Tales Of Leo Attiel ~Portrait Of The Headless Prince~ Foreword

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ーーーthat man, in the presence of the Imperial Majesty and the Queen, started to speak without faltering.

The appearance of Leo Attiel, we have no ways to find out right now.

He was not fond of being drawn to a portrait.

He even banned the commoners to setting up eaves of him, and the only time, at the time of the joyful 『Red Day of Usurpation』, that was the only one time that he allowed  the famous sculptor Idias to create his bust.

Leo’s Bust that was completed, was proudly decorated in the corridors of the Atall Palace, but recently, that bust is now being shown in a different castle as a spoil of war, and as you have already have known, right now, all above his neck is been missing.

Was it caught up in the middle of the war, was it intently destroyed by someone, or rather, is it the theory that one of Leo’s loyal ministers took it away to not let the enemy have their hands on it, those are being said, but the truth is unclear.

Well then, as His Imperial Majesty knows, the one born as the second prince of the Principality of Atall, has many  nicknames. There is the 『Usurper』, the 『Poisonous Viper』, the 『Enemy of God』, and the one that is most famous, that is right, it would be the

『Beheading Prince』

of course, it is an infamous name.

Leo Attiel was, he was being feared by many.

Not only by his enemies, but even the allies that fought with him, even his retainers, and even his relatives, he was feared the most, it is being said.

It is, though, very sarcastic that the 『Beheading Prince』 is missing his head from his own bust.  

Making fun of this sarcasm, in the provinces, Leo Attiel is being called by a new nickname,

『Beheaded Prince』.

by some of the people.

Well then, Your Imperial Majesty.

Here, to be able to have the chance to speak about the story of Leo Attiel to the Imperial Majesty, is pure happiness.

I, for a long time, have felt that there were too many flaws in the story of Leo Attiel that is currently widely known. It is only that, within the history created by the victor, there is no need to pursue the unbiased truth about the many lives of the defeated.

I am here right now, to talk about new stories about Leo Attiel.

That has been said, but it is not like I would like to turn back on all evaluations or to make Leo as if he was a saint.

It is true that he is an 『Usurper』, and everyone can admit that he had  truly done things in the history that qualify him to be called as 『Poison Viper』 or 『Enemy of God』.

And when it comes to the『Beheading Prince』, it should not even be mentioned.

But, regardless of knowing all of that, I can confidently say.

Leo Attiel is without no doubts, a Hero.

That he is a Hero that is unparalleled everywhere, of all times.

To the people who had gathered in this hall, if you want to laugh, laugh right now.

I have gathered new evidence from numerous literature, and within them, there are many documents that came from the houses of Claude Angratt and Percy Reagan, few of the current heroes of Arion.

Hearing these, everybody should say「Oya」, and become interested.

Was he the one whoーーー started the flames of ruin for the country of Atall.

And that is why, I will say again confidently.

The story that I will be starting now, has more authenticity than the lores that are currently wide known about Leo Attiel, and it would be, spoken in the most unbiased way.

The story, first, starts in the Arion Kingdom, in the vicinity of the east bordersーーー.

– Chapter 1 –

Tales Of Leo Attiel ~Portrait Of The Headless Prince~ Foreword

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