Swallowed Star Chapter 894

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The battle began instantly. Heavy Arrow immediately teleported beside Black Crow and almost simultaneously, one of the Qiu Jia brothers used space lockdown! Behind him, the two brothers had their shells swell up in thick armor, becoming like two fortresses.


The space shook as the two brothers were like two moving fortresses, pressuring the space around and attacking Heavy Arrow.

"Black Crow, deal with Blade River!"

"We can at most hold Heavy Arrow for awhile, you have to settle it fast." The two warriors communicated urgently.

"Relax." Black Crow replied.


When Heavy Arrow had teleported, Black Crow and Luo Feng had instantly begun to fight as well.

"This Blade River emperor, relied on the flame god crystal to kill Purple Clock and forced Heavy Arrow into a coma, becoming famous through that fight! His defense is heavenly, more powerful than normal emperor limits, and his blade is very powerful too, killing 10 emperors at a go, with one slash each. I cannot be slashed by him." Black Crow was very clear on Blade River emperor's information.

The fight that got him famous had long spread far and wide.

From that battle alone, everyone knew of his powerful defense. He was able to withstand even the strongest flame god crystal's explosion. Secondly, his blade was special, and it should be a special weapon. These two points showed one thing, which was that Blade River was very wealthy, with the strongest flame god crystal and a special blade.

"They are all external strengths, a soul attack would do the trick."

"Become my slave!"

Black Crow's jade green eyes gleamed with madness as he gazed at the distant Luo Feng, instantly unleashing an illusion. The invisible technique instantly passed through Luo Feng's general armor. But, its power was greatly weakened before entering his body.


His internal core had long formed a Beast god, a single horned beast with thick limbs and a long tail. This miniature beast god had a tower pearl around it. However, this illusion attack wasn't even enough for it to show itself. The Beast god howled and unleashed one of the four techniques of the Nan Shen seven forms, Beast god howl,

With powerful willpower and consciousness, this howl was extremely powerful.

The illusion was instantly dispersed.


Luo Feng released the six black balls in his left hand. Every one was about the size of a marble, and law engravings glowed on it. These six seemingly normal black balls…who would expect them to be the incredibly terrifying sealed stars, these were much more powerful than normal stars.

Striking a star would cause it to crumble.

However these black balls that were the size of marbles seemed ordinary.

With his powerful spirit energy triggering the six balls, they flew in a straight line fast as lightning straight at Black Crow.

"My soul illusion was actually dispersed, those six balls…not good!" Black Crow saw the black balls shooting at him, causing a thin slit in the space as it flew. This slit was incredibly fine, almost like a pathway being slit open, for the balls to fly through. How could Black Crow not be clear of what this meant?

Hu la!

Black Crow wanted to dodge, but the black balls were very fast. Even with the Sha Wu wings, Luo Feng wouldn't have been able to dodge them easily himself. Afterall, spirit weapons were much faster than a warrior.


Black Crow brandished a white peculiar shield, as the first black ball hit the shield with terrifying force. With a bang, the arm Black Crow used to wield the shield was already completely smashed behind. At the same time, the second ball had smashed into the shield.


The shield was tossed aside in a beam of light that vanished into the vast snow.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The four consecutive balls that followed, hit Black Crow's body. Even though he fought hard against them, the force from the balls was terrifying, striking his body hard. This was much stronger than any attack he had ever received in Zhong Zi star back then. His bones and muscles were all instantly shattered.

Chi! He spat out blood from within, blood stained his broken body.

However in almost an instant, his body had recovered completely.

"It's useless, a pinnacle emperor's undying body isn't so easy to destroy." He stared hard at the distant Luo Feng, "Mo Zhi howl!"


A terrifying soul attack instantly pierced through Luo Feng's general armor, but 90% of it was diffused. After which with the Beast god howl within, it was almost completely disperse, not even touching the Beast god itself, much less any damage.

Luo Feng was very satisfied within, "The star map's strength is indeed powerful, I didn't even unleash any wonders before, and purely used the strength of my consciousness and the six sealed stars alone. Even that was enough to make him unable to defend against it!"

