Tatakau Shisho Vol 9 Chapter 4.2

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Chapter 4.2

April 24, 2018Tgurneu

Nieniu lived her days like this. She lived in the forest and if someone wanted her help she would come rushing. Sometimes there were moms who had lost their children. Sometimes there were children abandoned by their parents. An exhausted old man, a warrior afraid of the Beasts of the Final Chapter… she sang to and healed. She already lived like this for the past five years.

No one could understand her. Some have mocked her and some have tried to hurt her. Even so, Nieniu never changed her way of life.

She didn’t mind nobody acknowledging her. I will simply live like this. So Nieniu thought.

Inside the forest, Nieniu was looking at the darkness of the night. At that moment, her purple lock of hair swayed.

‘I hate it. I can’t endure it… save me, someone save me…’

Someone’s pain echoed inside her head.

“…That child’s crying again.”

Nieniu muttered. She would normally rush over when she heard someone. However, only this once she didn’t move. She was unable to sense where the possessor of that pain was located at. She didn’t know if it was because they were too far away or for another reason.

‘…I can’t take it anymore. With every passing day, the end of the world draws closer. The Beasts of the Final Chapter draw closer.

I’m scared, scared, scared! I’m so scared! The Beasts are too strong! There’s no way I could beat something like that! Me and everyone, all people are going to be killed!’


The pain and fear he felt were transmitted to Nieniu. Her heart ached. Even though he’s in pain again today, I can’t do anything for him.

She had already heard his voice dozens of times. Its occurrences was varied; sometimes she felt it happened every day and at other days that it hadn’t happened in half a year.

As she heard this voice Nieniu recalled the past. The day when she had decided to live her life as a Singer.

The Singers Clan.

It was said that at their prime they were hundreds of people going around the world in several assembled caravans. Some of them sang a song of dancing – making all listeners become exhilarated and naturally begin to make dance steps. Some sang wedding songs – married women would recall the days of their youth and unmarried ones would envision their future wedding.

When some sang tragic love songs, men and women of all ages would weep, and when some sang songs of duels, both boys and adults would swing their fists and raise cheers. They would listen ecstatically yet silently to the song of the grand earth, and would lend their ears and think of spring when hearing the song of birds. The various Singers had various songs. It was said that the Clan went around village and were received with cries of joy every time they visited the people.

However, Nieniu didn’t know about this period. Ever since Nieniu could remember herself there were less than 20 people who called themselves a Clan.

The cause was obvious. The savior Ruruta which was about to be born, so they had to assemble the Memorial Weapons and leave behind the Books of strong warriors. The voices that asked for the Singers’ songs, which were no more than temporary pleasure, were gradually decreased. There also appeared people among the Singers themselves that abandoned their songs.

That wasn’t all; people who rejected the existence of the Singers as something harmful also began to appear. Entertainment was evil. Servitude for Ruruta was good. There were gradually more voices thinking this, and the ones wishing for songs were pushed away by those. The decisive blow was when the King of Meliot Veekithar had completely oppressed it.

The destruction of the Singers became inevitable.

The young Nieniu, with her few remaining comrades, went around the world. Escaping Veekithar’s oppression, they have made

poor livelihood. Their comrades, unable to bear this way of life, vanished one after the other.

Quitting the life of a Singer was simple. All Singers possessed from birth the ability to read other people’s hearts. People who did not have it could not master songs. Because they were able to read others’ hearts they were also able to transmit to them. They could simply cut off the forelocks that symbolized them being Singers.

There were also those whose hairs were plucked off as they were crying. There were those who tore them off themselves. Nieniu and the last chief of the Singers saw them off sorrowfully.

Nieniu couldn’t run away. She had no relatives. Her mother had died while giving birth to her, and her father abandoned her when she young. The only one to take care of her was her grandmother’s elder sister, the Singers’ chief.

She was also old and couldn’t live without Nieniu. She couldn’t leave her side, and so they ended up remaining the final two together.

Eleven years old – it was during that period that one had to learn songs in order to become a fully-fledged Singer. However, Nieniu had not been taught any songs by the chief yet.

