Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 — Would you be willing to teach me how to make a cake?

Two days later, the PR department came to take promotional pictures of the new product at Sweet Dream, which they had already started to advertise on their Weibo and website. The day that the strawberry parfait was released was also the day Tang Mi got her first paycheck.

It was much more than she had expected.

Tang Mi furrowed her brows as she looked at the number under 'Overtime pay.' It turned out that Yu Xin was actually serious when he said he would pay her for 'working overtime.'

She took advantage of her afternoon break and rushed outside to give Fu Xin a call. "Xiao Xing Xing, I got my paycheck! Tonight, I'm gonna take you out for some good food~!"


Fu Xin was ecstatic. "That's awesome! Congratulations, Tang Tang, you're one step closer to opening your own store! Keep saving up!"

"Yep, let's both do our best!" Tang Mi hung up the phone and hurried back inside the restaurant.

Perhaps the PR department did their job too well; a sea of customers came to the restaurant to try the new strawberry parfait dessert today. In fact, even Bai Xiao came by just to order some.

When Supervisor Yu served her the parfait, she smiled and said, "You're really lucky. This is the last strawberry parfait we have today."

Bai Xiao admired the desert in front of her. She couldn't help but exclaim, "It really is beautiful. No wonder it's received such a warm welcome."

Supervisor Yu gave her a professional smile. "You'll definitely fall in love with it after you try it. Enjoy your meal."


"Thank you." Bai Xiao took a bite using a fork. The cake had been infused with strawberry juice, making it soft and moist. Coupled with the creamy parfait and the fragrant pudding, it made one unable to help but take another bite.

She ate through half of the cake before spearing the strawberry on top of the cake with her fork. The moment the sourness of the strawberry and the sweetness of the cream hit her tastebuds, it created a pleasant combination of flavours. It was such a wonderful experience.

Bai Xiao blissfully blinked her eyes and then called Supervisor Yu over. "Excuse me, could I please see your pastry chef? This parfait is just delicious to the point I might cry."

Supervisor Yu. "…"

How many times is it now that a customer has requested to see Tang Mi today? Her name is receiving even higher praise than the restaurant manager!

Supervisor Yu smiled at Bai Xiao and went back to call for Tang Mi. Tang Mi immediately paused the moment she saw Bai Xiao sitting at her table.


This person's face looks so familiar; where have I seen her before? Oh, that's right. Isn't she the pretty lady that was talking to Sang Lan when I walked out of CEO Yu's office that day?

She smoothed out her clothes before walking over to Bai Xiao. "Hello, I'm Sweet Dream's pastry chef, Tang Mi."

Bai Xiao raised her head and smiled. "Hello, my name is Bai Xiao. We've met once before; do you remember?"

Tang Mi nodded. "You're someone from the company, right?"

Bai Xiao curved up her lips and handed Tang Mi a business card. "My company operates in the agricultural industry and actually supplies the ingredients that your restaurant uses."

Tang Mi opened her mouth in shock when she read the business card. This beautiful lady is the daughter of the prestigious Bai company! She took the card and smiled at Bai Xiao. "The ingredients from your company are always so fresh and delicious. If we didn't have them, my cakes wouldn't turn out so well."

Bai Xiao gave a small smile. "Thank you. For our produce to be handled by excellent chefs such as yourself and then sent to the customer's table to be tasted really makes me proud and relieved that our plantation's efforts haven't gone to waste."

Tang Mi examined Bai Xiao and felt this golden being didn't seem like any ordinary lady. Was it because her family worked in the agriculture industry that she seemed down to earth?

Bai Xiao took a sip of the cold drink in front of her and turned to face Tang Mi. "The reason I called you out was because I wanted to talk to you. Would you be willing to teach me how to make a cake?"

Tang Mi was slightly surprised. "Teach you how to make a cake?"

"Mm. I really like your cakes. It'd be absolutely amazing if you could teach me. In regards to the tuition fee, I'll pay anything so long as it isn't too crazy. In regards to when, I can come during your spare time." Bai Xiao smiled at her. "Can you think about it?"


Tang Mi seriously considered it for a moment. Even though she didn't have many breaks, the fee from bakery lessons would earn her quite some profit.

She thought back to her dream of opening her own shop and nodded at Bai Xiao. "I can. I don't get a lot of vacation days, though."

"That's alright. I'm in no hurry. Please feel free to call me when you have spare time."

"Sure, I hope you enjoy the rest of your meal."

Supervisor Yu closely followed Tang Mi as she returned to the kitchen. "Who was that lady? I saw her give you a business card."

Tang Mi: "…"

With Supervisor Yu's personality, she would be the perfect paparazzi. Tang Mi took out the card and handed it to her. "Bai company's heiress."

Supervisor Yu gasped in surprise at the card. "I've heard of her name! I heard that almost all the restaurants under Yu Zhi use the produce from her company." Her voice slowly softened at this point. She suddenly grabbed Tang Mi's arm. "I know! The Yu and Bai family must have good relations with each other, and Bai Xiao must've been arranged to get married to CEO Yu long ago, right?! Did she come to intimidate you because she heard about the relationship between you and CEO Yu?"

