Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 355: Definite Victory

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Jackman was really enraged at this point. To think that he thought that drawing the Solar System team was like getting a free warm-up round and they could avoid roughing it up, yet this was happening. It was like getting two tight slaps across the cheeks. The real battle had not even started, but he was turned into a complete laughing stock. 

Over the past ten years, the Solar System Federation had been clamoring for a rise. Talents, geniuses, or other G.o.dly nicknames were given to those members. They were always made to sound invincible, yet the very same team would get kicked out at the very first round.

Ten years pa.s.sed swiftly, and the same thing would repeat every year. It was like free points rained upon the Solar System team's lucky opponents, and they quickly became the 'first rounders,' ones who were sent back home after a day of battle.

But now, now….

Two to zero. How could the mighty, dignified Locke's Star get bashed up by the Solar System to this extent?

Solar System Federal match point.

If they lost another game, the t.i.tle 'first rounders' might even befall Locke's Star.

The atmosphere at Locke's Star's team was quickly heating up; they were enveloped with anger. They had yet to experience such a sense of failure.

Could it be that they were really going to lose? Had the Solar System Federation really sent their most qualified players already?

"Be wary!" Jackman took a deep breath. As the captain, he could not be taken by surprise. Even though it might have been a wrong decision on his part to send the two up first previously, now was not the time to repent, or it would not just be his downfall, but the downfall of the entire team. "We might have underestimated them, but now we have to be serious and kick their a.s.ses!"

If one only possessed strategy but not strength, they were bound to lose. As long as they showed their undying resistance and held firm, the opponents would shrivel. This too was a form of battle tactics. To push forward blindly would only cause their defeat.

"The opponents just possess strong Ability Xs. They have shown very typical techniques. Our teammates were merely caught off guard. Although Warrant was careful, he miscalculated and did not give himself sufficient reaction time. Miracles cannot keep happening, and their foundations can never match up to ours…. So, for the next round, I am personally going to get us a win. You guys will have to secure the last two matches. Keep a close eye on how I will beat them. We do not need to look so dignified in front of these humans. With just our undefeatable foundation, we can crush our opponent. "

Jackman said in a low voice. As the captain, he had to gain the match back and resist their abilities!

What Jackman didn't expect was that even though he was stepping out as the dignified captain of Locke's Star, the captain of Solar System was still not moving an inch from his seat. They sent… f*ck, what the h.e.l.l… another woman?

"w.a.n.g Zheng, you think that ugly b*tch can beat me?"

w.a.n.g Zheng's expression changed and a smirk lingered on his face. Some people just did not learn. Even Lear and the others were speechless. This Jackson was truly courting death.

When criticized about her looks, Runan's fighting spirit would increase by at least 50 percent.

Jackman looked past Zhang Runan and laid eyes on w.a.n.g Zheng. "Captain against captain, do you dare to accept the challenge?"

Since he was getting onto the battlefield, if he were to eliminate the strongest of the lot, his guys would have a better time securing the final two matches.

w.a.n.g Zheng laughed faintly. "It is still not too late to apologize."

Although she was called an ugly b*tch, there was not a single hint of anger in Runan's expression. This state of hers was the most scary. If Jackman apologized now, maybe it would neutralize some of her inner unrest. To think that agitating Runan would lead her to lose her calm and give him a better chance…

Jackman snorted. He knew that the other party was unwilling to go on, so he was not too bothered about it, and directly went to his cabin.

Zhang Ruman, who did not make a sound, and immediately got into the c.o.c.kpit. She chose a Light Cavalry D model. This was a mech favoured by Moon generals with high mobility. It was a cavalry type mech equipped with a t.i.tanium spear.

On the other side, Jackman also got into position. He was in Aslan's Holy Angel II Type II mech. It was an all-rounded type of mech. It was similarly prominent in several aspects, showing a certain level of balance. It was perfectly designed by Aslan. Although it was an all-rounder, it was also not easy to operate. One could just say that the people of Locke's Star were well-rounded too, and there was not a single mech they did not know how to operate, with the exception of Atlantean mecha.

Amongst the audience, Bi Yuyan was leaning towards the Solar System team. "That Jackman really is too much! So ungentlemanly!"