“Nieniu, where are you?”

“…I’m here, grandma. I’m preparing the meal.”

They also stopped their travels. They have disposed of both horses and carriages, only having a single tent. They both lived relying only on the reserves succeeded from generation to generation.

“Once you finish come to me. I will teach you a song.”

“…O-okay. But since there are still things to do, if that can be done later…”

Nieniu told a bad lie to escape.

She had evaded or even outright ignored the chief’s wishes to teach her songs. At this time Nieniu was already determined to quit being a Singer. She only was there to look after the chief. No one could blame her. Rather there would be plenty of people to tell her to leave as soon as possible.

She made the chief eat some wheat porridge. As she was sick she only lived by sleeping and waking up. The chief spoke to Nieniu.

“Nieniu. Has the power of your hair started working?”

“…Not yet, grandma.”

In the Singers Clan, when one came to age their inborn power to read the hearts of other people would awaken. Nieniu has already approached this age.

Awakening that ability was the prerequisite of becoming a Singer.

“Nieniu, I know about that hair color. My great-grandfather had the same purple hair. He was an wonderful Singer. He had possessed the power to perceive people’s pain.

You will definitely become a splendid Singer.”


She didn’t reply. She stayed silent and averted her eyes.

The truth was that her ability had already been active at the time. Her purple bangs were reading people’s pain regardless of her own will. The heart of the chief close to her was transmitted. She was sad about their history ending in this generation.

Ruruta will definitely save the world. However, if the world has no Singers in it, it will be very sad. Even one was fine. She didn’t want the history of Singers to go to waste. Nieniu could understand she wished for this.

The more she felt the chief’s heart the more her chest was filled up by excuses.

“…Grandma, I’m going outside. I’ll be right back.”

Saying this, Nieniu who felt like she couldn’t be there any longer exited the tent.

But even after going out, just like expected she could still feel someone’s pain.

She received the feelings of some hurt person from somewhere. It was a faint-hearted and unreliable warrior. He was tormented by feeling inferior compared to the people around him. He was ashamed at being unable to appear praiseworthy in front of his son.

Nieniu shook her head and forgot about that transmitted pain. However, she then felt a different one.

She received the feelings of some hurt person from somewhere. It was an old woman

woman who sowed wheat while ignoring the pain at her lower back and dragging her feet. Please take over for me, someone, no matter who, please switch with me for a little while, the old woman was wishing.

She received the feelings of some hurt person from somewhere. It was a woman who heard Orntorra’s Whisper. Will Ruruta really win? If he loses my precious children will die. She was scared and cried.

No matter how much Nieniu tried shaking them off, someone’s pain echoed in her head. From various places came various sorrows, pains, weeping, and cries.

She was about to scream. Why did she had to have these feelings? If she reads people’s pain then she will be pained as well.

Nieniu suffered from Orntorra’s Whisper as well. Nieniu also suffered from living. Then why was she the only one who had to undertake people’s pain?

She didn’t need this power. It only tormented her. She hated her father and mother for giving birth to her like this.

She thought that she wanted the chief to die as soon as possible. If she does then she will be released. However, there was no way she could say that upfront. Nieniu didn’t want to sadden the chief, so she didn’t want to cut off her hair.

“Where did you go, Nieniu? You cannot go out so late.”

She heard the chief’s voice.

Nieniu started running without thinking. Obviously she had no destination. She simply wanted to run away from the place she was at now.

Nieniu ran in the forest during sunset. However, no matter where she ran to, she couldn’t escape the pain transmitted from people to inside her mind.

I know. To run away I have to cut my hair. Nieniu leaned against a tree and tightly grasped her forelock.

“…Sorry, chief.”

Nieniu apologized many times in the empty forest. Since she apologized so much even the chief would forgive her. She kept apologizing until she thought so.

Then she started exerting power in her fingers holding her hair. However, for some reason her hand wouldn’t move.

She inhaled then exhaled. I’ll pull it out in one go. She thought so but again couldn’t use the power to do so. She was still hesitating.


