Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 354: Locke’S Star’S Doom

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They had to score this point, no matter who the Solar System team sent. If it really was the case that they had to go 0-2, they would be reprimanded badly when they returned, even if they managed an overall win.

The Solar System team's random allocation was really puzzling. Only the team captain, Achilles, and Lear's data were on the system. Although it was brief, they were definitely known to be Ability X users. No one was really bothered by these details. Stronger nations were more secretive about their members, but if the Solar System team did the same, no one really cared.

It looked like the team had really hidden their cards this time.

Both sides hopped into the mecha's c.o.c.kpits. Meng Tian vs Warrent!

Two mecha appeared on the standard battlefield.

Warrent chose the Maacah Republic's heavy type beast type Tiger Guard for its mighty defense and superior mobility.

When it came to beast type mecha, the Maacah Republic's technology might even surpa.s.s that of Aslan's. As long as one could master this mech's rhythmic jumping movements, its strength could be quite impressive.

Meng Tian's choice left everyone stunned- the Moon's Moon Streak V. It was a humanoid sniper mech. Models rolled out by the moon were guaranteed to be stable and reliable.

The problem was, this was not a game! This was the IG battlefield.

Choosing a sniper mech, even with G.o.d-like reliability, was like committing suicide.

What was more, Warrent had chosen the relatively flexible Tiger Guard. It was the exact nemesis of sniper mech. With Warrent's abilities, it was absolutely possible to destroy the enemy before she even activated her energy s.h.i.+eld!

Warrent felt inexplicably angry. Was the captain's brain damaged? Never mind that his opponent was a woman, but she chose a lousy sniper mech. Did they think they were shooting a show and playing around?!

He had to give the Solar System team a life-long lesson!

At the very start of the match, Warrent dashed relentlessly at the Moon Streak, activating his energy s.h.i.+eld. With this, even a full-energy laser could be blocked, let alone a laser gun!

Boom. Under Meng Tian's control, the Moon Streak raised the standard moonfire laser sniper.

She immediately took aim…

Meng Tian's every action was well calculated and evenly paced, maintaining her own individual pace. Holding up the gun, she entered had entered her own world.

A flash of silvery white appeared at the nozzle of the laser sniper barrel.

At this time, Warrent was halfway to Meng Tian. Just at this instant, as Meng Tian had finished aiming, the Tiger Guard leaped forward. With a sudden boost of energy, the Tiger Guard's speed increased, rus.h.i.+ng directly toward Meng Tian.

Meng Tian looked calmly at the Tiger Guard. The distance between the two mech had been reduced to less than twenty meters, yet Meng Tian had yet to fire even a single shot. For a sniper, this was considered way too weak, as too much time had been wasted on aiming.

"The Solar System team is going down."

At the spectator booth, Bi Yuyan shook her head. Such a pity… to think that the rare warp Ability X was used in the first match. If they lost this second battle, it may be difficult to catch up. After all, Locke's Star's ranking was still considered within the top ten.

"We can't be sure. Let's see if her aim is accurate."

"Oh, I'm afraid it's difficult. With the Tiger Guard moving at such speeds, with such flexible footwork… I believe Warrent has also undergone special anti-sniper training. In the worst case scenario, the Tiger Guard's energy s.h.i.+eld can withstand at least three attacks…. The situation doesn't look good in any way."

Si Jiali was silent. Obviously, the sniper seemed to be a little slow. Even after such a long time, the first shot was still not released.

Then, in a split second, Warrent's roar could be heard. The Tiger Guard suddenly leaped again and flew at the Moon Streak V…. Good Lord!

Warrant had activated his Ability X, and the explosive force erupted from within his muscles. With this force, he could arrive at the Moon Streak almost immediately.

In the face of the enemy's devastating burst of explosive power, Meng Tian was still calm and collected. It was at this time that the laser rifle glowed!

Meng Tian fired!

A silver, heavy laser beam flew directly from the sniper, hitting the Tiger Guard's armor. Judging from the trajectory, the Tiger Guard would certainly be unable to dodge the attack.

Warrent smiled. Did Meng Tian think his mech was made of paper?

The Tiger Guard's powerful engine emitted a roar, instantly reinforcing and solidifying the energy s.h.i.+eld, a key feature of heavy type mecha.


