Talisman Emperor Chapter 535

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Stomp! Stomp!

His footsteps emitted heavy, muffled, and rhythmic sounds as he stepped up into the sky, and they resounded out in the heavens and the earth like the sound of a drum. Moreover, they seemed to have a magical effect that caused everything in the heavens and the earth to fall into silence.

The army of specters that were everywhere fell into a stunned state, and they forgot to attack, whereas the hearts of the extremely sorrowful cultivators in the city became calm along with the resounding of these footsteps.

Besides that, the Ghost Emperor Li Huang, Luo Chuan, Ming Zhi, and Lu Gang's gazes abruptly became serious.

Amidst this expanse of silence, Chen Xi held the jade cauldron as he ascended up into the sky. His figure was tall and carried a lofty and steady bearing as if he was a king that established the world and made everything submit before him.

"Who're you?" The Ghost Emperor Li Huang shouted loudly, and his silver pupils were filled with a surprised and bewildered expression. In his eyes, the imposing aura emitted by Chen Xi who held the jade cauldron was extremely alike to the terrifying existence in the primeval times that had once caused him to have countless nightmares.

At this moment, the others jolted awake from their silence, and they looked towards the tall figure in the sky.

"Chen Xi!?" Feng Jianbai, Su Qingyan, Xue Ranchen, and the others within the city were stunned, and an expression of disbelief gushed out from their eyes.

Why is it this fellow?

No matter how formidable he is, he only possesses a cultivation at the Rebirth Realm! How could he possibly achieve this?

"Wait, he isn't Chen Xi." Qing Xiuyi, Zhen Liuqing, Huangfu Qingying, and the other disciples of the Darchu Dynasty revealed surprised and bewildered expressions after being slightly stunned.

That person's appearance was indeed Chen Xi's without a doubt. However, that bearing was completely different to Chen Xi, and he had an extremely steady and respected aura of a king.

His gaze was sedate and calm, and everywhere his gaze reached, it seemed as if the heavens and the earth had become silent and the entire world had become calm and meek.

It seemed as if so long he was present, everything in the world had something to rely on, something to entrust their hopes to, and this imposing aura of ruling over the entire world belonged to the aura of a supreme king that dominated the world!

What exactly has occurred to him?

Everyone was unable to guess it.

On the other hand, a wisp of deep-rooted hatred gushed out from Bing Shitian's heart when he saw Chen Xi, and the flames of envy that were originally suppressed in the depths of his heart once again started surging up slowly into his heart, causing him to wish for nothing more than to annihilate this kid before him.

An existence that's like an ant actually obtained the heart of Senior Sister, and she even gave birth to a son for him!

This was an outcome that Bing Shitian was utterly unable to accept, nor could he tolerate it.

His Senior Sister was an inviolable existence in his heart and belonged only to him. Besides him, there wasn't a single person in this world that could obtain her!

So Bing Shitian had long since held killing intent towards Chen Xi, but he'd endured it all this time and intended to find an optimum opportunity to annihilate Chen Xi in one go.

However, he never expected that Chen Xi would actually appear at a time like this. Moreover, Chen Xi had appeared with such a steady and vast imposing aura, causing him to simply be in disbelief.

How could a tiny ant possess such a formidable imposing aura? It's even…stronger than mine!?

This sort of feeling caused Bing Shitian to feel extreme detest and discomfort. Presently, he'd already been beaten to the point of being bathed in blood, severely injured, was in a sorry state, and he was powerless to turn the situation around.

But as soon as Chen Xi appeared, he caused everyone to be shocked and caused the heavens and the earth to be shaken. How could Bing Shitian, who'd always boasted of his identity as a Heavenly Immortal, be able to accept such an enormous gap?

However, he still endured it in the end. He wanted to see whether this fellow was actually making a false show of strength. Or perhaps it could be said that he utterly didn't believe that Chen Xi's appearance could change anything.

Talisman Emperor Chapter 535

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