Why did she hesitate? She took off her fingers without having any idea why.

At that moment her purple hair once again transmitted someone’s pain. She felt it coming from far, far away.

It was a dark, heavy pain that she had never felt before. It was too painful and Nieniu instinctively held her head.

‘Mom… mom, why did you throw me away?’

It was a child’s voice.

‘Although I believed in you, I believed only in you, why did even you abandon me?’

Nieniu understood. It was the voice of a child who lost his mother.

‘There’s nobody anymore, I no longer have anyone. Why don’t I have anyone? It’s hard for me! Fighting is hard! Then why did my mother abandon me?!’

“…Stop. Don’t make me feel that pain…”

Nieniu groaned.

Save me. Again and again, someone suffering shouted out for her from far away. They were shouting voicelessly.

“…I’m the one who wants to be saved. Don’t push it onto me like that.”

She tried pulling out her purple hair. However, her hand just froze.

I want to escape. But apart from that thought, another thought whispered to her.

Should I abandon him? Is abandoning him fine?

Nieniu was troubled. It was transmitted to her. There were no longer any people who will save him. He was suffering because no one would help him.

“…Nothing to do about it. I don’t even know where he is. I don’t even know what to do. Even if I understand it I can’t do anything!”

But, Nieniu kept muttering.

“…I haven’t done anything yet.”

Nieniu stopped grabbing her purple forelock. And she then rushed back to the tent where the chief was waiting.


The chief smiled at her on her bed.

“You don’t have to say anything. Come here. I will not blame you.”

She still hesitated. If

hesitated. If she chooses this road, horrible hardships will await her. Nieniu shook off her doubts. That was nothing compared to the suffering that boy had chosen to confront.

I have to do it. I’m the only one who can save that boy.

“…Chief, please teach me to sing.”

The chief nodded calmly.

They didn’t have much time. It was clear the chief’s life would not last for long. Nieniu frantically learned the basics. In mere ten days, she was able to master the song of healing.

“Nieniu, listen carefully.”

The chief said after having finished teaching her.

“You have been greatly tormented by your power, the ability to perceive one’s pain.

However, Nieniu… that is the most proper ability for humans to have.

Because you can feel other people’s pain you can heal them. Exactly because you know their misfortune you can make them happy.

This power you were born with will probably lead you to the proper way of living.”


“Being strong and defeating others… Fighting alongside Ruruta Coozancoona and attaining victory… They are also proper. However, they are not the only proper ways of life. You must not lose sight of the other kind of righteousness.”

The chief stroked Nieniu’s head.

“From now on you will face all sorts of hardships. You might even come to regret it.

But even so you are right. The real meaning of being right is to be happy.

True happiness never comes to those who lose their righteous heart.”

Nieniu nodded again and again.

“Nieniu. Will you sing for me?”

“…Got it. I, the Healing Singer Nieniu, will sing for you.”

She hugged the chief’s body and sang.

While singing the chief’s heart was transmitted to her. She could feel that the fear and suffering of her approaching death were being eased. Her joy at raising Nieniu and her pride at having fulfilled her duty as a Singer were being transmitted.

And the chief made her last breath in Nieniu’s arms. She had only taught Nieniu the song for ten days, but it obviously shaved off her life. But she had no regrets.

“…Got it, chief. I’ve found my way of living.

I will make the people of the world happy. This is my mission as a Singer and my happiness.”

Thus began the tale of Nieniu, the last Singer.

Five years passed since.

The boy’s distant wailing she had felt this day… it was once again transmitted to Nieniu’s forelock.

‘Don’t be afraid, because those who are afraid cannot win. I can’t be afraid, cheer up, become stronger, be stronger, those who aren’t strong are worthless!

I’m scared became I’m not strong! Become stronger! Become stronger and stronger!’

The distant wailing boy abused himself inside his heart. He continually denied his fears and weakness. However, no matter how much he told himself to become stronger, he couldn’t overcome his own fears.

His wails were quite tragic.

