Tales Of Herding Gods Chapter 236

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Daoist Ling Jing's expression changed drastically, and he moved back continuously. Dutian Devil King and the dragon qilin were also forced to move back by Qin Mu's aura. Even when they were thousands of yards away from him, they still couldn't get a stable footing.

Meanwhile, under Qin Mu's feet, the face of the Moon Guardian had sunk into the Moon s.h.i.+p by the pressure from the feet. Originally, he had still been hanging by a thread, but when he got stepped onto, he fused completely with the Moon s.h.i.+p, becoming part of it and dying.

The old Moon Guardian died.

Daoist Ling Jing was shaken. The death of the old Moon Guardian didn't concern him since this person was a lunatic, but the growth of Qin Mu's body attracted all of his attention. The youth had actually broken through the shackles of the living realm of the dead.

When entering the living realm of the dead, even existence like Daoist Ling Jing would have their blood and flesh stripped off, leaving him a walking skeleton.

When Qin Mu had entered here with him, he was also left with only his bones. It was the same for the dragon qilin, while Dutian Devil King sported no changes only because he had no flesh or bones.

And then, not only had Qin Mu's flesh returned, his body had also become larger and larger, as if he was a heavenly G.o.d with divine light surrounding him. He replaced the last Moon Guardian of the Moon Herders to become the new Moon Guardian.

The power which he controlled now was too strong, so it broke through the limitations of the living realm of the dead, which resulted in them being able to do nothing!

This was something that was nearly impossible.

Daoist Ling Jing had come to this Moon s.h.i.+p many times and examined everything here numerous times. He had touched the pillars countless times, but he had never undergone such an astonis.h.i.+ng transformation like Qin Mu.

He had thought that only the Moon Herders had this ability and not even all of them. Just the ones who had a special const.i.tution.

The human body is like a large smelting furnace. An ordinary Moon Herder should not be able to contain the terrifying energy from the Moon s.h.i.+p, so only those with a special const.i.tution could receive such a large amount of energy.

The Moon Herders should have been wiped out, with this elder on the s.h.i.+p being the last of them. However, he had now also sunk into the Moon s.h.i.+p and lost his life.

For Qin Mu to be able to control the Moon s.h.i.+p and its energy, could he be a Moon Herder, and one with a special const.i.tution among his kind?

However, Qin Mu was not a Moon Herder.

Grasping the huge pillars was considered an abnormally dangerous act to other people, even if they were Moon Herders. However, it was very safe for him to do it. It was as if his body could naturally withstand this energy and automatically reconstruct his body and soul to handle it.

"What powerful energy!"

Qin Mu was surprised and delighted. The energy in his body had reached an unimaginable realm, which gave him a sensation that his previous power was like a water droplet in front of the ocean. It was simply insignificant!

Now, with just a raise of a hand, he felt like he could change the landscape, to change and even control the rules of the world!

Rings of moonlight covered Qin Mu's surroundings. Those rings seemed to flow down from the top of his head like flowing water, going down to the bottom of his feet before disappearing into the Moon s.h.i.+p.

His feet had already started to sink inside, fusing with the s.h.i.+p.

This was Moon s.h.i.+p's counterattack.

Qin Mu had once seen this kind of counterattack on the body of the Sun Guardian of the Sun s.h.i.+p.

Sun Guardian was Sun Herder Yan Jingjing. Since the sun of the Sun s.h.i.+p had been extinguished, she had to bear the counterattack of the Sun s.h.i.+p by burning her life to control and receive its immense energy. The longer she controlled the Sun s.h.i.+p, the faster her life was drained away.

The broken moon above the Moon s.h.i.+p was also extinguished and had no light emanating from it. For Qin Mu to control the s.h.i.+p and borrow its energy, the price was his own life!

He had to move quickly and borrow the power and speed of the Moon s.h.i.+p to delve deeper into the darkness to find Carefree Village, Village Chief, and the other villagers. Otherwise, the price would become too huge for him to bear if he wanted to break free!

"Senior Brother Ling Jing, thank you for your help." Qin Mu looked down at him from above and said in a booming voice, "But now, I have to find Village Chief and the rest while the darkness is still here, farewell!"

Daoist Ling Jing suppressed the shock in his heart and flew off the Moon s.h.i.+p to float in mid-air.

This Daoist was now a skeleton and the Daoist robe on his body had also become tattered. Raising his head, he said, "Cult master, please!"


The enormous Moon s.h.i.+p took a stride. Below the body of the s.h.i.+p was the shape of a three-legged toad formed by the majestic mountains. With a step, they could cover ten miles.

With a few steps, the Moon s.h.i.+p walked out of the gate of Fengdu with its chains dragging the broken black moon still in mid-air out of the living realm of the dead.

Meanwhile, in Fengdu, the strong pract.i.tioners all flew out to see the traces of the Moon s.h.i.+p leaving into the distance.

These strong pract.i.tioners of Fengdu didn't give chase. When Moon s.h.i.+p had entered Fengdu back in the day, Yama of Fengdu had not received the Moon Guardian; he only let the Moon s.h.i.+p stay at the wasteland outside the city.

Now that the Moon s.h.i.+p was leaving, Yama of Fengdu didn't bother to pay attention to it.

A bird-headed and human-bodied mutant came flapping over and called out to Daoist Ling Jing. "Daoist Ling Jing, Yama requests the pleasure of seeing you."

Daoist Ling Jing immediately followed him into Fengdu and walked into the Hall of Yamaraja.

At this moment, tens of thousands of yards of light shone from Qin Mu's body, which made him look like a heavenly G.o.d that was crafted from a moon. He controlled the enormous s.h.i.+p to walk out of the living realm of the dead, cross the sea of fog, and enter the Great Ruins which were shrouded in darkness.