The impact landed squarely on the energy s.h.i.+eld!

However, this shot was not enough to penetrate the energy s.h.i.+eld, though the momentum of the mech had been blunted and he stopped moving. On the other hand, he was now only five meters away from Meng Tian.

Warrent could not help but laugh. His heart blazed upon remembering the beauty who he was now challenging.

Once he reached melee range of the Moon Streak, with the Tiger Guard's heavy set of teeth, the Moon Streak would be like raw meat on a chopping board. Easy game!


At the next moment, Warrent's relaxed face was covered with a layer of frost!

Two-thirds of the energy s.h.i.+eld was still intact, but a light layer of white light had condensed on the energy s.h.i.+eld, much like the spreading winter frost. A breeze of cold and ice had unknowingly penetrated the Tiger Guard's heavy armor…

He was unable to move! The usually reactive G-material was now like a thousand year hunk of frozen steel.

Meng Tian gently raised the sniper rifle again, targeting the Tiger Guard at a closer distance.



The energy s.h.i.+eld and armour could not block the hits! All it took were two neat strikes for Meng Tian to crush him.

Everything blew up into a smoldering heap!

The second victory was just too neat and tidy, and it was a tremendous upset. The Moon Streak mech, which should have typically been easily crushed by the Tiger Guard, had actually triumphed!

Gu Te not only jumped in joy, he was waving his fists in the air! As the headmaster of Ares College, this battle was more than enough to ignite his excitement.

Gu Te had never been happier in the IG compet.i.tion for the past ten years, especially since both winners were his own students. It was like a dream come true!

Three neat strikes, and the first came with the Ability X to freeze all movement!

Jackman's face turned to the color of pig liver!

"What the f*ck is going on? How come there are so many of them with special Ability Xs?!"

As the captain, he couldn't help but swear at Warrent. Ability X users were usually more powerful and faster. Although users like Meng Tian and Zhang Shan were considered special... to think he had already met with two just at the start of IG.

To think the Solar System had hit them with a score of 2-0… it would be the Solar System's last round to win.

Warrent was already on his way to the emergency room. He was even more miserable than the previous loser. The only difference between virtual and actual combat was that the mech could not really explode. The opponent's strength and Ability X could indeed be felt even in virtual combat. This was also why so many subst.i.tutes were needed. With each elimination round, who knew how many soldiers would be left? And this may be one of the most decisive factors.

Warrent was not careless. Everything was within his calculations. No matter how good the opponent was, he was good at strategizing. He had even taken into account his opponent's ability to dish out multiple attacks. With his heavy mech and his skills, he could withstand four rounds of brutal attacks to get close enough, and he would then be able to kill off the sniper.

Never would he have imagined that the opponent had….

An ice Ability X!

Like the warp Ability X, an Ice Ability X was also extremely rare. It was likely that only one in a thousand or one in ten thousand had it. No matter how precise his calculations were, it would have definitely been frozen and decimated.

An originally uninteresting and empty media stand exploded! This was going against nature!

An ice Ability X was seen after a warp Ability X? That strike not only froze the pilot, but even obviously stagnated the movement of the entire mech. Such intense might…

Huang s.h.i.+ took a deep breath and calmed himself, trying to block out Chi Muye, who was going bonkers beside him.

He updated the latest information on his channel. At the same time, he had already started writing a press release.

The t.i.tle: Underestimated Land of Human Origin— The Solar System Federation team.

On the other side, Bi Yuyan stood up and clapped her hands with enthusiasm.

They had two special Ability X users in a row. This was close to unseen!

Would there be…. a third one?

Si Jiali's eyes drifted around the scene, but more often than not, they fell on w.a.n.g Zheng. His facial expression was still blank. Achilles and Lear, the two most famous within the Solar System Federation, had the exact same level of composure. Did the Solar System team really have such hidden strength?

The next opponent would definitely be Jackman. Would he be up against w.a.n.g Zheng?

After two consecutive victories, everyone's nervousness seemed to have disappeared. Now everyone was eagerly staring at w.a.n.g Zheng. This was such a good opportunity to crush them completely.

Locke's Star was forced into a desperate situation. They would be sent straight home if they lost the next battle.

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 354: Locke’S Star’S Doom

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