Swordmaster Healer Chapter 16

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Swordmaster Healer - Episode 16

TL: Boko

Editor: Ren

Chapter 5 - If you mess with me, I'll kill you (2)

"Ugh! What, what's with this killing intent?" sputtered Kwang Ho.

Sung Joon drew his sword and let loose a thick killing intent that they couldn't deal with. Due to his past life's fierce pride, he didn't intend to forgive the two Hunters for daring to cross swords with him.

'I'll kill you no matter what.'

Sung Joon was filled with killing intent. His eyes were as sharp as the finest blade.

"Damn it! This asshole's no normal Healer!"

Kwang Ho realized that something had gone wrong.

While Sung Joon might've gotten a bit more famous on Hunter.com, a lot of people still didn't know about him. Kwang Ho was one of them. He didn't know about the case of self-defense or about the Legend.

"Kwang Ho! Get back!" cried Jin Kyu.

Kwang Ho yelled, "Be careful!"

The spear-wielding Kwang Ho moved back and the sword-wielding Jin Kyu ran forward. Then Jin Kyu was pressed down by Sung Joon's killing intent.

"You're shaking." Sung Joon smirked.

Jin Kyu's sword shook apprehensively and he looked as if he was going to shit himself.

"You look like expert murderers but… you picked the wrong opponent," said Sung Joon as he rushed towards Jin Kyu.

"Your front is wide open!"

Jin Kyu quickly assumed a defensive stance but to Sung Joon, who had a part of the Sword Saint's memories, there were many vulnerable points in his stance.

Sung Joon gently deflected a stab from Jin Kyu and got close, breaching his defenses.

"You bastard!" screamed Kwang Ho.

In that instant, Kwang Ho stabbed at him from the rear.

He had accurately aimed for a vital point. If Sung Joon evaded it, he would lose the opportunity to attack Jin Kyu. Sung Joon quickly made his decision.

'Surrender the flesh to save the bones!' he decided.

Sung Joon turned his body slightly and avoided a fatal injury from the spear. Instead, his shoulder was pierced.

Blood splattered but Sung Joon didn't stop.

"J-Jin Kyu!"

"Kwang Ho!" The hunters cried to each other.

Kwang Ho and Jin Kyu hadn't expected Sung Joon to attack while he was in pain from the shoulder wound.

As his spear was still lodged in Sung Joon's shoulder, Kwang Ho couldn't immediately pull it out. Jin Kyu also couldn't withdraw his sword towards his body.


Kwang Ho hurriedly pulled his spear out but Sung Joon had already let out a battle cry and swung his sword at Jin Kyu.

'Was it the neck?'

As he couldn't withdraw his sword, Jin Kyu rose his arm to defend himself. He thought he would trade an arm for his life. However, aiming for the neck was a feint by Sung Joon.

Ultimately, he had been aiming for Jin Kyu's abdomen.

The sharp edge of the sword cut deeply into Jin Kyu's abdomen.

"Ugh!" he grunted.

His inner organs spilled out of the injury. Jin Kyu's face went as pale as a white sheet due to the dizzying pain. Unable to withstand the pain, Jin Kyu dropped his sword.

His defensive stance had crumbled completely.

"J-Jin Kyu!" screamed Kwang Ho.

Sung Joon said, "Heal!"

As he healed his pierced shoulder, Sung Joon headed towards Kwang Ho. He didn't need to worry about Jin Kyu anymore.

Jin Kyu had received a fatal injury so it was impossible for him to fight any longer.

"A H-Healer bastard has this kind of swordsmanship!?" stammered Kwang Ho.

He was different from Jin Kyu. He had been expertly PKing for several years, so he didn't go down easily. Sung Joon and Kwang Ho traded a few blows.

The more their sword and spear clashed through the air, the more Kwang Ho was astonished by Sung Joon's fatal swordsmanship.

'This isn't simply swordsmanship meant for self-defense,' he thought.

It was swordsmanship meant for actual warfare, which feinted an attack at a vital area and then instead aimed for the most painful vital areas.

'He has a lot of PvP experience,' Kwang Ho decided.

He decided that he couldn't look down on his opponent.  Kwang Ho deflected Sung Joon's sword and examined Jin Kyu. Jin Kyu's condition wasn't good.

Jin Kyu's inner organs had suddenly spilled from his open stomach and he had collapsed. Sung Joon could see him squirming because of the pain, but that told him that he was still alive.

'Just as planned,' he thought triumphantly.

His plan had been to not kill Jin Kyu with a single blow.

He had seen that Kwang Ho and Jin Kyu were close. Therefore, Sung Joon didn't kill Jin Kyu, but used him to distract Kwang Ho's attention.

"Shit! You cruel bastard!"

