Swallowed Star Chapter 770

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"Who should I look for?" Fu Wei San sat in the living ship, his claws tapping the arm rest as it scratched.

Suddenly, his eyes gleamed, "Right, my fellow clansman Lake Ya, he should be here in Shattered stars too, I'll look for him." He immediately used his consciousness to contact his clansman via his quantum computer. He cursed, "The demon race is one of the pinnacle races of the universe, however in terms of communication, it's far inferior to the humans and automaton. Especially the humans, I heard they can enter a virtual universe from anywhere in the vast universe, and it can do 100% simulation, almost like reality. I'm so envious…I'm a great undying and yet I've never had such an opportunity."

Consciousness simulation technology was advanced a long time ago.

These other race undyings normally had such chances to enter the virtual universe, however their areas were usually extremely limited. Like how earth had the virtual world war god shrine, which only spread over earth. These other races had their own virtual worlds that probably covered 1 galaxy, it wasn't even close to the size of humanity's virtual universe.

And its messaging system was even worse!

The universe was too huge, this was a hard problem to solve.

Even within the demon race territories, it could at most do consciousness conversations within a universe country area…almost like making a call on earth, it can only hold a conversation and not actually see the other party. And it had to be within the area, the demon race area. If it was outside their territory…

There was no way to communicate!

Of course, as the outer region battlefields were a special place, communication devices were erected throughout, thus the leading allies and races could use these to communicate, and only have conversations.

The universe was vast, communication was a huge problem.

Even amongst the many pinnacle races, only the humans and automatons could actually communicate at any spot in the universe. The automaton virtual world normally only covered one universe country size! The entire automaton territory had hundreds of them, every one with their own virtual world.

The moment they left their territories, even though they could communicated in other places, it was like making long distance calls, very simple.

Only the humans!

They had the virtual universe, which was a legendary existence. It could simulate any universe laws, even the fusion laws. It spread throughout everywhere, even to another universe…the primal universe was within its boundaries.

Using the virtual universe, humanity's strength could combine together, conquering a whole territory and becoming a pinnacle race thus wasn't so strange.

Amongst the countless shattered fragments in the area, within a particular shattered fragment.

A scaled undying was sipping his wine and enjoying, while his underling sector lords were singing praises and flattery of him.

"Great Lake ya, you are the greatest leader of our west mountain area, only you can become its greatest leader."

"Lake ya!"

The scaled sector lords all cheered.

And the powerful scaled undying was enjoying the flattery, suddenly he raised his hand and all the sector lords immediately went silent.

"The punk Fu Wei San is actually looking for me?" His eyes gleamed with villainy, his ugly claw grabbed the wine glass and he sipped from it, "Accept!"

"Lake ya."

"Fu Wei San, it's rare for you to find me, what's the matter? Ah, you must know I'm very busy now exploring shatter stars. I may encounter a battle anytime, I have no time to be distracted by you, get to the point. Otherwise I may get into a battle anytime and break the call, then you can't blame me." Lake ya said.

"Tuo Lu is dead."

Lake ya who initially wanted to have some fun with his partner was shocked, his expression changed.

The Qiu Shi race was a blood thirsty race, every one of them grew up amidst massacre. With intense competition, only the victor could stand above the countless piles of corpses. However whenever there were external pressures…the entire race would be incredibly united, all working together.

"How did he die?" Lake ya said seriously.

The two chatted through the communication device.

"He was killed by humans." Fu Wei San said.

"Fu Wei San, are you stupid, this is the outer region wars. The 4 pinnacle races have many subservient races, and countless warriors killing in all directions. Tuo Lu being killed by humans is a very normal thing. Over a trillion years, who knows how many of our warriors have fallen." Lake ya said.

"I want to kill that human team." Fu Wei san said.

"Revenge?" Lake Ya was suspicious, "Can you determine their location."