The star map was a true treasure.

The many sealed stars were much more powerful than normal stars. Just pushing it with his consciousness and willpower gave it that much strength.

That experiment…made him incredibly satisfied.

This was the benefits of a true treasure, compared to the Sha Wu wings…this sealed star combination with the star map was actually even easier to unleash greater strength. In terms of control, it was as difficult as a true treasure would be, but its strength was extraordinary.

"Experiment complete, begin the hunt!"

He looked at the distant Black Crow and controlled the six black balls. The law engravings on their surfaces lit up this time, immediately triggering the universe laws. Within an instant, a giant projection of a huge Beast god appeared…

Only its right claw had the six balls gathered there, and the projection was incredibly distinct.

The Beast god's sky tearing claw!

"Isn't this Blade River known for his blade work?" Black Crow was terrified. The vast law energies from the six balls caused a huge surge in power…


The huge claw tore down and he was instantly shredded, the powerful claw sliced apart even the little fragments.

In the distance, Luo Feng's eyes gleamed at the sight, "Now!" A black ball appeared in his left palm, and this one was covered in a layer of purple light, it was coated in the Fei mo poison. The star map had absorbed hundred sealed stars, but right now just how many was he using?

Hence he had ten sealed stars specially coated in Fei Mo poison.


This purple light ball became a beam of light and shot at the recovering Black Crow. The countless fragments were gathering, and before he could take form, the black ball shot right through!

"Attacks are usel…ah, no!" Black Crow felt his god body attacked, instantly losing 52% of it, shocking him.

"Flee! Flee! Flee!"

He immediately communicated to his partners.

"Flee?" The other two fortress like Qiu Jia warriors were shocked. However, having been in the outer region wars for a long time, their reactions were fast, immediately turning and fleeing.


Black Crow lost more than half of his strength, as a powerful spirit energy permeated his body.

"10,000 soul control one" Luo Feng stared hard at him, unleashing his technique.

In his plan, to control Black Crow, he first had to deplete his strength to less than 10%, before using 10,000 soul control to forcefully control him.

This was an unavoidable thing.

If he wanted to force him into a coma, he would have to use the Fei Mo poison twice? However, each attack could destroy 30 to 80% at a go, and he had no way to precisely control its effectiveness. With two balls attacking Black Crow…it could cause him to fall instantly!

Even if his luck was good and the enemy was forced into a coma!

However, even if he did manage to control a comatose undying, would he spend over 100 billion mixed elements to recover him? To Luo Feng…spending so much for an undying slave wasn't worth it at all. Afterall, he already had Heavy Arrow.


In all, the best way was to rely on the poison during the first attack and make him suffer heavy losses. After that, forcefully use 10,000 soul control on him.

"My willpower is very strong."

"With the General soul assisting it!"

"Using 10,000 soul control, the power of it would naturally be exceptionally powerful, and this Black Crow's current strength is not even 10% of his full power. I hope I can succeed." Luo Feng used his full strength and stared hard at him, beginning to invade his soul.

Black Crow's body fell from mid air and landed in the snow, not moving at all.

However his soul…

Was currently engaging in a powerful struggle.

"Trying to control me? No! No! No! I'd rather fall, there's still a chance of revival. If I'm controlled, then there's no hope for revival at all."



He howled within, as his entire soul was madly struggling, finally breaking through Luo Feng's control.

"Explode!!!" The moment he broke free, he immediately self destructed.


The terrifying force instantly spread in all directions, covering the entire forbidden space. The vast snow was instantly reduced to nothing. Even the two Qiu Jia brothers were injured from it. As for Luo Feng and Heavy Arrow, they were naturally unharmed.

"I failed?" He stood in space, not even looking at the items left behind by Black Crow, only sighing, "To control an undying close to strength sure is hard. Strength, planning, and luck, I cannot lack in any of these."

"Master." Heavy Arrow said.

"Kill the other two." He ordered immediately.


Heavy Arrow flipped his hand and brandished an arc blade covered in purple light, rushing at the two injured Qiu Jia warriors.

Swallowed Star Chapter 894

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