Summoning The Holy Sword Chapter 7

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Metz was sitting next to the fire with an embarra.s.sed expression. His fat face showed signs revealing helplessness and depression. No matter how frustrated and angry he became, he couldn't find someone to blame. On the other side of the fire, Rhode was resting quietly beside a tree trunk. His eyes closed. Leiya was nearby, silently preparing food. Although her expression looks very calm, her swollen eyes spoke otherwise.

Not sure if he can be considered lucky or unlucky. This fat businessman, along with Rhode and Leiya, were the only ones to survive the fall. Thankfully, as a merchant, he often carried some life-saving magical items on himself. When the s.h.i.+p broke apart, his Guardian Pendant finally showed its worth. Hence, he was the least injured of the three here. Rhode had fought a tough battle and coupled with the fall, was quite beaten up. Leiya had suffered a dislocated right shoulder and a damaged foot. Only the fat merchant was more or less alright. Besides a little bruise and a bit of dizziness, everything was normal.

If it were an average person, Rhode's injuries would be enough for them to be bedridden for months. Fortunately, Leiya is a Healer and taking care of injuries was her specialty. After some treatment, everyone’s situation improved. Rhode, however, still required some time to completely restore himself. Even this would be very good news for him. Considering his original injury and that fierce fight, it’s lucky he’s not dead or crippled. But this was very surprising for Leiya who knew the true extent of his injuries. She never would have thought that Rhode’s physique would be so durable.

In fact, even Rhode was secretly surprised at himself. Although he already noticed during the battle that his body was not in line with human attributes, the results were too exaggerated. After all, with such a heavy injury and a devastating fall, he’s not a Barbarian, right?

But there was one more thing on Rhode’s mind. This blonde girl’s strange. Based on common sense, she’s undoubtedly a delicate girl. Furthermore, she’s a healer. If Rhode could survive because of his non-human durability than what about her? There is no way it could be a simple coincidence.

This thought lingered until Rhode remembered the faint gold within her blue eyes. Yes, he was right, there was no way it could be luck.

“Um… Mr. Rhode?”

Metz rubbed his hands together as a hint of a smile emerged.

“What do you think we should do next?”

After rescuing Metz, the three searched the remains of the s.h.i.+p. However, they still found no survivors. To avoid their companion’s corpses from becoming food for the beasts in the forest, Leiya proposed cremation. Leaving Metz disheartened as he looked at all the valuables left behind. However, looking at the gloomy-faced girl and the indifferent Rhode, he had to reluctantly accept the decision.

After that, they took a day to rest quietly within the forest. After the attack by the wind-snakes, the fat merchant became like a frightened bird. Before, he had labeled the wind-snakes as only a small probability. A threat so small that it was practically nonexistent. But now, he had completely changed his mind. That guess was one hundred percent accurate!

Furthermore, he heard that the Forest of Night was inhabited by man-eating wolves and strange birds.

Once bitten, twice shy.

Thinking of these dangers, the fat merchant’s forehead released large beads of sweat. Although he was a pretty good merchant, he was not fond of risks. Now looking at the dense trees and bushes, it was enough to send his legs quivering.

Now that his only magical item was broken, he had no option but to rely on others.

Although this blonde girl was pleasant and obedient, she lacked a.s.sertiveness and had no combat power to speak of. By the time something actually happened, it would’ve been too late. Leaving Metz to rely on Rhode’s protection. Although Metz was not a fighter, Rhode’s performance was very eye-catching. At the very least, he had some outstanding strength.

As for Leiya, she was still feeling depressed from losing her companions that she didn’t mind such a thing.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Metz.”

Looking at the merchant’s anxious face, Rhode sighed and shook his head. Although this fat merchant was somewhat vulgar, Rhode didn’t have any enmity with him. After all, if he didn’t order the s.h.i.+p to stop and rescue him then Rhode may have simply died right then and there. Therefore, Rhode still viewed him favorably.

“I am very familiar with this Forest of Night. In our current area, we are unlikely to encounter any particularly dangerous beasts. You can rest a.s.sured.”

Rhode’s statement was not groundless. In the game, the Northern Plains of Parfield always served as a gathering place for novice players. So, Rhode was naturally familiar with the monster distribution in this area. Ironically enough, the most threatening existences in the plains were the large groups of wind-snakes. If players stumbled onto a sizable group then it would a nightmare for most melee and PvP-focused the Forest of Night was somewhat different. Wind-snakes don’t often come here, however, that doesn’t mean the danger is reduced. The most dangerous existences here are the Silver Wolves. Unlike the wind-snakes, the silver wolves prefer to act alone.

Now that he’s killed the wind-snake lord, he gained 3,000 experience. Raising him up to level 8. The levels of beginners are designated levels 10 and below. He should be fine so long as it’s not another rare elite-cla.s.s lord monster. Furthermore, he’s confident in avoiding the monster nests. He’s not one of those reckless players who doesn’t read the quest map and go running the area blind as drunk squirrels. After all, he’s known as the “Walking Library” for a reason.

“Okay. Alright, alright.”

Hearing Rhode’s answer, Metz nodded fiercely and tried to calm down. Taking out his handkerchief and wiped his forehead with it. Finally taking a moment to let out a long and contained yawn. Due to his high anxiety, he did not sleep that entire day. Even the sound of wind and the rustling leaves were interpreted as distant howls. This just goes to show how nervous he was. But now that he has ample protection, he could finally curl up beside the fire and comfortably close his eyes.

Feeling the onset drowsiness, the fat merchant soon fell into a deep slumber.

After determining that the fat merchant was fast asleep, Rhode, who was sitting quietly beside the fire, stood up. Glancing around and then turning to walk into the depths of the woods.

Summoning The Holy Sword Chapter 7

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