Swallowed Star Chapter 775

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When the seven elite teams of the demon race had reached the battlefield, all they found were ship remains.

The C9 ship was flying at sub light speed in space, within its resting quarters.

The elite team that survived the disaster exchanged glances, occasionally looking at Luo Feng. He however was chatting with Babata.

"Babata, how many points did I get? Don't tell me I haven't hit 1 billion yet. Even though I easily defeated that 10,000 hidden snakes member, he's still a pinnacle general undying. It would be very hard to kill him without official level strength." Luo Feng said to Babata mentally.

"Total points 1.461 billion." Babata said.


Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief. "Not bad, the points that 10,000 hidden snakes demon gave was about a billion, however it's still very little. He's already a pinnacle general undying, and yet he only gave one billion points."

"Luo Feng, you are free from the army now, even if you leave the team you won't be punished by the army." Babata said. The army was very strict, as long as he wasn't free, even if he was the disciple of the Primal chaos city leader, he couldn't go against the rules.


Luo Feng nodded.

Right, he was free now. This meant that he could leave the sector lord elite team. Even though he could chat with them in the team, he didn't have a chance to fully unleash his strength. For example…shattered stars system was simply an area too weak for him.

"Madman." The captain Tai Wo finally spoke amidst the silence in the resting quarters.

"Captain." Luo Feng looked at him.

Tai Wo revealed a smile, "I didn't expect to have such a level of warrior in my team, the undying star eating plant instantly killed the four undyings, and you yourself went to kill that Pinnacle general undying demon. I must have been blind all this time. Your strongest moves are that of a fighter, not a spirit reader, it truly makes us…regretful!"

"Madman." Poison stood in the sofa, looking oddly at him. "You are truly absurd, pretending to be a spirit reader and yet you can already unleash its 9th form A Match against undying. Your true Fighter path, damn…you are only a sector lord and you can kill a pinnacle general undying, you, you are…"


"Even the sector lord core members of the Huge Axe Dojo that I know aren't that strong."

"Only the true core of the five leviathans would have such power."


"The Primal region and Absolute beginning region sector lord members of the Virtual Universe Company are those that have trained for 100s of thousands of years. Hence, many have law comprehension akin to official level undyings. However they still may not be able to kill a pinnacle general undying." Rock spoke, Luo Feng was shocked when he heard that, glancing over at him. Rock was right, the sector lord members of the Absolute beginning region and Primal regions…as long as they become undying, they would normally at least be official level!

For Rock to know this, he must have some background too.

"To be able to join the outer region wars with you is my honor." Rock looked at Luo Feng.


"Madman, against you…I feel inferior." The white armored God lamented. "You are more suited for the title god."


"Don't be shameless."

The other members all laughed.

Luo Feng couldn't help but laugh too, he got along well with these brothers and sisters. Actually he could see…the members could all tell from his strength earlier, that even if he wasn't a core genius of the five leviathans, he would be a disciple of some absolute being. However they didn't want to dig further.

"My brothers and sisters." Luo Feng looked at the crowd.

The group all went silent as they looked at him.

"My trip here to the outer region wars, other than the quota sent by the army, I still have other missions to accomplish." Luo Feng said, "I believe everybody can guess what I'm about to say."

"One billion points is simply nothing to you Madman." Poison nodded. "You can't be here simply to finish that one billion points, and its not very likely you are here for money. Because just the nurturing of that undying plant…is enough to make even an official level undying bankrupt."

Luo Feng smiled and nodded, "And when I killed the five undyings earlier, I had already collected the one billion points, I'm now free from the army."

"You mean?" Tai Wo was stunned.

"You are leaving?" Hammer said seriously.

"Are you leaving?" Demon lady wanted to speak but said nothing.

The group looked at him.

Luo Feng nodded, "Right, I'm leaving."

Tai Wo, Hammer, Poison, Tornado, Demon lady, Wei, Rock, Mad Wu and god all exchanged glances, their expressions were complex. Even though they couldn't bear to lose Luo Feng, they had all guessed…such a level of warrior couldn't possibly stay in such a low level place such as shattered stars with them.

"My apologies." Luo Feng said softly.

"No need." Tai Wo said, "If you stay with us, against the weak, it would be a waste of your time. However against the strong…we would only hold you back, your decision is right."

