Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 251

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Chapter 251 – Jindan

Nie Li pulled his attention and thoughts away.

After he finished this round of cultivation, Nie Li would prepare to destroy the egg. Based on the bloodl.u.s.t it had just released, this egg was definitely a dangerous existence.

As soon as that idea crossed Nie Li’s mind, the eggsh.e.l.l cracked. he immediately opened his eyes, quickly brought the egg out, and watched as the eggsh.e.l.l rapidly split open. A terrifying energy swept throughout the surroundings.

“I’ve already run out of time?” Nie Li furrowed his brows for a moment.

Yu Yan’s eyes were also fixed on the egg in Nie Li’s hand.

The eggsh.e.l.l cracked and the terrifying ripples of energy settled down. A round golden-yellow head popped out. Immediately after, a ball-like object with sticky liquid all over its body fell out with a little splat.

Nie Li fixed his gaze on the creature.

This thing that fell on the ground, and stood up trembling, has a golden yellow body and was big-bellied, with a small pair of wings that were growing from its back. When it walked, its body waddled left and right like a duck. It opened its big eyes wide.

“Coo, coo.” The creature waddled to Nie Li’s side, swinging left and right, then nuzzled its round head on his leg. One round eye looked innocently up at Nie Li.

Nie Li had been gathering the three Law Energies and was prepared to kill it; however, when he saw such an innocent and harmless expression on the little guy’s face, he halted his actions.

This little guy didn’t seem to be as dangerous as he had imagined. Nie Li could still feel that his soul realm had a slight link to it.

During the mysterious egg’s incubation, Yu Yan had also been frightened by it, because the energy that it had discharged was simply too powerful. However, now that she had seen the little guy that had actually emerged from the egg, even she was stunned.

Yu Yan couldn’t help asking, “Nie Li, what’s this creature?”

Nie Li tried to sense the creature’s aura, but was unable to detect the slightest ripple of energy from the little guy. He couldn’t help doubting whether this creature really was the one that had hatched from that egg. Before the egg had hatched, it had absorbed a ma.s.sive sea’s worth of Law Energy from Nie Li; however, now there wasn’t even the slightest ripple coming from it.

“Coo, coo,” The little guy cried out to Yu Yan in a childish voice.

Yu Yan’s harsh stare slowly turned gentle as she said, “This little guy doesn’t look like much of a threat. Should we keep it?”

Nie Li’s gaze fell back to the little guy. At the instant it had hatched, Nie Li had most certainly sensed a horrifying bloodl.u.s.t. But looking at its innocent and clueless appearance, his heart also softened. After all, that bloodl.u.s.t came from its bloodline. It had just been born into this world and had yet to commit any wrongs.

Furthermore, in Nie Li’s perspective, it wasn’t a permanent issue. As long as Nie Li used his own energy to reform the little guy from birth and reverse the bloodl.u.s.t in its bloodline, it shouldn’t walk the path of its ancestors when it grows up.

“We’ll keep it, then,” said Nie Li. He already has a plan in mind for reforming it.

“Coo, coo.” The little guy obviously couldn’t understand what Nie Li and Yu Yan were talking about and just stood there with a dumbfounded look on its face.

Affected by how adorable the little guy was, Yu Yan flew down and landed beside it. She patted the little guy’s round head and said, “From now on, you’ll be coming with us. You’ll have to listen to us, okay?”

The little guy seemed to understand Yu Yan’s words and nodded its head.

“Nie Li, look! It looks like the little guy understood me!” Yu Yan cried at the unexpected surprise.

The little guy opened its mouth and bit at Yu Yan’s dress, ripping off a large portion of the cloth.

Yu Yan’s dress was woven from Law Energy; it was impossible for an ordinary person to tear it. However, the little guy tore her dress as easily as if it’d been made of paper. Caught off guard, the lower half of Yu Yan’s body was instantly bared, only leaving behind a strip of torn pink ** 1. Through the tears, the outlines of her perfectly round and plump b.u.t.t could be vaguely seen.

At the sight of it, Nie Li couldn’t help laughing. Usually, Yu Yan carried herself n.o.bly, but now her dress had been torn by the little guy. Luckily, there wasn’t anyone else present; otherwise, Yu Yan would’ve been too embarra.s.sed to show her face in public anymore.

Yu Yan’s face instantly turned black. She flew back onto Nie Li’s shoulders and rapidly spun another dress out of Law Energy.

“Such a perverted thing! It’ll be better to just kill it!” Yu Yan’s tone was icy cold and was filled with murderous intent.

The little guy looked overjoyed as it lowered its head and swallowed its portion of Yu Yan’s dress. Nie Li couldn’t suppress his smile as he said, “Sister Yu Yan, it wasn’t doing it on purpose. It didn’t know that it was supposed to be your dress and just thought that it was all Law Energy! It seems like this guy’s a creature that lives off of energy!”

