Swallowed Star Chapter 670

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Luo Residence, Luo Feng brought Dylan and the others back home before he immediately locked himself in. He even ordered no one to disturb him unless it was an emergency.

Within the dark room, the sunlight that poked in reflected off a cold beam of light from the alloy metal ground.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged on the ground, back straightened, and eyes closed. His consciousness was completely within his internal world’s golden horned beast body.

Internal world.

In the center continent’s grass patch, a completely black, huge golden horned beast stood on its four legs. It’s body length reached over 600km, and when it stood straight up…from its claws to its back alone, the height reached over 400km. Its scaled wings could cover over 1,000km in area when spread.

This golden horned beast, if placed on earth, it’s back alone would reach up to space!

400km tall, if the head was included, it would be even taller.

The tallest mountain on earth was only just over 8,000 meters above sea level, and that was only sea level. Compared to this…the golden horned beast head’s horns far exceeded the highest mountain. In terms of body length, its torso length plus it’s over 600km long scaled tail…

As long as the beast rolled about in the asia continent, the entire continent would be smashed flat! The entire continent would sink!


Was a true mature space beast. A sector lord level 6 golden horned beast, currently its internal world had a diameter exceeding 60 million km, which was an incredibly vast world.

At sector lord level, the golden horned beast swallowing normal metals and evolving would normally take 1,500 years from level 1 to 3.

Levels 3 to 6, it would require 6,000 years.

Level 6 to 9, it would require 36,000 years.

As Luo Feng had prepared the best metal groupings, raising its efficiency to 50 times. The normal 7,500 years needed to reach level 6 had become 150 years now. Obviously, his time in Laos world had already exceeded that. Hence, the current golden horned beast and mosha body were both sector lord level 6!

The initial evolution was fast, as for the 7, 8 and 9 levels, they were much slower, even with 50 times efficiency, every level would still require 240 years!

"Even though I’m only sector lord level 6, however in terms of soul consciousness, im comparable to a sector lord level 8 or 9 human soul! Plus, I have extremely strong willpower control, hence I’m no weaker than a human sector lord pinnacle." Luo Feng thought, "That and my spirit energy amplitude reaching over 3,200!"

"When unleashing the 10,000 soul control, even normal human sector lord pinnacles are weaker than me."

"This time, I definitely have to succeed on my 1st try."

"Immediately enslaving the soul of the bug clan queen."

Black clothed Luo Feng floated in mid air beside the golden horned beast that was almost like a small planet. Gazing at the over 800m in diameter round ball mother nest, that ball which was filled with cavities emitted poisonous gases that filled the air, causing the grass around to rot and the surface of the ground to corrode.


"Time to begin!" Mosha Luo Feng headed down and sat on the grass cross legged, not moving at all as his consciousness went completely into the golden horned beast.

At this time!

The earth body and mosha’s consciousness were all transferred into the golden horned beast body, causing it to have all of its energy.

Chi chi…

The 4 thick and powerful claws, the beast gazed down at the mother nest, controlling some world energy to begin seeping in. The moment it entered, it discovered the mother nest was just like a beehive within with many caves and pathways. This was probably where large amounts of bug soldiers were produced.

Within the core of the mother nest, there was a 100 m diameter empty space.

And there was but one life sleeping there.

Her entire body was translucent, almost like a crystal formed soft body. She was about 12 m tall, with a pair of butterfly like wings. The wings wrapped about her fragile body, almost like a thin cloth. Her curvaceous body was simply a work of art. Even while asleep, her forehead twitched slightly, it made one feel sorry for her.

This was the bug clan queen!

A true member of the bug clan, it was the queens that formed the entire bug clan and dominated the universe, becoming one of the pinnacle races. Even if the human warriors were numerous as the clouds, the two races were still evenly matched.

"Bug clan queen, in terms of figure, her body is simply perfect. Even in her sleeping state, her charm is unbelievable." After the world energy swept past this absolutely perfect body of the queen, it seeped in and began to search for where her soul was.

The world energy became nothing, seeping through her body. The moment it entered, Luo Feng got a shock.

Within her body, it was sparkling and translucent, almost like countless energy light rays that formed within. The many pathways within along with a total of 10,000 light balls, these light balls were similar to a normal sector lord’s soul…the pearl core. However, as the construct of the bodies were completely different, the queen had 10,000 soul sources.

