Swain Hakushaku Reijou no Chiisana Oujisama Chapter 27

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I saw something precious.

Not wearing the uniform, but a black tailcoat, Yurii-sama was nervously sitting on top of my lap. We were traveling in a carriage.

Completely red, he told me that he had to go because this was the first time a party was prepared for him.

Moreover, when we arrived at the Roderick estate, he had completely gone back to normal. He couldn't show Dia and His Highness Prince Alan a shameful appearance, so he went back to his usual imposing att.i.tude.

The ones waiting for us in front of the mansion were my father who had arrived before us and Dia;s otousama. Dia helped Yurii-sama descend from the the carriage, and the one who supported me was Father.

「Long time no see, William! Did you get chubbier?」

「Really… What are you going to do if you get any bigger?」

I sighed while criticizing Father along with Yurii-sama who was being carried by Dia. Why would you even stand besides Duke-sama, of all things? I realized just how unfair the world was, making me want to cry.

Dropping his gaze to the ground, Father somewhat looked like he was going to cry. I wonder if I said too much.

「Don't tease your otousama, Mira. You need to give him your greetings and a hug first. Even if you're stubborn, you always talk about the count, so you probably like the count.」

I stared at Dia who had a wry smile on his face.


「These days, you are becoming gloomier and gloomier. When you're like this, you immediately talk to me like I'm a child, say unnecessary things, humor me as if you know everything about me, have a slightly condescending att.i.tude, and proudly smile as if you know everything. Do you know those traits are disliked by women? This is why you're disliked by Al and looked down on by Yurii-sama. If you were younger, you would immediately be treated like a child.」

「When you hit the bulls-eye, you become poisonous-tongued.」

I was upset with Dia whose smile never faltered.

「I didn't treat Mira like a child. I only see you as a woman.」


It wouldn't be good if Yurii-sama was affected by the impact, so I hit him on the back.

「When Mira is hiding her embarra.s.sment, you would hit people」

「You're wrong! Please hurry up and take Yurii-sama inside! Everyone is waiting.」

Hai hai, the smiling Dia carried Yurii-sama, and promptly entered the mansion. Recently, Yurii-sama has gotten completely used to Dia, and when he separates from me and if Dia was there, he would even say that he didn't mnd. It's getting increasingly mortifying.

And, more importantly.

I had completely forgotten that DUke-sama was here and I had hit Dia. when I nervously looked up at Duke-sama, somehow, he was happily smiling.

「I have neglected to come pay you a visit, Duke-sama. I apologize for the delayed greetings. Also, to even provide the venue for today…」

「You doing well is the most important thing. What, if it's a request from you, I'd be happy to grant it. My son is also in your care.」

「No…I'm the one who's being taken care of.」

Duke-sama looked fondly at the still retreating figure of Dia. What should I do? It was simply wonderful. I really want a painter to memorialize this moment right now.

「No matter how much time pa.s.ses, it's as if he's still a child.」

「Judias-sama is? Impossible! That person is…always leaving me behind and has become an adult. He is someone who is too good for me…」

Duke-sama laughed out loud, which was rare.

「It is unmistakably impossible. He is just a good actor. Since he was young, because he wanted to captured that which he desperately desired, he became unable to see those around him. Looking at him, it seems that he has improved though.」


「No, it's something that you don't need to think too hard on.」

Duke-sama was in such high spirits that he was humming a melody as he leisurely followed Dia and walked back towards the mansion.

Left behind, were Father and I.

Chewing on his words, Father was acting as if he wanted to ask me something.

「If it's okaasama, then she's here. Why don't you make up with her today?」

Of course, the main event was Yurii-sama's birthday party, so I'll be troubled if he forgot about that.

Nevertheless, Father only nodded his head and was still chewing on his words.

「Are you getting along with the Duke's son?」

「Saa…I wonder.」

Finally looking towards me as he spoke, Father looked a little sad.



「If, you, say that you don't want the betrothal after all,  I will talk with the Duke about it. You don't need to worry about it.」

I gave a small smile.

