Swallowed Star Chapter 892

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"Have you seen it clearly?" Luo Feng looked at him.

Jian Ta was huge, standing beside Luo Feng, Luo Feng looked like a little child. However this absolute warrior of the Gold mist universe country was in a flurry. He had read through the list clearly and he was stunned. He had no sense of resistance, only remorse.

"I've seen it your majesty Luo Feng, your…I, I…" Jian Ta was stuttering.

The list had three simple requests.

The first one was that all of the Luo Si family's business and assets, 99% of it would be transferred to the Luo family, leaving only 1% for themselves. This was to be arranged within half a day for the transaction.

The second on was that the members involved in the scuffle between the families were to be sent to the Luo family to be dealt with.

The third request is that cash of one billion mixed elements as compensation.

"Even if you lose your family's 99% of assets, at least you still have 1% to survive." Luo Feng looked at him. "And I only want the members involved. Without these scum, it's actually beneficial to your family. As for the one billion mixed elements…a low emperor like you should be able to afford it."

"My three requirements all have some leeway. Since I haven't forced you too much, it's already considered me showing you kindness." Luo Feng said.

Jian Ta was about to cry.


My god!

99% of his family's assets, the huge amount of assets accumulated over the countless years were to be instantly transferred over, leaving a pitiful amount.

"Your majesty Luo Feng, I am only a low emperor. Many pinnacle officials' entire wealth doesn't even add up to one hundred million mixed elements. I'm only slightly stronger, and even if I sell all my treasures, it'll be hard to cough up so much." Jian Ta looked urgently at Luo Feng, begging, "Whatever you've requested, I will naturally do my best, but I simply cannot…"

Luo Feng looked coldly at him.

Jian Ta went completely silent from the look.

"Remember." Luo Feng said coldly, "These three requirements, you have to do all of them before this matter will be considered resolved! If you don't…you know the consequences."

Jian Ta was dripping with cold sweat.

"Understood." He nodded.

"Go on, I'll give you seven days to accumulate the one billion. As for the transfer of assets, you have half a day." Luo Feng waved his hand.

"Yes." Even though he lamented within, he had no choice but to leave obediently.

Luo Feng watched his bleak silhouette leave, within he laughed coldly. After being in the outer region wars for so long, he was very clear on a low emperor's wealth. Even though there were some low emperors that probably couldn't cough up so much, Jian Ta was the disciple of a knight!

To become a disciple of a knight, how could the knight not leave any treasures for him? Coughing up one billion shouldn't be too hard.


Virtual universe, Gold mist continent, within the Luo Si family's luxurious villa.

There was silence within.

Jian Ta sat alone in his throne, and his expression was dark. Within he burned with rage, and was incredibly regretful. "Back then I shouldn't have been greedy, ordering my underlings to act that way. I only got one hundred million mixed elements in benefits, and now I have to pay so much for it. This Luo Feng sure is vicious."

"This gamble was a failure." He cursed within.

When Luo Feng vanished, there were already rumors of him falling. They only spread a little initially, later on when there was movement within the Luo family, only then did people truly begin to suspect that he had fallen.

To check on this…

One could invade the Luo Family, by placing spies and using all sorts of methods.

There was one that used one hundred million mixed elements to get the Luo Si family to check on the Luo family. Afterall, Jian Ta controlled the entire family, having conflict with the Luo family…how could this entire thing be controlled by his seventh generation descendant. Jian Ta was behind it all along.

And he didn't dare offend Luo Feng, he simply had to let an errand boy do the deed, by checking on the Luo family and easily getting one hundred million, why not?

If Luo Feng had truly fallen…this would have been easy money.

If he hadn't fallen…Luo Feng wouldn't have come killed him over this. What's more, he hadn't shown himself all this while. Hence, he used his seventh generation descendant as a front, ordering from the shadows.

"Family leader."

"Family leader."

Over hundred upper echelon of the Luo Si family knelt down respectfully within the hall, their voice resounding within.

Jian Ta's expression was ugly as he looked at them, thinking, "That Luo Feng sure is vicious. He's clear that if he forced me into a corner I would flee to my teacher's side! Afterall, even though it may seem like a small problem from the surface, he has no power to force my teacher to hand me over, he wouldn't dare offend a knight easily."

"Right now, he's only pushing me to my limit, not killing me, but pushing."

"99% of my family assets will be possessed, seemingly kind enough to leave 1%. I'd rather he take all of the assets than have to fork out the one billion." He cursed. The largest assets of a family was the huge amount of wealth and the strongest warrior. Just like Luo Feng having a huge amount of wealth, bigger than the entire Luo family.