He could feel the boundless energy in his body, and every single one of the divine treasure in his body was opened. No matter if it was Spirit Embryo, Five Elements, Six Directions, Seven Stars, Celestial Being, Life and Death or Divine Bridge—they were all filled with terrifying energy, and there was still even more energy pouring in.

On the inside of the Moon s.h.i.+p were incomparably complicated formations, and when his palm had gotten into contact with the huge pillar, the formations had been activated. Boundless energy poured into him to reconstruct his body, his soul, his spirit embryo, and allow his realm to surpa.s.s divine bridge, reaching an unimaginable realm.

The realm of heavenly G.o.ds.

It was hard to imagine what kind of realm this energy would reach if this was a complete s.h.i.+p!

"Carefree Village, Village Chief, I'm coming!"

As the huge Moon s.h.i.+p moved forward through the darkness, the scenery around it flashed past like flickering lights and pa.s.sing shadows. The jade pendant on Qin Mu's neck had also become huge and floated up in the night to point towards a faraway place in the darkness.

Suddenly, this jade pendant came off from his neck and flew into the distance.

Qin Mu controlled the Moon s.h.i.+p to increase its speed to not lose the jade pendant which was flying swiftly through the darkness. As the s.h.i.+p moved faster, it compressed the s.p.a.ce, which caused thunder and lightning to occur at the same time, tearing apart the darkness continuously.

Above the Moon s.h.i.+p, there were huge rocks cras.h.i.+ng down continuously from the broken moon. As they streaked across the sky, they left trails of fire as they descended into the darkness of Great Ruins.

Wherever the Moon s.h.i.+p walked, meteors fell in its wake. This caused the surroundings of Moon s.h.i.+p to be filled with fire and smoke, stinging the eyes.

On the deck of the Moon s.h.i.+p, there were too many palaces to count. This was where the Moon Herders had lived, but after a great battle, they had all been wiped out. The last Moon Herder was the Moon Guardian, but even he was consumed by the Moon s.h.i.+p when Qin Mu became the new Moon Guardian.

Dutian Devil King and the dragon qilin hid in a palace that had yet to collapse so as to avoid Qin Mu's world-shaking aura. The dragon qilin soon shut his eyes from all the shaking and fell asleep. Dutian Devil King was not sleepy, so he looked out from the window of the palace.

He could see the majestic Qin Mu standing at the center of the pillars like a tall mountain. His power had materialized into the rings of moonlight that were falling down his body, and they were extremely terrifying.

"This world is not as lowly as I thought. These G.o.d artifacts require an extremely profound path, skills, and divine arts. It's not something that an ordinary civilization could create."

Dutian Devil King's gaze wavered, and he found himself at a loss. "Am I really going to invade such a world? What worries me are actually not the heights which the civilization of this world had reached, but the thing that had destroyed something like it…"

Countless monsters in the darkness of Great Ruins were alarmed and surged over. Even though these monster were ma.s.sive in size, they weren't that great when compared to the Moon s.h.i.+p. They were like ants and were slow as well.

The Moon s.h.i.+p crushed all of them, and among the constant booms, crunching sounds could also be faintly heard. It was hard to say how many mysterious organisms had been flattened into pancakes and turned into a pile of mush in the darkness.

There were countless devils pouncing towards the Moon s.h.i.+p as well, and devil voices could be heard. These devils were trying their best to board this land s.h.i.+p, but they were immediately killed by the lightning created by the movement of the Moon s.h.i.+p, and their corpses dropped down like rain.

"Candra nava (Sanskrit, Moon s.h.i.+p)!"

In the darkness, a terrifying aura surged forth as a black figure became bigger and bigger. With feathers like clouds, it flew over from the darkness and leaped into the thunder layer formed by the Moon s.h.i.+p, bringing devil clouds to invade it.

From the devil clouds, the enormous devil popped out its heads, and all nine of them spewed devil flames towards Qin Mu who was at the center of the pillars.

The blazing flames lighted up the night sky, and the body of the enormous devil rolling back into the clouds could be seen. It seemed like a bird, but a flood dragon as well. It was as if the devil was a monster that was a fusion between the two different species.

"Garuda!" Dutian Devil King cried out in astonishment.

Moonlight lingered around Qin Mu's body, blocking the devil flames. Suddenly, a crescent opened up in the heart of his brows and slowly turned into a full moon like a door opening.

Soon, a full moon appeared in the heart of his brows. This wasn't a real full moon but an eye that was giving off a light that was similar to moonlight.


A snow-white light flashed across the horizon and sliced apart the darkness. It cut through the devil flames that filled the sky, and the heads of the devil started to fall from mid-air. There were exactly nine heads, no more and no less, while behind them were necks that were squirming like dragons and spurting blood.

The full moon on Qin Mu's forehead slowly closed and turned into a crescent again, which disappeared as well.

Dutian Devil King shut his mouth and didn't say a word. "After this brat let me go, I'll definitely not invade this twisted world!"

The Moon s.h.i.+p continued traveling forward while devils continued to surge towards it. Suddenly, shrieks came from the darkness, and the countless devils suddenly retreated, disappearing into the darkness.

Qin Mu's jade pendant which was floating in front of the s.h.i.+p looked incomparably small as though it was a speck of dust. Suddenly, it clanked as though it had collided with a formless barrier.

As if it was water of the lake stretching vertically from the heaven to the earth, ripples started to gently undulate on the barrier. They spread out with the jade pendant at the center, growing larger and larger. Meanwhile, at the center of the ripple, another world was gradually showing the tip of its grandeur.

This was Carefree Village.

Tales Of Herding Gods Chapter 236

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