Swallowed Star Chapter 755

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"He looks quite strong, I wonder where he’s from." Luo Feng glanced at him and didn’t think much about it.

The ceremony ended quickly, there were a total of 2 sector lord generals, 62 elites and 37 normal soldiers within the 101.

The Sector lord and universe level ceremonies ended quickly.

Even with 10 of them receiving their posts simultaneously, the domain lord level ceremony took quite awhile.

"The ceremony has all ended." The undying’s voice suddenly boomed, resounding throughout the over 10,000 soldiers’ ears. "Follow me, we will send you all in a group to the outer region wars. This race wars involve a large amount of soldiers. There are a total of 11 battlefields, and all of them are outside our territories. Hence they are called the outer region wars, you’ll all be heading to the 7th battlefield."


"All outside humanity’s territories?"

"Hm, my teacher is in the 2nd battlefield, looks like there’s no hope of meeting him."

Discussions popped up all over.

Luo feng thought to himself, "7th battlefield? Average death rate is 96.8%, it’s ranked 3rd amongst the 11 battlefields. Hm, seems like a good place to train."

"Depart!" the undying ordered.

Immediately, the over 10,000 soldiers moved forward, Luo Feng and the other sector lords were naturally right at the front. After a while, they arrived at a huge hall, the palace had a diameter of over 1000 li. This huge hall had 11 huge space water screen pathways.

"This is the pathway that heads to the 7th battlefield." The undying walked towards it. "The 7th battlefield is a huge universe region with a diameter of about 1.1 million light years. Of course with trillions of years of war within, the region itself isn’t dangerous at all. The main threat is the other races and the enemies. The 7th battlefield has a total of 100 soldier bases, you’ll be transported to the 26th base."

The pathway was 1km wide, it was also 1km tall.


The sector lords all entered and Luo Feng stepped in too, over 10,000 soldiers all entered.

With the god country as the hub, Luo Feng and the others quickly reached the god country stop and once again entered the pathway, being transferred to the 7th battlefield’s 26th base.


Luo Feng stood at the god country stop and stepped through. He felt the time and space before him warp as he instantly reached another spot.

"Haha, the new soldiers are here."

"There are new soldiers."

"Quickly, hurry, stop wasting time, there are things to do."

Orders were shouted immediately.

Luo Feng saw 10 white armored soldiers, ah, they weren’t all completely in armor. There was one white haired undying in a white robe. He smiled at them, his eyes gleaming with thunder within, "New soldiers, welcome to the 26th base of the 7th battlefield. Sector lords follow him, domain lord will go with this punk, universe levels will all follow that little lady."

The white robed undying swiftly introduced the 3 guides.

Universe level, domain lord and sector lords all followed different pathways.

"Sector lords, ahead lies the sector lord camp." The guide said.

After awhile.

They reached an elegant hall, within 10 million seats were located. With just one glance, Luo Feng could see that there were already a few hundreds of thousands of sector lords sitting within.

"How are there so many sector lord soldiers?" Luo Feng was shocked. "Each universe country only has a few million sector lords, and humanity only has 1,008 universe countries. And there are a total of 11 battlefields, everyone with a hundred bases. On average, how many sector lords can there be in one base? It can’t be such that all of humanity’s sector lords are fighting in the wars right? And in theory…there should be many out fighting, only very few staying in the base, how can there be so many here?"

The other 100 sector lord new soldiers were shocked too.


The guide shouted loudly, "The new soldiers are here, there are 2 generals in this new group, haha…" the guide finished and simply left.

"Sector lord generals?"

"Generals?" The other soldiers that were originally drinking and chatting all ran over, over 10,000 of them.

When the soldiers got close to each other, their quantum computers would immediately inform each other of their positions. Hence, the over 10,000 soldiers all turned their attention to Luo Feng and the other tall youth.

"Join our elite team, we have an undying leading our team. The army contribution points are much more, and the chances of survival are much higher as well.

"Our little team is stronger."

"You two…"

The old soldiers madly invited Luo feng and the other, they couldn’t even be bothered with the other 99 new soldiers.


After awhile.

Luo Feng and the other youth sat at the dining table, beside them sat a blood armored undying with a scaled snake tail. This undying was called Tai Wo, his was a ground undying. And as he was the first undying to actually go invite them, Luo Feng and the other sector lord general chatted with him despite the over 10,000 sector lords clamoring to invite them. As to whether they would join, no one agreed yet.