Kwang Ho had realized Sung Joon's intent but it was difficult for Jin Kyu to even open his eyes.

"Coming from you? That's rich." Sung Joon held back the oncoming laughter and swung his sword. The two Hunters traded blows and their injuries started to increase.

As Sung Joon hadn't killed any of the monsters in the dungeon and had used Heal repeatedly, his mana was almost empty.

'My stamina is running out as well," he thought.

Sung Joon bit his lip lightly. He wanted to lift his limitations. Even though he hadn't used a portion of the Sword Saint's strength for very long, it felt like his body wouldn't be able to take the strain.

"You're already tired?" Kwang Ho said.

He was also quite tired but he tried his best not to show it.

Sung Joon's sword clashed with Kwang Ho's spear and he curiously looked around for any remaining monsters. Then, he saw the crumpled Jin Kyu.

'If I kill a human, will I be able to absorb the mana?' he wondered.

It was a perilous thought but he thought there was some merit in trying it. Jin Kyu was a cruel murderer anyway.

'For starters, I'll back off,' he decided.

Sung Joon used his most fanciful technique. Kwang Ho became disoriented and Sung Joon went to Jin Kyu.

Then he grabbed his sword in a reverse grip.

"You… you're not…?"

Kwang Ho's face paled as he had a sudden suspicion.

"No, you can't… Don't!" he cried.

"If you kill others, you should've come prepared to be killed yourself," replied Sung Joon coldly.

Kwang Ho began to run urgently. However, there was too much distance between them. Sung Joon smirked and looked down at Jin Kyu.

"Please, let me live…"

Jin Kyu pleaded for his life. Sung Joon thought he was shameless.

"You tried to kill me, so why should I let you live?" he smirked.

In cases like this, mercy was a luxury. Without hesitation, Sung Joon pierced Jin Kyu's throat with his sword.

"You bastard!" shouted Kwang Ho.

The moment he pulled out his sword, a fountain of blood spurted out and Kwang Ho screamed like an evil spirit.

"Mana Absorption."

Sung Joon raised his hand and blue mana arose from Jin Kyu's body. The mana gathered in his hand and was absorbed. His fatigue went away and his mana was recovered.

'I recovered this much?' he marveled.

He had recovered a much larger amount of stamina and mana than when he absorbed mana from monsters. It also felt as if his past life's memories had become much clearer.


Sung Joon smiled brightly. As his past life's memories got clearer, he recalled a new technique.

"Let me show you something fun," he said.

In the blink of an eye, Kwang Ho arrived right in front of Sung Joon. Sung Joon calmly grabbed his sword and took a stance.

"This is the end," he said grimly.

Something flashed. Kwang Ho's left and right arms were severed.

"AH!" he screamed.

Sung Joon smirked. "It's a technique called Flash Cut. I used it for the first time today, so think of it was an honor."

Blood spilled, along  with an agonized scream. Sung Joon looked down at the fallen Kwang Ho with an icy laugh and spoke to himself.

"Hurry. Hurry up and die, you piece of shit!"

Kwang Ho could do nothing without his arms. He pleaded with Sung Joon to make it quick but Sung Joon had no intention of accepting that request.

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. 'Nowadays, there's been a panic due to the indiscriminate killing. These two aren't the only ones,' he thought.

His attention moved to Kwang Ho.

'There's no way of knowing how many of them there are but there's gotta be a leader for the PKers. They're probably a headache for the Hunter Bureau.'

Without conclusive evidence, the Hunter Bureau and the Dungeon Bureau couldn't intervene. Also, Hunters affiliated with the Bureau couldn't infiltrate dungeon parties. Thus, they wouldn't be able to obtain conclusive evidence.

If the Bureau were to send Hunters to a dungeon where PKing occurred, the Hunters would have to be at least B-rank. However, from a long time ago, people had known about all of the B-rank or over Hunters affiliated with the Bureau.

Therefore, they couldn't get past the 'suspicion' stage regarding potential murderers.

'If I coax the Bureau, I won't just get experience. I could also get paid.' Sung Joon smiled. He was already seeing murderers as monsters that dropped experience and money.

He used his longsword, Roel, to pierce Kwang Ho's thigh.

"Guah! I told you to just kill me! You bastard!" the Hunter screamed.


Sung Joon healed the arm injuries as well as his thigh injury.

"What, what are you doing?"

"Don't get your hopes up. I have no intention of letting you live. Except…" said Sung Joon.

Sung Joon swung his sword and in one stroke, he swept the blood off. Kwang Ho felt extremely anxious.

He continued, "From now on, I'll stab and Heal you. This'll continue until you answer my questions."

"What, what bullshit!" yelled Kwang Ho.

"Let's begin," replied Sung Joon.

Screams began to echo inside the deserted Boss Room.


Swordmaster Healer Chapter 16

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