Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner Chapter 37

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Posted on May 27th, 2018Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 37

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The Insane Woman in the Hospital (1)

"Ah — —"

From outside the patient room suddenly came an extremely sharp and miserable cry like the wails of ghosts or howls of wolves. It made everyone in the hospital tremble with a chill on their backs. A number of the braver ones began to rush outside to see.

Yang ZiMei didn't care for her father's opposition and strolled out.

At the end of the hospital corridor, she only saw a woman in a spacious white hospital gown, thin but not uncared for, disheveled hair, jumping up and down, screaming and yelling. A couple nurses and doctors scrambled to hold her down arms and legs to inject a sedative.

But it was useless, she continued to jump around. Moreover, that thin and small figure seemed as if it contained boundless energy, the nurses and doctors actually weren't able to hold her down and she struggled free.

She ran all over like a maniac. The observers who saw her coming, dodged one after another.

Yang ZiMei discovered that on the woman's body was shrouded a very thick layer of malignant qi which caused her confused state of mind.

She was so concentrated that she forgot she was standing in the middle of the corridor. As she saw that woman was about to rush towards her and right before the crash, someone suddenly reached out and pulled her away.

She stumbled and crashed into an embrace.

Warm, with a familiar grassy fragrance.

"Really stupid!" From above her head came a low scolding sound. Although the sound belonged to a youth's voice changing period, it was actually quite pleasant to hear, as if a high-quality violin gently played.

She turned her head and met that pair of long and narrow phoenix like eyes, jet black pupils floating a tinge of blue, on that unparalleled handsome face appeared a rebuking smirk.

It's him!

Her heart panickily skipped half a beat.

Since the previous time where she woke up in the hotel, she thought she wouldn't see him anymore and now, they've met again.

Her delight was like the tide, spreading through her, making her can't help but narrow her eyes as she smiled.

Seeing her smile, his heart was as if one heard the blooming of flowers, the hand that held hers slightly tightened.

In the recent days, he discovered that he constantly missed her small soft figure. In his mind swayed her defined yet mature and profound brilliant star like eyes. [1]

That woman running in a craze was held again by some stronger built nurses and was bound with bed sheets.

"Let me go, let me go, I want you all dead……"

The woman was crazily shouting and screaming.

"Mom — —"

A clear but also sorrowful child's voice called out. A little boy dropped the Transformers in his hands, rushed over, threw himself into the woman's arms, and bawled.

That boy was actually Min Gang!

That woman's state of mind seemed completely deranged, simply unable to even recognize her own child. She constantly twisted her body, even bent her leg and kneed Min Gang in the chest, knocking him to the side.

Min Gang was in pain and frightened as he continued to crawl on the ground, crawling to one of the firmly bound woman's leg, crying, "Mama, don't be like this, I'm your little Gang, mama — —"

His cries were extremely miserable, making the observers' heart sour as they inwardly sighed at such a pitiful child for having an insane mother.

Yang ZiMei felt her heart constrict, unbearable to the max.

Let alone Min Gang, even if it was an unknown child, her heart would still sour because there's no other who's fully tasted the grief of losing family than her.

The malignance on Min Gang's mother was so heavy. She didn't know if it was due to the death god's arrival, if she was cursed by a supernatural arts user with ill intentions, or if her body was originally very frail and coming to the hospital where malignance was especially heavy resulted in it getting drawn into the body which became this current state.

1. He (and some others) usually describes her eyes as being defined between black and white which could also be referencing to how younger people split things as either right or wrong while an older person would have more "muddled" eyes. Anyways, that's my take on why ppl keep bringing up that phrase and then combining it with saying 'but it's mature too'.

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Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner Chapter 37

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