Swordmaster Healer Chapter 56

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Swordmaster Healer - Episode 56

TL: Boko

Editor: Ren

Chapter 19 - Eroding Dungeon (2)

"Didn't you say there were people who went in before us? Why are there monsters at the entrance!?" someone complained, and Hyun Sung opened his mouth.

"As I said during the briefing, it's a special dungeon! Throw away everything you think you know!"

The Cold Mages swung their long ice staffs and a storm of ice shards struck the party.


A Mage Hunter raised his staff and covered the party in a defensive barrier. However, because there were so many Cold Mages, they were able to overwhelm the defensive barrier, penetrating it in one or two places.

Since almost everyone was an rank Hunter, they weren't hit so easily, but it was such a narrow s.p.a.ce inside the barrier, so they couldn't dodge well. Ultimately, one of the Hunters received a leg injury and toppled to the floor.

"We've got an injury!"


Sung Joon heard their cries and reacted immediately. He stretched his hand out and chanted, emitting a white light. The collapsed Hunter's wound was instantly healed.

"H-His healing power is…?"

"His healing is really fast!"

The two Hunters beside the once injured Hunter were still in the midst of battle, yet were in awe of Sung Joon's incredible healing power.

"I thought it would take ten minutes before he made a full recovery, but…"

Sung Joon had instantly healed the Hunter. Although the Hunter had thought that it would take around ten minutes to treat his wound, Sung Joon had managed to fully treat his injury within a minute. He just stood there with a surprised face.

However, their astonishment ended there. As he was a veteran hunter, he returned to his position immediately after his healing.  

"Young Mi, cast your Blessing. As soon the defensive barrier's gone, we're going to rush in," Eun Joo said, addressing the rank Supporter Hunter, who was the only one within the team who spoke familiarly. (*Korean people use honorifics as a sign of respect to those older than them, to people they respect, or people with higher positions than them. It's difficult to show this as the dialect feels too stiff if translated too literally. The author is saying that Seo Young Mi doesn't use them, despite presumably being younger than the rest of the team. This implies she's really outgoing/friendly and/or is really close to the team, hence not needing the honorifics.)

Young Mi raised her hand.

"Blessing!" she chanted, increasing the physical abilities of the Hunters.

"Mr. Chul Soo, please release the defensive barrier," Eun Joo ordered.

There would be no end at this rate. At some point, the Mage Hunter, Kim Chul Soo, would run out of mana. Wasn't the best defense a great offense?

This was their time to attack.

"I'm releasing it," Chul Soo said.

Chul Soo released the defensive barrier and Eun Joo rushed at the Cold Mages, brandis.h.i.+ng her greatsword clad in white aura.

Four Combat Hunters followed behind her, while the rest stayed in position.



One Hunter fell from a Cold Mage's offensive spell. Sung Joon supported him by immediately casting his 'Heal'.

As the attackers approached, the Gale Knights intercepted them, preventing them from getting to the Cold Mages and the Ice Crossbowmen.  

"I'll take care of it!" Eun Joo let out a short cry and disappeared. She had used her high-speed movement technique.

The only one who could track her movements in that state was Sung Joon.

Whenever she stopped, albeit momentarily, a Gale Knight would fall.

"She seems to have more mana than you, my lord, but her combat abilities are quite lacking," Rishubalt judged after observing her high-speed movement.

While he couldn't completely track her movements, he could estimate her skill level.

If Sung Joon had a similar amount of mana, he'd be able to move even faster than her.

"If you transcend your limitations, my lord, you would be able to win against her easily," Rishubalt explained, even though it was something Sung Joon wasn't curious about.

"Forward!" someone screamed.

Eun Joo destroyed the Gale Knights' blockade, so the Hunters following behind her could close in on the Cold Mages and Ice Crossbowmen and initiate close quarters combat.

Cold Mages were rank monsters that, in exchange for their powerful spells, had poor close quarters combat abilities.

Swordmaster Healer Chapter 56

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