Swallowed Star Chapter 889

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Even though they didn't even say a word, hugging his wife in his arms, he could feel her warmth, their souls connected and they could feel each other's thoughts.

Luo Feng could feel the way she missed and loved him.

Xu Xin could feel his guilt and pain.

Gradually, the two of them enjoyed the silence between them and each other's warmth.

After awhile.

"Feng, don't make us worry, understand?" She looked up at him, saying softly, "I know you are exploring the universe, and a lot of things are out of your control. The path of a warrior is extremely dangerous, but…try your best not to enter dangerous regions."

"I understand." Luo Feng nodded, gently stroking her hair. "What do you think of Jian Ta emperor of the Luo Si family?"

"Luo Si family?" Xu Xin frowned. "After the matter got blown up, the Luo Si family was initially courteous to us. I heard that when he couldn't contact you, that was when they began to lose that courtesy and even tried to step above us."

"Since you became the disciple of the Primal chaos city leader, our family's strength flourished. We began to do business with almost everybody, it was good enough that we didn't bully anyone. Who would dare bully us?" She said.

Luo Feng nodded.

Doing business with the disciple of the city leader, all the undying families, official and emperors, many of them would be willing to lower their head rather than offend the Luo Family! This was simply the way of life, like how Luo Feng treated the city leader with utmost respect.

Back when he was weak and small, the first time he met Yan Zhu emperor, he felt weak and small against him.

The theory was the same.

At different levels of strength and position, the power one had was different.

"Even though Yu Xiang mountain has been filled with rumors of your death, Jian Ta emperor has been wondering if you really fell. When he couldn't contact you, his demeanor changed. But this doesn't justify him trying to bully our family." Xu Xin said, "Which family would dare do that? Even the royal family of the Gan wu universe country would treat us as equals."

"Your way of thinking makes sense." Luo Feng nodded.

Jian Ta had secretly allowed his family to do so. Even though it was cautious enough, from the negotiations it was clear they wanted to step over the Luo family. This was a slap in the face. As long as Luo Feng hadn't fallen, he needed to show himself!

"He's forcing me to show myself."

"It may very likely be so, to see if I'm still alive." Luo Feng said.

"Feng, your current position is different, there are many warriors from other races watching and waiting to kill you. This whole incident feels like there are some other races involved. You have to be careful." She said.

"Without enough benefits, who'd dare do such a thing?" Luo Feng nodded. "Relax, within human territory, they aren't worth worrying about."

"Hm." Xu Xin nodded, even though she was worried within.

"The Primal chaos city leader is looking for me, I rushed home as soon as I could. But, I have to go see him now. I'll be back later." He smiled. "Prepare for a reunion dinner later."

"Hm." She nodded happily.


Within the highest peaks of thunder island, a palace was engulfed in primal chaos energy, the city leader lived within.


Luo Feng appeared at the entrance, stepping in and walking along the deep pathways, where he couldn't even visible see the ends of the hallways. After awhile, he stopped.

"Teacher." He said respectfully.

A gold robed silhouette walked out from the energies. That powerful energy made him hold his breath, however his perspectives were higher now. Having seen the sitting mountain guest, he could feel that this teacher of his was stronger than Pu Ti, but obviously weaker than the great being.

"You've returned." The city leader's gaze was vast like space. He smiled, "It's good you are back alive. Looks like you've suffered quite a bit over the past 6,000 years."

"I did go through quite a bit." Luo Feng answered, remembering the days of the life or death inheritance, sighing within.


The city leader's eyes gleamed, carefully observing him. This made Luo Feng stunned, what was he looking for? This was the virtual universe, the bodies were all simulated. The most he could do was examine his consciousness and this could be easily felt. Afterall, how powerful was the city leader?

"Your consciousness has grown even stronger than before." He said shocked, "And you've gotten recognition from the space laws."

Luo Feng was stunned before he realized.

The recognition from the space laws was something he had gotten during the over 6,000 years of inheritance. When the mosha body could use teleportation, he connected with the universe laws and that was when he got recognized. All three bodies now had the mark on their forehead. When he connected to the virtual universe, the system scanned him and his forehead was naturally recorded.

"And it's a high recognition, you should be able to teleport." The city leader said shocked.

The law recognitions had different levels too.