「Why now? Even though it's already been decided many years ago.」

「I had thought that, it would be fine if you liked the Duke's son. However, I can't let you suffer any more than this. Furthermore, if you go through with a wedding that you don't want because of my misunderstanding, I would be too ashamed to face you.」


Father was also impatient. The same as me. It was brushed off because it was something that wasn't going to happen anytime soon, but both Dia and I were going to graduate soon. Because of that, the reality of the betrothal was quickly donning on us.

According to Dia, it seems that Father respected my opinion, so he had rejected the matter of the betrothal at one time, and took it into consideration. Because of that, when he saw Dia and I together for the first time in a while, he decided to resolutely confessed.

「So you were aware that you were making it hard for me. Something like being too ashamed to see me, it’s already been like that a long time ago. How troublesome, otousama.」

When I supported Father’s arm with my hand, he was slightly trembling.

Actually, Father, didn’t have the courage to give his opinion to Duke-sama. If I actually said that, I didn’t want the betrothal, Father would definitely talk about unnecessary things while regretting it, but in the end, for the sake of his daughter, he would go to talk with Duke-sama.

However, Father was my father.

For him to think that I liked Dia, it was because he often watched over me, right?

「Please do not worry. I am, properly betrothed to the person I like, and will become husband and wife with the person I like.」

「I see…」

Father’s s.h.i.+vering calmed down.

He gave a strange laugh.

「Do you even need to bother with something like being ashamed? We’re parent and child after all. No matter how disappointing you are, I’m otousama and okaasama’s child, right?」


「However, as for it being difficult for you to face me, there might be times where you would want to hear about my matters and not just okaasama’s…that’s a lie. Please forget about it. I said that it was a lie. Don’t laugh!」

Carrying a lot of presents, Yurii-sama was staggering while making his way over to me. Letting go of Father's arm, I rushed over to Yurii-sama who was coming towards me. It may be bad manners, but there were only relatives around for today, so I would like it if you overlooked it.

「Mira! Mira! This, is from Claire, this is from Colt, also, this is from the twins, this is from Lydia, this is from the Duke…」

「Yes, yes, let's put them down one by one.」

Talking happily with his cheeks bright red, Yurii-sama was, as if all of them were precious, giving them to me to hold, setting them down on the floor, and giving me an explanation of them.

It seems that everyone was in high spirits and prepared a present. Yurii-sama opened each and every one of them and he looked like he was looking forward to the surprise.

The Roderick father and son, Father, Mother, and I, the Mayford family, as well as His Highness Prince Alan. These were all of today's guests.

I had also invited Dahlia, but I was told that she should not meet Count Swain who she's caused trouble to by any means. I was also insensitive. That child was one of the guests who would find it difficult to come here. In regards to Cain, maa, since he wouldn't come even if I invited him, I teased him.

For Al, I asked him to bring his younger brother with him, but he indirectly refused by saying that he didn't want to meet Father or Dia.

Because it would be difficult for my friends A, B, and C and my other friends from the men and women's dormitory to come to the Duke house, I was not able to invite everyone.

And if Dahlia wasn't coming, then His Highness Prince Gilbert wasn't either….

「What about otousama?」

「Aah…Your Highness, here is my present to you.」

The present that Father gave to him was most likely a book. It was obvious from how it was wrapped.

「Ara…fufu…. Father gave me a book, for my sixth birthday as well. We're the same.」

It was thick, and the size was about the same, so perhaps it was the exactly the same book. It was a collection of fairy tales that Father gave to me when I had finally been able to read letters.

It might be too easy for Yurii-sama, but he was a child who surprisingly didn’t know any childish things like fairy tales, so it was a good present.

「Reallyyy? We're the same!」

Hugging me tightly, Yurii-sama was extremely adorable. I can't breathe. I need oxygen.

「Let's read it together afterwards. Mou! Mou, so adorable! Mou, I like you, mou!」

「Mira…it hurts.」

「I'm sorry.」

I had choked him. I'm sorry.

「Yurii-sama, did you say thank you?」

「He said it–, Yuriel-sama.」

Mother took Yurii-sama from me while smiling and rubbed their cheeks together.

「Please stop it. Please give him back to me. I have a disease where I can't breathe if I don't hug Yurii-sama.」

Laughing loudly, Mother cruelly said 「Although you're my child, aren't you a foolish child」. How cruel.