"Haha, no matter what, I Poison…was once your team mate." Poison laughed, "Madman, you've never revealed your true name, looks like you must have some serious background. Haha, anyway we all have your contact number in the virtual universe, when you eventually wish to reveal your identity, you'll tell us."

"Definitely." Luo Feng nodded.

Demon lady looked enchantingly at Luo Feng, shouting gently, "Genius…when you become a huge figure, don't forget us."

"I knew you'd cling to power." The illusionist Wei rubbed the cat on his lap and shot a glance at her.

"If you were just as strong, I'd do it to you too." She lifted her head, causing the skinny Wei to be speechless.

"Tens of thousands of years later, we may meet again. I'm afraid that, by then you'd shock us completely." Hammer raised his large hand and pat Luo Feng's shoulder. "I await that day, of course I'd have to survive and leave the outer region wars."

Luo Feng had afterall chatted with this group for half a year, the separation…had finally come.

"These are the spoils from killing the five undyings earlier." Luo Feng flipped his hand and took out a world ring. Looking at his brothers and sisters before him, "To me, these items…honestly, aren't very useful. I believe you all need it a lot more than I do."

After which, he used his world energy to control the ring.

"How can we allow this."


Tai Wo and the others were completely stunned, this was the wealth of five undyings, and especially with his majesty Meng Wei Na, it was easily akin to tens or even hundreds of one scaled undying Tuo Lu.

"Madman's perspectives are completely different from ours. That Meng Wei Na…he easily killed him, these items truly don't mean anything to him, everybody, just accept it." The new recruit Rock said.

"Haha, the bigger the reward the better." Poison laughed, immediately reaching first for the world ring.

"Wow, so many treasures."

"Let me look."

"These have to be worth a few tens of thousands of mixed elements."


"This is akin to our past 1,000 years of goods."

The members all passed the ring around to check it, the captain Tai Wo said excitedly, "This scanning device is much better than the one we use. A good scanning device is very important in the outer region wars, it will allow one to detect your enemy first while remaining hidden to them. This one alone should be worth over 10,000 mixed elements. It's good stuff, Madman, you…you will be exploring the battlefields, you need a good scanning device."

"I have one." Luo Feng nodded.

He already had two good scanning devices.

He bought one himself, which was extremely pricey. It would easily auction for over ten million mixed elements.

The other was the one his teacher Hu Yan Bo used back then, it too was priced at several tens of thousands of mixed elements. However, the one Hu Yan Bo used was more proficient in short distance and somewhat weaker at scanning huge areas like one hundred million km.

"Captain, how much do you know about the contribution points given from killing undyings?" Luo Feng asked, he wanted to ask before but hadn't found the chance.

"Undyings are separated into generals, officials and emperor level. Of which official levels usually can reach the level of undying body, once that happens, killing them is extremely tough." Tai Wo said, "And those generals without undying bodies are much easier to kill.

Luo Feng nodded.

"Killing a general has the least points, and was usually split between two levels. The lower level general will give one hundred million while the higher level would give one billion. Just these two levels." Tai Wo said, "Official levels and emperor levels both have three levels each."

"Killing a lower level official will give ten billion."

"Killing a higher level official will give hundred billion."

"Killing a pinnacle level official would give one trillion."

"A lower level emperor would give ten trillion."

"A high level emperor would give hundred trillion."

"A pinnacle emperor would give one quadrillion." Tai Wo finished everything in one breath. He had been in the outer region wars for a long time, hence he knew many undyings and also information about them.

Luo Feng nodded as he heard.

"Thanks." He suddenly got up.

Tai Wo and the others looked at him.

"My brothers and sisters, you are considered my life and death partners, we'll meet again when we leave the outer region wars. But, right now…I'll be taking my leave." He said.

"Be careful." Tai Wo emphasized.

"Don't you dare die." Poison shouted, "Be careful, the other races have many tactics, without an undying body…the moment you fall into a trap, it'd be hard to escape."

"I'm waiting to cling on to you." Demon lady winked.

Luo Feng said his goodbyes to the group and turned to fly out of the ship.


With a flip of his hand, an E9 grade disc shape ship appeared and he flew in.

Two ships, One C9 and another E9…flew in different directions and vanished into the distant space.

Luo Feng finally began his true battle journey in the outer region wars…

Swallowed Star Chapter 775

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