Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 356: Rookie

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His provoking worked. Jackman let out a sneer. The two blades pushed forward and the Light Cavalry D lost balance. Like a whirlwind, the Holy Angel II burst towards the Light Cavalry D. With both blades pointed directly at Zhang Runan, she could do nothing but defend.

"Die! Tornado attack!"

In an instant, Jackman's Ability X activated. His ability was a balance of power and speed. It temporarily boosted both of those attributes. It was precisely because of this that he could execute physically extreme attacks such as the Tornado!

Instantly, the Holy Angel II spun in the sky with the dual blades. The sound was thunderous, and Zhang Runan's Light Cavalry D wilted like a leaf under Jackman's Tornado attack.


The Light Cavalry D was sent flying over ten steps away, and slid over a dozen meters across the floor.

Jackman waved his arm. The supporters of Locke's Star jumped to their feet and cheered. His Tornado attack was invincible, and his opponent did not even have the opportunity to activate their energy s.h.i.+eld.

The smile of the Locke's Star team quickly solidified. The Light Cavalry D slowly regained stability. Brandis.h.i.+ng her t.i.tanium spear, it whistled as it swung through the air.

"You are looking down on Zhang Runan."

"No amount of speed is able to restrain the strength of Zhang Runan."

Lie Xin, who was watching, laughed. Zhang Runan had her own strategy. This was also a moment of triumph for the Solar System Federation. They had gained much more support from the powerful families, and the strategies they utilized had also deepened. This was also the reason why Lear was so confident, because overall, their team was much stronger than before.

However, Zhang Runan only had a very basic Ability X. Her true strength was to integrate the gift she possessed into battle.

In attack or defense, she was extremely patient, and it was almost impossible to provoke Zhang Runan. Zhang Runan looked like she was in danger under the violent attacks, but she managed to fully defend herself.


The Light Cavalry D exploded outwards with the simple spear attacks. Jackman had been tricked into a false sense of security

Boom…. The Holy Angel II was directly struck!

Everyone staggered. That blow required ma.s.sive force to knock the Holy Angel II backwards.

The Light Cavalry D was not going at a high speed, but the movement was extremely swift, fully grasping the opponent's rhythm.

Zhang Shan shouted, "Bolt from the Blue, Eighteen Thunderstrikes!"

This was the nickname Zhang Shan had given Zhang Runan's move. She despised the name heavily, but that did not stop Zhang Shan from yelling it aloud.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She was not overbearingly violent as Jackman, but the audience was strangely mesmerized by each and every strike. Jackman, who was totally caught off guard, did not even know how to avoid or hide from the attacks.

After the ninth strike, Jackman's double blades had been disarmed and sent flying away. Jackman roared, not caring to step back. He activated his energy s.h.i.+eld. This situation was gradually becoming fatal for him.

Boom, boom, boom...

The Holy Angel II was sent flying yet again.

The energy s.h.i.+eld cracked, but what no one expected was.. the captain of Locke's Star was actually escaping…

What the f*ck? This was not actual combat. How was he going to escape?

He wanted to return to retrieve his blades... but it was a naïve move.

The sudden reversal was really beyond anyone's imagination.

Zhang Runan's spear suddenly dropped out of her hands, falling straight towards the floor. At this very moment, she kicked the spear gracefully… and the spear arched like a brush stroke in a calligraphy painting.


Headshot! The spear had flown straight into the Holy Angel II's head.

Zhang Runan WIN!

The entire audience, except for a small crowd, was speechless. They were shocked. This headshot was seemingly done on purpose. Zhang Runan was only human, so she could get angry too! Even Zhang Shan had cold feet when he saw that vicious move of hers. It was a smart move to not offend Zhang Runan. She would not argue back, but she would prove her determination with her actions.

Chi Muye's jaw was hanging. What?? Such an easy three to zero score?

"Solar System team WIN!"

The referee immediately announced the result, and there was no doubt that the Solar System would advance to the final rounds!