Supervisor Yu's personality is becoming more and more suited to that of the paparazzi. Her imagination sure is wild.

Tang Mi went along with her story and nodded. "That's right; so, anything that's happened between me and CEO Yu is finished. You guys can stop interrogating me about it."

Supervisor Yu patted her on the shoulder, her eyes full of sympathy. "Don't worry, big sister here will help introduce you to someone new."


Tang Mi said no more and took the business card back.

Since she and Fu Xin had decided to eat dinner at Lilith BBQ, Tang Mi went over to Starlight Mall after her shift ended. Fu Xin ordered a whole table of meat and then lifted her glass of lemonade. "I wish that every month will be like today, and every year like now…"

Tang Mi: "…"

She toasted her glass with Fu Xin's and told her all about Bai Xiao. "Somebody asked if I could teach them how to make a cake, so I'll be able to make some extra cash!"

Fu Xin's eyes lit up like the brightest sun. "Why don't you start a baking class! You can earn more if you teach a few students all in one go."


Tang Mi thought for a moment. "It's been going pretty well at the restaurant. Not only is my salary decent, it'll help me open a restaurant in the future. I don't have any energy to organise baking classes."

Fu Xin felt she made a good point. She put down the lemonade she was holding and massaged Tang Mi's shoulder. "Tang Tang, you're about to become a very wealthy lady, yet here I am still riddled with debt! Are you really not going to consider helping me arrange an interview with CEO Yu?"

Tang Mi shook off her hand and helplessly said, "I can only say if there is a day when the relationship between me and CEO Yu develop to a stage where I can make that kind of request, I will definitely help you fight for an interview."

Fu Xin pouted at Tang Mi.


Two days had passed, and it was finally Tang Mi's day off. She notified Bai Xiao the day before, and they had decided on the time and place to meet. In regards to the tuition fee, Tang Mi searched for a general consensus online and raised a suitable price to Bai Xiao, who was more than happy to accept.

Since they were meeting at Bai Xiao's house, and since all the equipment was being provided by her, Tang Mi came pretty much empty handed.

Bai Xiao personally opened the door for her and showed her to the kitchen. Tang Mi looked at all the equipment laid out on the table and nodded at Bai Xiao. "You've prepared all the ingredients and equipment really well."

Bai Xiao laughed. "I specifically asked a professional to prepare it. All the ingredients were also freshly bought; oh, but the fruits are from our gardens."

Tang Mi familiarised herself with her surroundings and then asked, "What would you like to learn first?"

Bai Xiao thought for a moment. "What about a Mont Blanc? I quite like those."

"Of course. Mont Blancs are a classic meringue dessert. Its name is derived from the French word 'white mountain,' so when baking the meringue, it's important to ensure that it doesn't become brown." Tang Mi picked up two eggs from the table and skillfully separated the yolk from the whites. "The base of the Mont Blanc is meringue, however, it's easier to whisk in more air if the whites are chilled for a while. Thus, I usually store them in the refrigerator until I need them."

Bai Xiao nodded, picked up two eggs, and followed Tang Mi's instructions.

It was clear from her actions that Bai Xiao knew how to cook. Her skills were of a much higher level than Fu Xin, and she was much quicker at picking up new skills. Tang Mi could teach in a more relaxed state. Aside from having to point out a few mistakes, they managed to smoothly make the batter.

"We can start whisking the egg whites now." Tang Mi added white granulated sugar to the egg whites along with hot water before turning on the beater. "You can stop whisking once the egg whites have stiffened. Some cakes only use egg whites and discard the egg yolks. They expire quicker than egg whites and don't store very well. To not waste food, I tend to use the remaining yolk for other desserts like pudding. Of course, it's easiest to just cook it with dishes."

Bai Xiao hummed in agreement. Once the meringue batter was done, she placed it into a pastry bag according to Tang Mi's actions and began to squeeze out six small disk-shaped mounds onto the baking tray.

"Bake it for roughly two hours; let's start making the chestnut cream."

Once she finished speaking, Tang Mi led Bai Xiao into the kitchen and began making the cream. As time gradually passed by, the Mont Blanc slowly began to take shape. Tang Mi grabbed a pastry bag and taught Bai Xiao the final step. "Fill this with the chestnut cream and pipe rows with it. Afterwards, place sugar candied chestnuts on top as decoration."

Bai Xiao cautiously squeezed out the chestnut cream, finally exhaling when she was done. She picked up a chestnut to place on top and scattered powdered sugar over the pastry. She smiled with satisfaction at Tang Mi. "Now we can taste our products."

The two of them were about to dig in when the doorbell rang. Bai Xiao glanced in the direction of the door before running to open it.

"Yu Yi?" Bai Xiao stared in astonishment at the man in the doorway. She suspiciously asked, "Why did you come here?"

Yu Yi answered, "I have a meeting with Bai Ce."

Bai Xiao suddenly nodded in understanding. "Ah, older brother is upstairs. Come in first."

Tang Mi nearly choked upon seeing Yu Yi. Yu Yi naturally caught sight of her as well. He raised an eyebrow slightly and asked, "How come you're here?"


Author's Note:

First chapter update~

Expressing thanks to those supporting the official publication~

Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire Chapter 17

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