Yu Yan snorted. Although her body had been seen by Nie Li before, that was when her divine body had only just formed. No one could be blamed for that incident. But this time, her dress had actually been torn and Nie Li had seen her again. This was really embarra.s.sing.

However, Nie Li’s words calmed Yu Yan down a little, and her facial expression relaxed. According to Nie Li, Law Energy was equivalent to food for the little guy. The creature still didn’t know what dresses were.

“Little guy, you can’t just go tearing a girl’s dress. Do you understand?” Nie Li half squatted and used his finger to tap the little guy’s head.

The little guy nodded and seemed to have understood what Nie Li had just said. Its round eyes wandered around and landed on Yu Yan’s re-formed dress. Its eyes suddenly lit up and it started crying out as it blinked brightly.

At the sight of this, Yu Yan couldn’t help clamping her long slender legs shut, clutching her dress, and showed a different facial expression.

Dresses formed through Law Energy weren’t that easy to tear under normal circ.u.mstances, even by powerful weapons. By right, she shouldn’t have to worry about it being torn. However, the sharpness of the little guy’s teeth made her dress seem like nothing.

Yu Yan was feeling extremely depressed.

Nie Li threw his hands out in exasperation. “I’ve got no more ideas. All of a sudden, it looks like it can’t understand human language anymore! Looks like sister Yu Yan will have to switch to ordinary dresses from now on!”

Switch to ordinary dresses? Yu Yan’s face turned black. In a battle between Spiritual G.o.ds, what could an ordinary dress do? It would be destroyed in one battle.

“Why don’t you switch to an ordinary dress for daily use and keep another made of Law Energy?” Nie Li couldn’t smiling as he made his suggestion.

As Nie Li and Yu Yan conversed, the little guy’s attention wandered around. It seemed to be searching for something to eat as its stomach rumbled with an audible noise. Suddenly, it reacted to something, opened its mouth, and began inhaling.

The black flames on the fifth floor were swiftly gathered into a huge vortex.

The little guy’s stomach was originally flat. As it inhaled the black flames from the fifth floor, that stomach began to inflate. A short while later, the black flames on the fifth floor had been extinguished. Once the task was done, the little guy had turned into a round ball. It patted its stomach with its short wings and gave a satisfied burp as a pleased look filled its face. At this point, it was no longer able to move normally and ended up rolling around like a ball.

Nie Li and Yu Yan were both stunned as they watched it.

Those were the black flames of the Black Infernal Tower’s fifth floor! They were all absorbed by this little guy!

Nie Li’s scalp tingled. This little guy was simply too frightening! It’s basically a monster that can devour all kinds of energy. If it’s already so terrifying from birth, what would it be like in the future? Nie Li didn’t know how long he could handle it for!

The little guy cooed as it rolled to Nie Li’s feet and nuzzled his leg, appearing very obedient.

Nie Li went silent for a brief moment. Through his soul force, he sensed the link that connected them and his heart softened. Forget it, he decided to continue with his plan of reforming the creature.

At the same time, on the ninth floor of the Nine-Layered Deathlands

The seven experts looked at each other in shock.

“Just what kind of demon beast is that little guy? To have such powerful strength! It actually absorbed all of the black flames from the fifth floor of the Black Infernal Tower!” Deep shock was reflected on Tian Hun’s face.

The Nether Master slightly frowned and said, “None of us have ever seen this creature before. I’m afraid that it’s not a demon beast, but a spiritual beast!”

“A spiritual beast? The ancient bloodline?” Ling Yun and the rest were all stunned. However, now that they thought about it, only spiritual beasts would have such strength.

“A spiritual beast should recognise its master upon hatching and have mutual connections with him. Establis.h.i.+ng a secure and unwavering soul connection to its master. This youngster’s luck is indeed excellent to have hatched a spiritual beast. Even old guys like us couldn’t get our hands on a low-grade spiritual beast!” Tian Hun said in envy.

Even in the Draconic Ruins Realm, spiritual beasts were very rare.

At the same time, Nie Li slowly bent down as he lowered his head to look at the little guy. In his previous life, Nie Li had owned spiritual beast; therefore, he knew what kind of existences they were. The moment a spiritual beast hatched, it would form an unbreakable soul bond with its master.

However, when this little guy had hatched, although Nie Li could vaguely sense a trace of a soul connection, it wasn’t an unbreakable one.

He could sense that this creature was definitely not ordinary.

Seeing the satisfied expression of this little guy, Nie Li couldn’t help finding it funny. This little guy has extremely high Spiritual Wisdom!

“From now on, I’ll call you Jindan 2.” Nie Li couldn’t help laughing. Right now, this little guy was so round that it didn’t look any different from an egg. Furthermore, its body was golden-yellow, so this name was most fitting.


Several raws have stated this to be **, therefore, you guys can have fun guessing what it is   Literally means “Golden Egg”

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 251

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