"Captain Tai Wo, why are there so many sector lords here?" Luo Feng asked, "There are a total of 11 battlefields and every one of them has 100 bases, how can there be so many resting here?"

"I’m curious too." The youth beside him asked.


Tai Wo poured some wine for himself, "We’ll drink and chat. Madman, Rock, it’s not just you two There are many new soldiers that are curious too as to why there are so many here! If you actually interact with many of them, you’d find out the reason easily."

Luo Feng and Rock looked at him.

"The 1,008 universe countries of humanity are actually just one part of humanity." The captain smiled, "From what I know, there are many continents within secret regions that have countless humans living within, and those large continents have diameters of over 100 billion km etc. The population on these continents can match that of a universe country."

Luo Feng was shocked.



The gold horn race lived in Laos world, that itself was a supercontinent. The Blood river world was one too, the number of warriors on these two continents definitely exceeded that of a universe country.

"Humanity’s territories lead into many of these secret region continents. And these are filled with universe energies, the humans living there all mostly become star travellers at maturity, the number of strong warriors are plenty." Tai Wo smiled, "That’s just one part of it, there are large amounts of people living within undyings’ god countries too."

"People within god countries, secret regions, universe countries, these form humanity." Tai Wo smiled, "Many of our life and death brothers grow up within god countries, and some in the super continents. However, their materialistic wealth cannot compare to ours, just like the virtual universe network, they can only access it when they reach universe level."

Luo Feng was shocked when he heard.

He immediately sent a thread of consciousness into the network to check, with his authority, he immediately found lots of information.

Humans, according to their living environments, could indeed be separated into god country, secret regions and universe humans.

The number of universe humans weren’t that many. One had to know that the secret region had continents akin to a universe country, and it was easy to build over 10,000 large continents within these secret regions. And the god countries of undyings were incredibly vast, many humans could live within.

"So, large amounts of humans can live in the secret regions, then why do we still have to fight for territory?" When Luo Feng had gone to Laos World before, he was curious about this. Only after becoming the disciple of the primal chaos city leader did he have the authority to search for answers.

The war was for territory!

Why fight?

According to the information he found.

It was just like a plant life form requiring sufficient sunlight, the moment the population was too dense, all the plants wouldn’t grow well, same logic! The formation of life was very special, whether it was flesh and blood or automaton or plants etc…as long as there is life, during its growth it would absorb the universe’s essence.

The production and growth relied on the absorption of this special energy.

For example, with a 1,000 light year area, with only 1 life planet and 10 billion people on that planet, almost all of the universe energy within that 1,000 light year area will be given to that planet.

And the secret regions.

If the population comparable to a universe country were all squeezed within a huge continent, its population density was much higher, hence the essence they received was naturally much lower.

The god country humans.

The god countries exist in slits of space, not the actual space itself. The universe essence absorbed was even lesser than that of the secret region humans!

The information said…

"God country humans, their numbers are the most plentiful, they can only train till sector lord level. Over countless years, the number of undyings produced only reaches 9,082, they all had miraculous encounters. Without these encounters, they are set never to reach undying."

"Universe secret region humans rank number two in population. They can reach undying like the universe humans, however…the chances of them reaching knight is extremely low!"

"Universe humans, least in population, they own the most territory! There have been many undyings in history, and the number of knights in humanity, 98.2% of them are from the universe humans."

Territory was like a fertile land!

The larger it was, the stronger the race could grow, the chances of producing absolute warriors would be higher too.


Within the hall.

"Among the sector lord soldiers, most of them are from the god countries?" Luo Feng asked.

"Right." Tai Wo nodded.

Luo Feng was shocked, the god country humans probably didn’t know of the secret that their chances of becoming undying were extremely low, even producing one was extremely rare. The sector lords themselves probably didn’t even feel this problem.

"The number of soldiers from the god countries are the most. Hence, many sector lord warriors are from the god countries." Tai Wo laughed, "Through many life or death situations and threats, their strength will grow, and gaining enough contribution points, they can exchange for treasures to strengthen themselves. Even though they are only sector lord, they can match up against normal undyings."

Swallowed Star Chapter 755

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