"That's probably just a tactic of his. He wants to agitate the opponents and cause them to lose their calm." Si Jiali clearly saw the reason Jackman had become the captain of the Locke's Star team. Under such circ.u.mstances, who would take such unnecessary actions? To agitate the opponent would mean an easier victory!

We would just have to see if Runan from Solar System could control her emotions. That was a basic skill any qualified pilot should possess.

Hong! The connection was complete! The two mecha appeared on the battlefield. Both parties chose close combat, offensive mecha. There was no turning back!

Jackman's actions were very elegant. With the Holy Angel II under his control, every movement flowed like water, giving the audience enjoyment just by watching!

To have such control over even the simplest action, one could tell why Jackman was the IG captain. He was definitely selected based on his skills. This was also Jackman's specialty. His basic foundations were embedded deep in his bones. Yet at the same time he could understand any mech easily with his deep foundations. It was no wonder why Jackman could easily grasp any mech to the highest level.

The Holy Angel II was also Aslan's main close-combat mech. It was lightly armored and possessed two t.i.tanium blades of differing lengths. The left t.i.tanium blade was only half the length of the other.

The pair of blades clashed in the air, creating a shower of sparks. This was not just for show. He was setting his own pace for the match. It also helped to distract the opponent's rhythm and to study the opponent's response.

The Holy Angel II lunged forward suddenly! After two seconds of acceleration, it reached its maximum speed limit. The engine made a weird roar, achieving maximum power in just three seconds.

"How exaggerated. Pressure-activation? No! It is a multi-burst start. It places a huge burden on the engine of the mech but allows the engine to temporarily exert even greater power! During a duel, this is considered a killer move."

Huang s.h.i.+ recorded it down excitedly. This Jackman really deserved to be an IG captain, as he was definitely one level above the previous two.

However, Huang s.h.i.+ just didn't know what ability this female from the Solar System team possessed…

With the burst in speed, Jackman instantly advanced towards the left side of the Light Cavalry D. With a double-blade attack and a master level rhythm, this was not a probing attack, this was an attack meant to destroy the enemy in a single strike

The application of basic combat skills with a mech sounded easy, but it was actually tediously detail-oriented and difficult.


Runan moved backwards step by step.

In a mech battle, it was important to press the advantage

Jackman did not hesitate to use multiple explosive attacks to grab the upper hand, and Zhang Runan could only pa.s.sively defend.

However, the Holy Angel II's long and short double-bladed attack was able to strike as flexibly as a martial arts master.

The Holy Angel II had moved extremely close to the Light Cavalry D. The advantage of the t.i.tanium spear could not be realized at this distance. Instead, it was a burden weighing down the mech as only the haft could be used to effectively strike the opponent.

The rhythm of the battle had been taken by the Holy Angel II. Runan could not regain control. Jackman's foundation was a bit counter-intuitive, and his ability to grasp and to create his own opportunities left his opponents with little room to breathe.

The spear was not as flexible and was too long, hence it only served to block the attacks from the double blades.

Jackman pressed his advantage. The double blades, combined with the high-speed movement of the Holy Angel II, was like raining a 360-degree limitless flurry of blows on the Light Cavalry D.

Go to h.e.l.l!

Jackman's speed was getting faster and faster, and he was still far from his limit. While completely suppressing Zhang Runan, he still retained his ability to react so that he could counter any special Ability X tricks Runan might pull that would instantly end him.

"B*tch, where's your ability X? Don't tell me you don't have one? Perhaps you are the trash sent out by the team. Are you mute? Oh, I know, you must've had an affair with someone in the team, that's why you're here. Who is the one with such good taste?"

Jackman increased his frequency of attacks while constantly provoking Zhang Runan.

Locke's Star was a star full of mercenaries. On the battlefield, they did not care about etiquette and would do whatever it took to win. Deep inside, he still believed that the opponent had some trick up her sleeve. Instead of getting struck, he would force her hand.

Zhang Runan was still silent. The Light Cavalry D continued retreating. One step, two steps, three steps. However, she still could not increase its distance with the Holy Angel II.

But it was clear that Zhang Runan was furious. Yet at this point, she was clearly not going to give a f*ck. She brandished her spear and suddenly something unusual happened.


The t.i.tanium spear had been interlocked firmly by the double blades.

This was Jackman's well-known move - the clipper!

A technique specifically used to lock weapons in place. This was an absolute killer move as the opponent would not be able to retaliate!

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 355: Definite Victory

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