The hall was silent.

The upper echelon of the family all knelt there, Jian Ta simply gazed coldly, his killing intent rising.

"Swiftly organize a team to head to Black Dragon Mountain island's Nine star bay, go to the Luo family and transfer 99% of the Luo Si family assets to their family." He said solemnly, yet it was like a heavy hammer hitting all their chests, they were all stunned.



"Why doesn't he just steal it?"

"He is going overboard." They were all worried.

Jian Ta roared fiercely, "Shut up!"

They all went silent again.

"When the feud began, why didn't any of you stop it? And no one told me a thing?" He roared at all of them below. They all muttered within that no one would dare stop it back then, and there were two among them that had contacted Jian Ta before, but he had shut off his virtual universe network connection.

They couldn't reach him!

"Hurry and form the team." He roared.



The feud between the families was actually being observed secretly by someone, when Jian Ta gave out the orders to his upper echelon and roared. The news of this had spread within half an hour.

"The Luo Si family has submitted, look, Luo Feng is returning."

"99% of the family assets? That's probably just one of the requirements. Luo Feng sure is vicious, the entire Luo Si family probably has to migrate! This is a slap to the face, Jian Ta has no more pride left."


"Hahaha, this Luo Feng sure is soft and kind, he didn't even kill anybody. If it were me, I'd have killed Jian Ta immediately."

"Brother, Jian Ta may be hiding with Gold mist knight, killing him won't be easy."


"Elder, the Luo Si family is one of the strongest families in the entire universe country, and yet they are just going to disappear like that? They control so many many star fields and countless planets, is it just over?"

"Right, it's over."

"Then, then…"

"Child, remember! The most important thing of a family is its absolute warriors, like those middle level civilizations, they normally only have one normal undying. If the undying falls, the country would naturally fall. And the super families, even Jian Ta has to bow to them, they naturally have to sacrifice much to survive."

"Elder, looks like business and everything else is secondary, strength is the most absolute."

"Right, whether it's humanity or the countless other races, it's simple, the strong eat the weak! Our humanity is powerful and has countless resources and treasures. Even if the weaker races acquire some treasures, they would be snatched away. Hence, child, you have to work hard! A family with two absolute warriors…would have higher chances of surviving."

"Yes elder."


The huge number of starfields, countless planets, countless companies and assets were all transferred to the Luo family. This news was immediately known by many super families about. As time flowed, it created a huge wave, as the empires, families and organizations all began to know about it too.

They all felt that Luo Feng's tyranny and that his family wasn't one to be messed with.

"Dad, I respect you."




In Nine star bay, Luo Feng's family all gathered, including his brother Luo Hua and his wife and kids. Luo Hua only had one wife currently, yet he had nine kids. Afterall he didn't explore the universe like his brother…he naturally stayed in the family longer and had more children.

The large table was bustling.

"Haha…" Luo Feng stood up, laughing as he chatted and sipped wine.

"Ah Hua, I haven't seen you for so many years, you've gotten a few more kids." Luo Feng laughed at the group of youths.

"You disappeared for 6,000 years!" Luo Hua laughed as well.

Xu Xin glanced at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng was stunned.


It was his fault now for not paying enough attention to his wife. However he was now a sector lord. The stronger he got, the harder it got to have children. And Xu Xin's physique had changed, she would probably never bear children again.

The family ate happily and soon enough, the kids all left.

Luo Feng and Xu Xin chatted quietly.

"Xu Xin, the family requires a strong warrior to defend the family too. I'm preparing some undying plants." He said, Xu Xin stared at him. "Who knows how long we have to wait for you. Didn't you leave fifty billion mixed elements for the family before? The family has already discussed and decided on taking out a portion to nurture the current sector lord level nine cloud contact vines and star eating plant, making three of them to undying. Then we'll have official level strength."

Luo Feng was stunned.

"Alright." He laughed and nodded, "With regards to the family's safety, when I return from the outer region wars, I'll arrange again. I've stayed here long enough, I'll devote my time to settling the outer region war affairs."

"Go on, your work is important." Xu Xin said.

Luo Feng smiled.

He had spent a total of three days with his family this time, mainly to make up for the lost time. As to settling Tian Chen emperor? 6,000 years had passed. Hence, three days was nothing.

"Alright, I'll return when I'm done." He kissed his wife and smiled, vanishing as his consciousness left the virtual universe.

Swallowed Star Chapter 892

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