Feeling his wails, Nieniu became a Singer. Ever since then Nieniu always looked for him. However, she was unable to meet him. Although she could feel his heart, his whereabouts were too far away and she couldn’t grasp his location.

Nieniu focused her mind and searched for him. However, she could only feel he was far away. Before long she became unable to hear him.

She sighed and gazed up at the sky.

“…Where are you?”

She called towards the heavens. Towards that boy who was somewhere below them.

“…Will you keep on living like that?”

She asked him. Will he really live by hating his inability to become stronger, by rejecting his own weakness and by spending all of his days in battle? Even if that was proper of him to do, will that really lead to a happy life?

Nieniu thought that was wrong. Since she believed there was no happiness in that she lived as a Singer.

Every day was full of hardships. She was hungry and froze at nights. She lived while being scorned and persecuted. She had exposed herself to danger countless times. Even so, she never regretted her road.

Because the distant wailing the distant wailing boy was there she was able to choose this path. She had to be grateful toward him. She will definitely find him one day. Nieniu was convinced of this as she gazed at the night sky.

Around the same time, a boy was gazing at the sky just like her.

He was in the middle of Meliot Kingdom, in the middle of the world. This was the Royal Tower of Ruruta, where he and his highest ranking subordinates lived. One floor down from the very top was the living room of Meliot King Veekithar.

Veekithar was looking at the night sky out from that window.

A human figure mixed in with the night skies. Stationary in air, ignoring the law of physics, was Ruruta Coozancoona.

“How truly…”

How truly beautiful. Veekithar was struck with admiration every time he saw that figure.

The overwhelming power even stronger than the one uniting all of mankind resided inside the perfectly symmetrical limbs of this this boy. This fact alone exceeded any other beauty.

But his figure and power alone would not cause these sorts of feelings. Ruruta’s beauty lied in his spirit.

The decisive battle against the Beasts of the Final Chapter approached. Even so, Ruruta never showed even a sliver of fear. No matter the harsh training he never voiced any complaint and never rested for an instant. Although he was the world’s savior, his body was only that of a 14 years old boy. There was no way it wasn’t hard for him.

The state of his spirit was far removed from that of a normal person like Veekithar. He has long since surpassed the suffering felt by humans.

Veekithar was a regular human after all. He would wake up with a start from his bed when he hears Orntorra’s Whispers. He wanted to wail in despair in front of the overwhelming power of the Beasts. But only at such times, just by looking at Ruruta, his heart would become calm.

Ruruta does not fear anything. Ruruta will never falter. Ruruta will never lose heart and will never lose.

Therefore, there was no reason to fear the Beasts of the Final Chapter. As long as Ruruta was there and he believed in him.

“…Ruruta. Being able to serve someone as noble as yourself… I, Veekithar, is happy with that alone.”

Muttering this, Meliot King Veekithar returned to his official duties. He engraved words on his own desk on a wooden board using a brush made of oak wood. Since at the time paper had not been invented yet, all documents were bundled wooden boards. A mountain of such documents were at his back.

Distribution of food, production of weapons, current state of the warriors’ training, and other events; Veekithar looked through all of them. He kept on working regardless if it was day or night.

He felt an extreme satisfaction at the country he had created. They were a country where each and every citizen fought wholeheartedly. They were a combat state of high purity that pruned everything not related to battle. A country where everything existed for Ruruta. That is what he aimed for.

As long as they believe in Ruruta they had no need to fear the Beasts of the Final Chapter. This meant that anyone who feared the Beasts was a fool who didn’t believe in Ruruta. Those who complained were worms. And it didn’t matter if worms were killed.

Ruruta was a strong, perfect existence. He would fight, win, and save the world. A being far superior to anything on earth.

Therefore, all citizens have to aim for Ruruta. They couldn’t be allowed to fear, to hesitate or to be disheartened. They had to endure any sort of pain, overcome any fear, and try to become as strong as they possibly can.

And Veekithar wanted to cull off all those who were weak, who ran away, who were afraid.

Every time he gazed upon Ruruta’s figure this resolve was renewed.

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