Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 335: Commanding The Battle!

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Honduras had been slacking for an entire day. He was waiting for the bast*rd who disappeared after winning. How could someone of his caliber be 'sneak attacked'? He had seen the battle replay countless times, and the opponent definitely was out to get him. This was not a victory based on true skills.

What he was most irritated by was that this battle had become the hot match of the week.

This was simply injustice…. Pinning the dignified vice-chief of fencing onto the board of shame?

He had to get his game back before the end of the week.

The room he opened was limited to Overlord mecha only. His opponent would definitely only use an Overlord mech as well.

Meanwhile, w.a.n.g Zheng was really worried that his card might have been activated after the hoohah he had caused. It looked like he really did not have to worry. Meanwhile, Honduras' challenge was on the training room's battle announcement board.

"The guy who attacked me… play another game with me if you are a man! - Honduras."

Scrolling through the screen, w.a.n.g Zheng could not help but laugh. He left hurriedly ast time, but now he could satisfy his opponent with another match.

Honduras was doing training aimlessly. His opponent did not appear sincere. He not only issued an announcement, but also notified the Council about the rematch. It seemed that his opponent was from one of the council parties.

How strange, who could that guy be?

At this point, the system prompted, "Your challenge is accepted. Do you want to start?"

Honduras jumped up in excitement. Finally!

"Boy, finally you are here. It is not good to run after winning. Today, let's do a best of three. No more running away!" said Honduras excitedly.

w.a.n.g Zheng smiled. "No problem!"

The Imperial Swordsman was in full swing. This time, Honduras was mentally prepared. He was not going to underestimate his opponent again.

w.a.n.g Zheng instead maintained the calm composure of an Overlord. He wanted to understand the fighting powers of the Imperial Swordsman, Aslan's highly mobile mech.

Honduras did not use the standard defensive stance because he really wanted to beat his opponent.

The Imperial Swordsman marched forward towards w.a.n.g Zheng. He raised his sword and hacked down at the Overlord with every step. Once the Imperial Swordsman started its offense, one could only defend. w.a.n.g Zheng quickly blocked with his s.h.i.+eld and spear.

w.a.n.g Zheng's Overlord mech possessed many problems in actual combat. It was heavy and slow; it was a model despised by other individuals.

With a solid foundation for fencing attacks, the flexibility and sharp attacks of the Imperial Swordsman were fully exploited. Strangely, his opponent seemed to always be able to defend against it. After a series of attacks, Honduras felt depressed.

His opponent was like a big turtle, fully armored and too difficult to penetrate.

"Honduras, can you not even deal with an Overlord mech?"

"Don't be so anxious, I have not even started."

"This Overlord is interesting. He seems slow, but he can accurately block every attack. At this rate, the attacker will suffer."

Honduras knew this of course; a.s.sa.s.sin-type mecha were all about a.s.saulting the opponent. However, continuous attacks would soon open up more flaws.

The Imperial Swordsman took a jump backwards, reorganizing his rhythm and looking for an opening. w.a.n.g Zheng s.h.i.+fted his s.h.i.+eld slightly. His opponent would never find an opportunity to attack if he remained so guarded.

Just a subtle gap was exposed and Honduras's pupils dilated. This was the moment!

The engine roared and the high-intensity engine of the Imperial Swordsman revved, bursting forward at lightning speed in an instant.


His long, pointed sword headed straight for the Overlord, using one of Honduras' unique techniques.

The essence of this sword technique was a quick and accurate thrust. So long as a gap was exposed, it would penetrate the opponent.



At that instant, the Overlord's spear parried the long sword.

Honduras felt as though he had been hit by a Maglev vehicle. It was an upfront clash. The Imperial's sword bounced back due to the impact.

Honduras' reaction was also extremely fast. He took advantage of the backwards momentum to retreat before quickly launching yet another attack. However, the Imperial Swordsman was not a brute force mech. The Overlord's advantage was force, but the speed could be too slow, similar to a tortoise racing.

w.a.n.g Zheng's Overlord had finally taken the chance to move!

Sky Rocket Cannon!

Honduras was dumbfounded. His opponent was treating him like a pig.

To use the Sky Rocket Cannon… a foolish and daunting trick that was the most tasteless technique amongst the Overlord's repertoire.

Even the students in the crowd laughed at the Overlord's slow buildup to release the cannon.

However, at the next moment, everyone's jaws dropped.

What in the world was this?

The Overlord did not rise into the sky, but leaped upwards at an angle before instantly bouncing off the ground with the momentum!

The explosion of the cannon intensity's was only at half strength and while the engine could still control the pressure, it created a scene where the Overlord moved extremely quickly in a parabolic curve!


