Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner Chapter 13

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Posted on January 18th, 2018Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 13

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Innate Feng Shui Eyes (3)

YuQing had not paid attention to the changes in her expression or thoughts and continued to lead her forward. They arrived at another grave situated on barren land, surrounded by bare spots of withered grass.

This grave, Yang ZiMei was also familiar with it but it's because it's the resting place of her great grandfather. Last year, on a bright and clear day, she followed with her grandpa and father to sweep the grave.

"Sweetie, carefully examine this burial ground."

"Hm, master."

Yang ZiMei looked at the grave with a somewhat heavy mood.

A few moments later, the view in front of her gradually changed. She saw a blood red mist above the grave. Moreover, it's formed a sharp blade stabbing into the grave.


She suddenly felt something clog in her chest and spit it out in one breath. Then weakly sat on the ground.

"Sweetie, what happened?"

YuQing saw her abruptly go pale and spit blood. He quickly went to check her pulse and found it unstable as if she'd received an internal injury.

How would she suddenly receive an internal injury?

YuQing full of doubt looked at Yang ZiMei's pale little face, held her little hand and transferred some of his inner strength over to her.

Receiving her master's inner strength slightly eased Yang ZiMei as she caught her breath. When she turned toward the grave again, the sharp blade made of blood red mist was no longer there. It was only a lonely and depressed barren grave under the sunlight.

Even if she's never studied feng shui or geomancy, she'd still indistinctly know the scene before was of a very ominous bearing.

No wonder a year later, her own family would face destruction. It's because the feng shui of her ancestral grave had these problems.

"Sweetie, how did you suddenly get an internal injury?"

"Master, that…… is a grave of my family."

Yang ZiMei's tone still showed signs of weakness, "The problem in your question, what is it about?"

YuQing's expression turned serious, "The area around here is ashen and withered where plants can't grow, a place without vitality like this shouldn't be used as burial ground. Besides, the influence of the mountains is severed. Vitality flows within the earth's vein, once those are severed, so is the vitality. In addition, this area is also a towering crag with peculiar protruding rocks, a place that forms resentment and much bloodthirst. It's a highly ominous place, the dead wouldn't find peace which would affect the living and they would……"

He didn't continue but looked at Yang ZiMei with a woeful expression, as if foreseeing her future to be how sorrowful and unfortunate.

At least Yang ZiMei understood that red form of a sharp blade was ominous.

"Master, what should we do? Can we break the malignance?"

"The malignance is too heavy; this priest is not strong enough. The only solution is to relocate the grave. Sweetie, master will descend the mountain with you and convince your family to relocate the grave." (1)

"Thanks master!"

"However, let's first seek a place of fortune." YuQing surveyed the surroundings, then turned to Yang ZiMei, "You are already familiar with the theories of feng shui and geomancy, now try and put it to practice. Let's see if you can seek out a dragon acupoint, a feng shui point of fortune for your family that will safeguard them."

Yang ZiMei nodded and employed a ki technique to regulate her breathing for her internal injury. Then she stood and began to search around the mountain.

YuQing followed behind, not saying a single word.

Finally, Yang ZiMei came to a stop on an area of the mountain.

This place. The North side has a multitude of continuous steep mountains. The South has complimenting low mountains and small hills both far and near. The left and right are embrace by a ring of mountains, protecting all sides. The central areas are clearly divided, topography is spacious, and there is a bending river encircled around.

1. Hmmmm. Closest thing I can come up with for 凶煞 is malignance. Like an aura/gathering of negativity.

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Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner Chapter 13

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