"Yes, when they collected the goods from the battle, I tossed out a space ring. That space ring has always been my trap for whenever I need to take revenge. The spirit imprint on that ring is that of one of my sector lords and there are large amounts of items within, of which one weapon seems to give off sector lord energy, but in its inner core I've hidden my marker and my spirit imprint. Unless they have an official level or emperor level undying to scan through the items and find the weakest signals within, otherwise…they'd never know what I left them"

"You sure are crafty."

"They killed my brother and underlings, I definitely have to take my revenge."

"You should know that during battle, the humans activate their scanning devices and the virtual universe network broadcast to determine their contribution points. These two together…would discover the extra space ring amidst the countless others floating in space. That's a suspicious point!"

"Relax, I naturally won't commit such a stupid mistake." Fu Wei San said confidently, "I was using my strongest attack against their undying back then, tearing through space and destroying a large amount of the items. Among which some space rings broke and produced large amounts of items from them to take. I took the chance to toss out this ring. Even if their scanning devices and broadcast detected it, it wouldn't be suspicious at all."

"Hm, you sure are crafty." Lake ya admitted, there was indeed no loophole in his plan.

"What's the human's strength?" Lake ya asked.

"Their team has one undying and nine sector lords." Fu Wei san said, "Of which two sector lords are extremely powerful, akin to undyings. One is a chemist and other is a spirit reader with the Nan Shen arment, the two of them combined easily killed Tuo Lu."

"Three undying strength?" Lake ya was shocked, quickly asking, "All normal level undying fighting strength?"

"Yes, do you think I could survive if they were stronger?" Fu Wei san said.

Undyings were split into generals, official level and emperor level.

Even the lowest level generals, had their difference in strength, the weakest were those that could pass the 10th level of the heavenly bridge. The strongest could pass the 14th. The moment they passed the 15th…that would be the official level of strength.

From the 10th to 14th, they were all general level, of course the difference within was still huge.

Undying generals were also called normal undyings.

In the battlefield they were naturally split into normal undying low, mid and pinnacle.

"Hm, that's still ok, however even the normal level undying, there's three of them. The two of us together would still have no hope." Lake ya shook his head.

"Relax, I won't send you to your death. Since I've set this up, I want to act only with full guarantee. Lake Ya…you are just one of the members I've invited, I heard that you are close to the demon clan's majesty Meng Wei Na?" Fu Wei San said excitedly, "As long as he can come along with us, even if we don't invite the other allies, just him alone would be able to destroy the human team."

"His majesty Meng Wei Na?" Lake Ya was shocked.

Even though their communication system was inferior, their strengths were powerful.

In terms of numbers…they didn't lose to the humans.

In terms of intelligence…the weakest demons were akin to the normal humans.

And their natural talents were much stronger than humans. Hence, their sector lords and undyings etc…they could completely suppress the humans. However, the upper echelon of humanity was very powerful, plus they had the virtual universe to assist…in a true universe battle, they had never been suppressed by the demon clan. The two pinnacle races had been fighting for countless years.

The demon clan was different from humanity.

The demon clan favored bloodline! Just like the space beast bloodline, they had a definite higher or lower level.

Their emphasis on the bloodline was very strong. Hence, they had a large number of empires…of which some of them had countless races that could have emperors or kings, distinguishing between their bloodlines. As long as one had emperors and kings, they would be called majesties.

The Qiu Shi race etc were subservient races, towards the demon clan, they were very respectful.

Just like how the gold horn race and many other subservient races respected humans.

"His majesty Meng Wei Nan, is one of the members of the 10,000 Hidden snakes empire, you want to invite him?" Lake Ya was still hesitant.

"His majesty's normal state is that of a higher normal undying. However once he unleashes his talents, his battle strength rises close to an official level undying." Fu Wei San said, "He can beat anyone below official level. With him there, we'll have a full guarantee."

"I can help you ask, but I can't promise anything." Lake Ya said.

"Give me his number. Once you let him know that I am looking for him, I'll then try to contact him. I have a full guarantee of getting him to help." Fu Wei San said.

"Full guarantee?" Lake Ya was shocked.

"You'll know soon enough." Fu Wei San said confidently.

Swallowed Star Chapter 770

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