And these 10,000 light balls had countless light threads that formed a mysterious network.

A formless poison began to spread within.

"What a mysterious construct. It makes me feel like when I had first acquired the nameless manual. The network within her body is a lot like the universe networks." Luo Feng was stunned. However, the differences from the two were stark, the nameless manual imitated the universe revolutions while this turned the other way.

This was a special life form produced by the universe, it had a peculiar construct.

"To control her, I have to control all of her soul sources. No wonder teacher couldn’t do it back then. However, he was rather powerful in soul techniques, at least he managed to put her to sleep."

"Hm, begin!"


The golden horned beast gazed at the mother nest, simultaneously the world energy within the internal world began to swiftly unleash the 10,000 soul control’s 3rd level. Immediately the formless world energy swiftly formed peculiar threads and countless threads interweaved, swiftly forming a blood colored net that glowed with gold light.


The blood colored soul net flew out of the golden horned beast’s body and pierced into the huge ball, entering within the queen’s body.

The formless net spread open and invaded every one of the light balls. Immediately, the resplendent light network was covered in a layer of blood colored light. Countless blood colored threads entered every soul source. The queen hadn’t resisted at all, afterall she was still in her sleeping state.

"It’s good."


"I have to succeed."

The golden horned beast used its full energy to control the soul net. The countless threads that invaded the queen’s body got deeper. However, as it got deeper, it actually awakened the queen, during the deep invasion of her souls, Hu Yan Bo’s technique was broken.

And as her soul was in true danger, she immediately awoke and began struggling.

"She’s awake!"

"I have to succeed now."

At the critical moment, the golden horned beast which had long used all of its 3,200 spirit energy amplitude raised its head and howled. The 5 black horns on its forehead wrapped in complex gold engravings lit up and the light spread throughout its body.

Natural ability…strengthen!


The soul invasion net it had used on the queen immediately got strengthened and its control grew even more.

"Succeed!!!" Luo Feng was giving his all, his willpower and consciousness all pushed to their limits.


The queen let out a painful howl as she opened her eyes, revealing dark blue eyes, only her gaze was very afraid. After which, she gradually quiet down and her struggled expression turned to that of calm, her eyes were like jade water.


The 3 consciousness returned to their bodies.

In the grass patch of the internal world, black clothed mosha Luo Feng stood before the mother nest. Hu hu hu…he grew bigger and bigger, until finally becoming a 12m tall giant.


Almost like a breeze, the gentle silhouette flew out from the mother nest that emanated poisonous gas, after which she landed on the grass patch. Her butterfly like wings gently flapped, her moving blue eyes looked on at Luo Feng, almost like he was her greatest love. Her face emanated a dark mist, making it seem unclear.

"Master." The gentle voice that made one tremble within resounded, she bowed.

"Able to produce trillions of ugly bug soldiers and yet the queen is that beautiful. If people didn’t know about this before, who would have guessed?" Black clothed Luo Feng was shocked as he spoke. "Bug clan queen, do you have a name?"

"Master, I’m called Alina." The queen spoke.


Luo Feng nodded, "From today on I’ll call you Alina. You are already sector lord level pinnacle now, if you want to reach undying, what do you need from me?"

"Undying?" Alina’s eyes turned as she smiled gently. "Master, firstly my law abilities haven’t reached the level to breakthrough. As for resources, when my law comprehension reaches that level, you can give me the resources then. Normally emperor level undyings should be able to provide sufficient resources. Anyway…for our bug clan to breakthrough to undying, at least from my knowledge, it is the hardest amongst our countless races."

Luo Feng was helpless.

"If master wishes to help me, then you can give me enough resources for me to produce bug soldiers." Alina said softly. "With enough bug soldiers, only then can I help you in battle."

"From what I know, there are many types of bug soldiers." Luo Feng said.

"There are many types."

Alina said with some difficulty, "However during the time of my growth I’ve long picked three main bug soldiers. I’m most proficient with these three. If you wish to change the types, you’ll have to pay quite a price. If you really wish to…it’s still possible. Also, production of the soldiers is mostly split into two types."

"Which two types?" Black clothed Luo Feng looked at the adorable Alina. "Also, what are the three types of soldiers you are proficient in?"

Swallowed Star Chapter 670

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