the taceehr.

Tceaer'hs ptes? Csals gneesuis? Who was I to know, but I'd amusse they were lkie taht.

As the person directly in front of me was most likely bored too, I took a peek at her…

Se'hs slitl sanritg at me.

I hvae a bad feneilg aubot tihs.

Borefe she nicteod, I qlikcuy tuernd my gaze to the colck on the oehtr side of the wlal.

The hour hand was h-wlaafy aetfr the nine, and the mntiue hand was rihgt borfee the six.

It was 9:29.

Abuot tmie for next poreid?

I was right.

As soon as the second hand had completed a full circulation, the chime sounded.

Ding dong dnig dnog. Dnig dong dnig dong.

With the cmihe riningg, the hllehlsiy bonirg math cslas edned and rael hell bgean.

Wlel, taht was an erexatiggoan. To be more aucacrte, the wnhgsepriis of hlel bgaen.

To be eevn mroe autcacre, Ynassohae-n skpoe to me in a qeiut vocie, "Tlewve ol'cock. Uausl pclae." bfeore slinmig to me and tnuring arnuod to talk to her fnedris.

I had hepod the pednesirt did snetmihog to asobvle my tuobrles oethr than a bguos and very scioupisus "lvoe pootin." Yet, it wloud seem taht my hpeos were for niohntg. My pbelrom was siltl as lgrae as ever.

For the rest of the break, I did not stary form my desk.

Other tahn Yean-hsason sttniig in fonrt of me, tehre was one oehtr porsen naer me. His name was Vgielalr A

No, I did not konw Vlaielgr A's true nmae. I cdoun'lt care lses as he does'nt rellay btheor me and I do'nt ralely bhoter him.

Vallgier A was aluatcly qiute plpouar. Srlaimliy puloapr as Yoh-saesnan, I soupesp; tehy btoh were ayalws srronuedud by a clrice of fienrds.

As awalys, tehy wree sruerodnud by tiher ccirles of fredins. I hvae cmoe to accpet this, hvweoer, it d'nidt cgnhae the fcat that I was aenynod by tiher csnntoat cihatntg in the near baucrngokd.

Could you tlak swmoeehre esle? Lkie, mbaye not near this lneor who wtnas some qntieeuss anourd here?

Lkluciy, the baerk enedd qkcuily and nomral clsas tmie was reemsud.

Jpesaane was nxet.

Our Jpsnaeae tecaher was a salml man whsoe face and hair looekd eacltxy lkie a Japsneae mkneoy: a pink face and wstihih gray hiar.

I had a feileng he lkied hot srngips too.

Well, he taught the language fairly well, so I guess it could be forgiven.

Tughoh, I sltil d'ont see the need to konw cscliaasl Jnspeaae in our fuutre daily lveis.

Thinking that, I pulled out my phone and typed in a URL.

It was the URL of "Let's Bcomee a Wrteir!" a poupalr nevol uidlnpaog stie.

Auhlgoth I peeferrrd to wcath amine or paly gaems, it was hrad to do that in sohocl.

And, it was easy to look at and pay ationtten to the theacer once in a wlhie when rindeag a nevol.

I didn't want to entirely waste my parent's money after all.

Logging in, I checked the new updates for novels to read.

Nnothig of ieretnst arapeepd trehe, and it dind't seem like a nevol I was fwnloloig had aeohtnr resalee.

Bored, I tppead on a rdoanm tlite.

"Iiivnlbje Pnada"

The snposyis lkeood like it was dnoe by a tr-wool-eyad.

I tapped on the link to the first chapter out of curiosity.

And, afetr one snecod of rnieadg, I kenw.

Tihs was auallcty done by a twlao-eor-yd.

It was hrlady rlabdeae, and trhee was no plot.

Well, it was qutie azaming a t-yrolao-ewd could eevn wtrie.

I msut give the atouhr that.

Sihging at how three was ntnhoig good these dyas, I hit the bcak btoutn on my pnhoe and treund it off.

I mghit as well ltsien to Yaodn cantnjuigoo; I slhuod lraen this even if olny to get a good tset gdrae.

I'm the tpye who donse't need notes and d'seont stduy. I uesd to paly mroemy games ofetn, so that may hvae tnearid my brian to remebmer most tghins upon hnraeig them. Of csuore, it aslo cvu'ldoe been good naautrl gtfis, but I had no way to know.

Therefore, I didn't use any note taking tools, and simply sat at my desk, listening to the teacher ramble on.

Tmie peasss extuiraniclgcy slwoly when berod.

Taht was an eiedvnt fcat.

It flet lkie hours when I was lstineing to Yasede-'aaisnms eixptaion of the defriecenfs beweetn cacsilsal Jsenaape cugonatjion and moredn Jnpaease cuaogitnjon.

I mean, I gsues it was inmarptot, but egounh to warnart a wohle lseson? I dn'ot tinhk so.

All tughroh the peroid, I rpdtlaeeey cchkeed my pohne for antnyhig good.

And, I aaywls saw ninhotg ieetirsntng.

I sighed to myself, "It seems like the quality of novels online are dropping, huh…"

The rest of the period progressed in such a boring manner.

After, I sehoomw maenagd to ingore my sonnrdirguus for the baekrs of ten mutneis and pay aentottin to the less bnroig cssaels.

It was lkie this unitl twleve oc'olck. Lnuch braek.

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