The Overlord headed straight for the Imperial Swordsman.

With a loud explosion, the Imperial Swordsman, despite having activated the energy s.h.i.+eld, was knocked backwards

The spear followed, slamming right into him….

In less than three seconds, the energy s.h.i.+eld burst, and the Imperial Swordsman was once again pierced by the spear.

Some people who were training stopped and looked at the training room screen.

What were they seeing???

Honduras was beaten up like a dog. Who was this Overlord pilot who could actually use the mech so skillfully?

Was it Arbiter's IG captain?

This was already G.o.d level. This level of control, that accurate judgment, were heaven-defying!

Honduras was speechless, the scenes that happened seconds ago were replaying again and again in his head. F*ck!

At this moment, he suddenly realized that the other party had previously exposed a flaw intentionally. With the Overlord pilot's level of skill, he would never have made such a rookie mistake like exposing a flaw! He was just baiting him in!


He was played like a kid. He had been tricked!

This level of control and strength with the Overlord mech would take at least three years or more to attain. He simply could not compete with him.

"Are we still continuing?" w.a.n.g Zheng asked.

There was no need for a second battle. He had already thoroughly read his opponent's strength and pattern.

"I'm not your opponent, but our fencing club won't give up!" Honduras said as though the battle was made in honor of the Fencing Society.

w.a.n.g Zheng shrugged nonchalantly. The advantages and disadvantages of the Overlord were still too obvious. This was not a mech that possessed great advantages. This was still a flaw manageable in one on one battles, but the slow speed would be a great disadvantage in group battles.

w.a.n.g Zheng decided to try another mech. He opened the search engine to check out empty mecha. Although the popular ones were mostly occupied, he could do with a less popular model.

Honduras was rus.h.i.+ng toward the practice room of the Overlord pilot who had beaten him. He wanted to have a good look at who his opponent was. At this point, w.a.n.g Zheng was strolling towards another practice room.

He was feeling frustrated at the Aslanian authorities because he only had access to older mech models. Even though the newer ones were available, he had limited access. It seems that Chi Muye had truly been "too nice" and had taken his perceived "skills" into consideration. 

It took a while before w.a.n.g Zheng chanced upon an empty training room. A mech by the Ma.n.a.lasuo empire, Golden Wheel.

Ma.n.a.lasuo had always been competing with Aslan. Although neighbors, the contrast between the two empires was quite obvious. As the Aslan Empire grew mightier, bringing tremendous pressure to Ma.n.a.lasuo, they had started developing their own mecha to strengthen their national power. This Golden Wheel mech was created during this period.

The designer was very creative to say the least. Their original intention was to be innovative, unique, and to create a mech that possessed supreme lethality. The Golden Wheel had arms equipped with two special, golden wheels, made of premier gold compounds. These golden wheels could rotate at high speeds to produce powerful tear wounds and serve as a temporary distraction for another attack.

In close combat, the killing power of the two rotating wheels was also amazing.

The idea was undoubtedly quite good. The Golden Wheel had been launched into full production as a result. Some technical problems had been overcome one by one and they had used it for actual combat to prove its viability.

However, the problem lay in actual combat. Recovery time was needed after the golden wheels' spinning attacks, and attacking consecutively was quite difficult. This process to throw the wheels repeatedly was smoothened after numerous practices and required special guidance. This, as a result, made the mech hard to pilot. It was reported that Ma.n.a.lasuo would award the t.i.tle of "Machinist" to one who could pilot this mech effectively.

The control of the golden wheels was quite difficult to grasp. When the golden wheels of the mech arched back to the mech for recovery, they would produce significant momentum when caught, which would make it difficult to quickly launch another attack in quick succession. It would also cause the pilot to spend significant effort and strain in order to receive the wheels.

Furthermore, if it was done improperly, the mech might lose its balance, and that would be fatal in a battle.

In the mecha world, there was a saying that if one could attack twice, they should not merely attack once. One should not waste their effort.

Since the pilot had limited energy, to waste valuable energy on the release and recovery of weapons did not conform to the basic principle of mech design.

The actual combat strength of the mech as a result was extremely poor, and the Golden Wheel had caused Ma.n.a.lasuo to seem like a joke in the international community.

The development was extremely expensive too, and thus the mech was not ma.s.s produced.

However, Aslan still collected such a mech. The performance of this mech was frankly very good. This method of attack was also quite creative and worth learning from.

Aslanians were really something. Whether they were opponents or friends, they could put aside their pride and learn with an open mind to become more and more powerful.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 335: Commanding The Battle!

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