Like the gold law, it could form a gold blade or even a gold mountain. Different imprints represented a different side of the recognition. And Luo Feng's forehead had many dotted stars appearing and disappearing, this was the highest of the three recognitions, one that only appeared with teleportation.

"How's your law comprehension?" The city leader asked.

"About the heavenly bridge's 20th level." Luo Feng replied respectfully.

In terms of strength, his law comprehension could indeed pass the 20th level. The main thing was that he relied on the Beast god presence. And his true strength, the Nan Shen seven forms and space laws, those were far from his Beast god presence.

"20th level?" The city glanced at him, "Your improvement is huge, and is even comparable to the top genius of humanity Ke Di and Shi Huo before."

"It's mostly due to luck." Luo Feng said.

"Luck and encounters are a part of strength as well." The city leader smiled. "You disappeared for over 6,000 years, there have been many rumors about you falling. Did it create any trouble for your family?"

"Some little trouble." Luo Feng replied, "I can handle it."

"The position in humanity is important, but strength is more important. Even though you are my disciple, if your improvement has been slow all this while and not representative of your status, others will look down on you." The city leader said. "Over these 6,000 years, you haven't shown your strength at all. When you find the time, go attempt the sector lord Sky mountain, if you succeed, your name and reputation will spread. Those little punks wouldn't dare mess with you anymore. Anyone who does, we can only suspect…whether they are linked to other races and are traitors of humanity."

Attempting sky mountain?

His teacher naturally referred to the primal region sky mountain, for which one required law comprehension of the 20th level to pass. In history, anyone able to pass this were all absolute pinnacle geniuses. Only after passing this sector lord primal region sky mountain would one truly be on the same level as Ke Di and Shi Huo knight and the others.

"Yes." Luo Feng replied.

"Knowing when to hold back is important, and so is knowing when to display your strength." The city leader said. "Like your Blade River emperor identity, you have to keep it separate from your Luo Feng identity. You even made an emperor limit your slave, if the other races know about this…they will spend huge amounts to kill you."

"Understood." Luo Feng nodded.

The news of Blade River having Heavy Arrow as his slave had long spread far and wide. Hence, the Primal chaos city leader naturally knew about it as well.

"I've already specially created a Blade River identity, from his youth to emperor level, with detailed information, without a loophole." The city leader said. "And when you pass the sector lord sky mountain, I will arrange for the Hong alliance to welcome you in. Then, you'll join as Luo Feng too. You'll have two slots."

"Thank you teacher." Luo Feng said gratefully.

"If you don't mind me asking, how can you use the Yan Shen armor, and how can you kill those emperors so easily?" The city leader looked at him, he had asked very gently. These beings had lived a long time, and they were clear that the geniuses tend to hide their special inheritance and treasures and not reveal them.

Everybody was selfish.

And because of that, they were able to strengthen themselves, working hard to protect their loved ones, and their race. These beings were clear that they couldn't force such questions, or the geniuses would turn their backs on them. The more of a genius one was, the more they were proud.

"I was naturally able to use the armor." Luo Feng replied.

"Naturally?" The city leader instantly understood, Yan Shen race, Earth race…

"As to killing the emperors. I relied on the armor, Sha Wu wings and the Fei Mo poison." He replied respectfully.

"When I first stepped into the outer region wars, I used the soldier armor. Later on, as my strength grew, I began to barely use the general armor." He said respectfully. Actually the city leader could see clearly through the army system that he began with a black armor and later switched to a silver armor.

That was after he had acquired the second black metal board on Yan Ji continent.

"As for being able to trigger the strength of the general armor, it's because…on Yan Ji continent, I successfully absorbed ten blood river crystals and became a black warrior." Luo Feng said respectfully. Secrets and trump cards were meant to be hidden, but there were some that he could reveal, he wouldn't be able to hide it for too long anyway.

"Black warrior?"

The city leader's eyes gleamed with some shock, after which he turned happily to Luo Feng. The black warrior was a legend even on Blood river continent, much less within humanity. Luo Feng didn't fully comprehend the importance of being a black warrior, however, just who was he speaking to? The city leader was very clear what the black warrior represented…

"Good, good good." He said three words, his attitude towards Luo Feng had risen obviously.

The stronger he got, the more the city leader naturally favored him.

Everything he did and acted was from the perspective of the entire race. The city leader was as such.

Swallowed Star Chapter 889

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