"This is insane. What the h.e.l.l, to win just like that!?" Chi Muye clearly looked dismayed. Had he really been expecting more of a show?

Huang s.h.i.+ was silent in a corner. "Weren't you very optimistic about the Solar System winning?"

"I am just a friendly supporter and was spiritually rooting for them… but I bet ten thousand bucks on Locke' Star's victory…. What is this.... Even a pig can climb a tree like this… My money's gone!!!"

Muyue grimaced. His little safe full of gold was emptied just like that.

As the princ.i.p.al, Gu Te knew very well to keep his composure after the victory, so he went forward to shake hands with the opponents. After exchanging customary greetings, the opponent clearly displayed a lack of interest towards him. If that was the case, he did not really have to bother too much.

Zhang Runan was met with a warm round of applause. The clearly depressed-looking Jackman seemed to have not fully grasped the outcome of the battle. He faintly said two words - "rookie's luck."

The first to rush over was Lie Xin… She was really attention-grabbing!

Lie Xin had always wors.h.i.+pped Runan like a G.o.d, fully appreciating every aspect of her. On the other hand, the person who felt the most indignant was Yuan Ye. Runan was as beautiful as a fairy, yet many people failed to appreciate her appearance. He did not know whether to call them stupid or tasteless.

With news of the victory, Ye Zisu and Yan Xiaosu, who had been sitting at the edge of their seats, also exploded in cheers, immediately sending news of the victory back home.

The news announced in dormitory 007 resulted in cheers loud enough to create an earthquake. Outside of Ares College, numerous people were awaiting news of the battle. They quickly updated one another, and it propagated around immediately. The whole college was immersed in the glory of the first victory. The college website was also quick to update the news.

Congratulations to the Solar System team for a good start in the IG - Ares' Invincible Three!

Who would have thought that the members sent out by the Solar System team would be students of Ares college? Moreover, they had emerged victorious battle after battle, completely crus.h.i.+ng the Locke's Star's team.

Most notable was Zhang Runan's magical kick, which resulted in a headshot. If she were to play soccer, the soccer team would be forced to retire.

Bi Yuyan and Si Jiali expressed their congratulations to w.a.n.g Zheng. They did not expect the Solar System team to win, let alone crush their opponents with this kind of rhythm.

On the other side, Aina high-fived Lin Huiyin. Of course, she was happy for w.a.n.g Zheng as he had successfully made if through the first round. Although nervous, they did not know what to expect. w.a.n.g Zheng was strong, but how would he be when placed in the IG compet.i.tion?

Who would have thought that the Solar System team would have easily defeated Locke's Star without even sending forward a main player.

At the end of the first round of the IG preliminaries, the Solar System team conquered the Locke's Star team three to zero. Gu Te and others were certainly elated. The entire delegation was happy for this victory, but the entire team had already quickly restored their calm.

With such a lineup, even if the outside world belittled them, they still possessed fierce pride within them.

Even though they did make any exaggerations by saying that they would obtain the champion's position, entering the actual combat phase was the true goal they had in mind.

Although the Solar System team was nonchalant, they did not attract much attention. Huang s.h.i.+ was a professional military reporter. He did not care how the outside world responded to his reports. The Solar System team had attracted his attention because of their abilities.

It was not the special Ability Xs that were crucial to their victory, and this interested him. Once information like this was made known to the world, the opponents would target these specific strengths. What aroused more curiosity in Huang s.h.i.+ was the depth the main team members had. Achilles, Lear, and Lie Xin were the 'most famous' of the Solar System. Yet at the same time, they had not even showed their strength.

Although their reputation was not worthy of mentioning within the Milky Way Alliance, by watching the performance of the subst.i.tutes, Huang s.h.i.+ could not help but antic.i.p.ate the coming battles. Moreover, he got to see a strange figure.

Angela, a core figure of Aslan's new generation military. Why would she appear here? Was it just an illusion?

At this point, an announcement was made.

The second round opponents of the Solar System was the Norton Star!

Tempest of the Stellar War Chapter 356: Rookie

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