「Mirchan will be fine if you were hugged by Dia, righ–t?」

「No! I won't receive any benefits! It wouldn't be enjoyable! Please give him back! Okaasama too should be fine if you stick to otousama!」

「I don't want tooo, that good-for-nothing.」

Aah, mou! Father's crying.

「That's true. How about it, why don't the good-for-nothing return?」

「Colt-ojisama! I'll get angry!」

「It was a joke, Mira.」

I was forever in ojisama's debt, but please don't gang up on Father and tease him. The person himself was also aware that he was a hopeless case. Don't drive him up a wall any more than this.

「Then, can Miranesama hug Hanna?」

「Maa, Hanna. Of course.」


Landing on the floor, Yurii-sama jumped and climbed onto me. Adorable, he's so adorable.

「Today is my birthday! The only one Mira can hug is me!」

「However! Miss Swain is not the only one who has the power to hug you.」

「I'm terribly sorry, Your Highness Prince Alan. That's something that only belongs to me.」

Ne—, the two people's foreheads leaned against each other. We ignored His Highness Prince Alan who was burning with jealousy.

「How lively.」


Duke-sama and Dia were looking on at the side.

「Recently, you've been treating me terribly! Yuriel! Come over here!」

「What a idiot. There's no way I would go.」

Yurii-sama was exceedingly calm. How cool.

「Why don't we go eat? Look, they've even prepared a cake that's bigger than Yurii-sama.」

Lydiobasama was going around, and displaying the dishes that were prepared. Everyone had contributed and prepared them, but for the most part, the chefs were following obasama's instructions.

The one who prepared it was obasama who had excellent artistic sense, so if you want to take a look, the wonderful dishes were all lined up side by side.

「Hahaue is in very high spirits. I helped too though.」

「Ara. Reiss inherited your okaasama's good points, you have a promising future.」

When I was about to pat Reiss' head, Yurii-sama puffed up his cheeks, so I patted him once and then stopped.

Yurii-sama liked sugary sweets. He doesn't like vegetables, so I wanted them to be finely minced. It seems that Yurii-sama was completely satisfied with the cuisine that took into consideration all the requests that I had.

He was extremely adorable when he was happily blus.h.i.+ng as he shoved a large amount of food into his mouth, when he chatted with ojiisama and Father, when he admired Mother and obasama, when he fiercely competed with the twins in a game, when he teased Dia, and when he was probing Duke-sama cautiously, and in between, he would come over to me and tell me his thoughts.

If Yurii-sama wasn't such a social b.u.t.terfly, then he wouldn’t have had so much fun.

When Mother blatantly kept Father at a distance and saying sarcastic things in a voice that was loud enough that he could hear, ojisama started teasing Father, obasama and Mother started teasing Dia, and ojisama joining in as well in the end. Thanks to the childish adults, he might've, more or less, become uncomfortable though.

I was entrusted with the present from Dahlia and His Highness Prince Gilbert (Dahlia had strongly emphasized that it was from the both of them, and His Highness Prince Gilbert nodded with a sour look on his face. It seems that the two of them picked it out, so I'll leave it like that), the present from Al, and the presents from Matilda, Melissa, Erika, as well as his new friends, so I'm going to give them to Yurii-sama before he gets sleepy. His cheeks happily turned red once again.

「Your Highness, this is something that I had been entrusted with by His Majesty.」

He received a letter and a small package from Duke-sama.

Yurii-sama received it with a complicated look on his face.

And so, it was getting late, as Yurii-sama sleepily rubbed his eyes.

「Mira…I'm sleepy…let's go home…」

Duke-sama shook his head.

「It's already late. The other guests are also staying over. We've already prepared Your Highness' room, so please rest there.」

Yurii-sama nodded once, but he didn't say anything else as if he was thinking about something.

「Is Mira in the same room?」

「If that's what you want, then why don't we do that?」

'Perhaps he doesn't want to?' was what I thought, but that didn't seem to be the case, as he once again stopped talking as if he was thinking about something. And then, when he raised his head again, he turned towards Dia.

「Just for today, I'll let you sleep with me and Mira.」

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